Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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  • Stop paying interest to the banks.
    Banks create money from thin air, they lend it to the government who spend it on our behalf and charge us for the capital plus interest. Government should not need to pay interest to private banks, they should create the countries money.
  • People register with the telephone preference service to avoid being hassled by marketers but this does not apply to text messages. When registering with the TPS, give the option to avoid either phone calls or text messages or both. Or set up a text message-specific service
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    You should be able to contact your mobile phone provider to request all high premium texts and phone calls are barred from your number. Rather than going through phone pay plus after the calls have been made. Teenagers use these services without thinking and then the parents have to pay.
  • get rid of tons of excess street clutter & unnecessary signage. you dont need to know about fog, railway crossings, cows in the road etc. just have large amber flashing lights like in germany as a general hazard sign which means you MUST slow down & be observant... MAKES SENSE?
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    It should be set by the Government, rather than each Council. In London travel is free for over 60s but in Kent we have no travel concessions at all. Please make it fair for everyone.
  • Community service for long term unemployed. If this was run properly some of the participants might be able to earn a little more benefits than the people who think they are escaping employment by claiming benefits. It may even give them experience/confidence to apply for a job.
  • Generate revenue from non-productive financial activity.
    Apply 0.5% tax on any currency exchange transaction (including options purchase) over a value of £1,000 or any combination of exchanges above the value of £1,000 in any 24 hour period. Tax levied at the time of transaction.
    "Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves." - Norm Franz
  • When insurance companies send their renewal documents they should also send a brief copy of the details you signed up with the year before in case there have been any changes since. Insurance companies do everything possible to deny a claim, it would help the consumer to know the original contract details.
  • Ban/regulate charges on car insurance

    Like the banks have been regulated on what charges they can apply, car insurers should be limited as to what admin charges they can apply. Does it really cost them £25 to change your address on your car insurance?
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  • VAT should not be paid at all on school uniform. It is unfair to be taxed if your child is taller or broader and needs a larger size. School uniform should be VAT free whether your child is aged 7, 12 or 16 regardless of what size they take.
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