Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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Improve Money Rules In 50 Words
What easy changes should our politicians make?

Politicians focus on big changes, but often it's the little things that could speedily be changed to make life better – many can be said in under 50 words.

We want your suggestions, from which we'll select the best to put into our 50 word Moneyfesto, which the PM, deputy PM and leader of the opposition have agreed to read - plus we'll send it to regulators and others who can make things happens.

Please make your 50 word suggestions...

To make a suggestion - just click reply and please format it as follows (you'll need to register for the forum to do so - don't worry its free - we just ask for registration to stop people spamming here)

"A brief headline of what the measure is.
Then a longer description of the exact problem and how it should be dealt with. Keep it as practical as possible, so there is a definitive action. In total NO MORE than 50 words please."

Important extra notes...

  • Pls only suggestions, no discussion.
  • This is only on MoneySaving issues please.... all non MoneySaving/inappropriate suggestions will be deleted). Yet it can be finance, energy, telephones, shopping anything MoneySaving.
  • Max one suggestion per post. You can post more than once though
  • No duplication please. Do check no one else has suggested it
  • This is for practical simple changes that positively benefit everyday lives. Not have a go at politicians thread. It's for small, easy practical changes. So things like "freeze MPs pay" or "Rewrite the tax system from scratch" won't make it.
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Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • suzieee8
    Premium rate helplines are inaccessible to people who do not have access to a landline. The majority of people opt for mobile phone usage, profit should not be made from public needing to contact essential services. A land line should always be given as an option.
  • general_dogsbody
    Don't lock consumers into prepayment meters

    I am unable to switch to many of the cheapest online fuel tariffs as I cannot afford the circa £50 upfront payment that fuel suppliers require to replace my inherited prepayment meter. Ironically I cannot afford to move to a tariff that could save me up to £300 a year.
    There should only be a charge for customers who had the prepayment meters put in in the first place.
    I saw a light at the end of the tunnel - but it was just a guy with a torch bringing me more work...
  • maddog_uk
    As law abiding car owners we have to pay for car insurance. Premiums vary massively with every company, every year. Why can’t there be better, fairer regulations that govern insurance companies to provide cheaper, honest policies. Making car insurance policies ‘not for profit’ (charity) would work.
  • StewartF_2
    Utilities change their prices and write to confirm it. Fair enough (sometimes!). But please make it requirement to include in the notice what the price has changed from as well as what it has changed to.
  • froggy222

    When a vehicle is obstructing the road, the police won't allow the driver to use their own free recovery service provider (included with breakdown cover) and they call their own. The driver then has to pay hundreds of pounds to get the vehicle back and the police earn commission from this.
  • Leelou5
    Banks should have to display current interest rates (+any applicable bonuses) easily visible for users when they log in for online banking. The easiest way with all the frequent changes to know what interest you earn.
  • Leelou5
    Changes in fees from service providers, e.g. utility companies, phone companies, should give the customer the right to change the contract / provider, if they have had to lock into a deal.
  • NewSu
    NewSu Posts: 5 Forumite
    edited 8 December 2010 at 1:08AM
    Enusres third party cover in the event of injury or damage, whoever is driving your car & with or without your permission. Annually renewable like/with an MOT. Protects the innocent & ensures minimum cover. You can borrow any car, drive someone back from pub whose had one too many etc
  • nlr1966
    Councils be forced to discontinue commissioning regional housing enablers - they are not publicly-accountable and, frankly, cost a lot of money for doing a job that the publicly-accountable council should be doing, if required.
  • Blue_Dave
    Cheques can take between 3 and 10 days to be cashed. One bank can have different accounts with different cashing periods. Make all banks cash all cheques in 3 days.
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