Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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    All financial services' sales calls should be recorded and retained for a set period. Customers should be able to record all calls themselves without asking permission. MBNA wouldn't give permission for me to record a complaint call after sales area offered 0% but statement showed higher rate!
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    Oblige organisations to communicate by email rather than just telephone

    Virtually all large organisations operate call centres to communicate with the public. Resolving even a simple problem can involve wasting significant amounts of time waiting for an agent; often there are language problems meaning that the issue is not properly understood; no written record exists of what was said or promised; and the cost of the telephone call can also be significant. Technology offers a very simple solution in the form of email or electronic secure messaging, but many companies have failed to embrace this. Action by government is needed, obliging all organisations that operate call centres to make available an attended email address or system of secure electronic messaging so that those customers who are not afraid of technology can be spared the costs and frustrations of dealing with call centres. Regulations should include a requirement to respond to messages within a reasonable time frame (I suggest four days).
  • All tax funded spending should be spent with UK companies.
    For example why do the police buy BMWs?
    The vehicles should be manufactured in the UK, so certain Toyotas and Nissans would be eligible.
    Tax money spent abroad is money lost to the UK economy.
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    I agree entirely with the discussion, but also feel they are just money making rip offs, you never get through quickly and they become expensive to call. I myself refuse to call them and email the company to call me,if they don't I don't speak to them.

    In my view they should be terminated.
  • Stop VAT refunds for tourists. How much money would that save? if we can't claim VAT and tax when we buy things abroad, why do we offer it to tourists?
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    I agree with the view, if you have futher children, it should be down to you, nobody ever gave me any money that I have not earned, butI know that if Iwas struggling, I would not go on to have more children, as I know people do,just simply to get more benefits and the system is wrong, some people on benefits earn more than those working, so there is no insentive to try and get a job. The sytem must be changed to encourage people to work, or try or work part-time, but just giving hand outs in not helping the country or the people who are lazy and its encouraging people to cometo UK simply for the benefits
  • Banks/insurance companies are abliged under 'Treating customers fairly' regulation to be fair in all treatments of customers, and if they don't (when they stuff up or get their process wrong) then the customer can request compensation. Banks are also required to answer complaints within 7 days. Phone companies, when it comes to dealing with valid complaints either ignore you or try stupid non sensical answers.
  • I am getting so many calls although I'm on the telephone preference service, the callers seem to get away with this invasion of privacy by claiming to be conducting a survey. It is just a con, they are always selling something.
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    Southern Water bill after 2-3 months when it suits (eg when paying on receipt of bill, not by DD). Readings outsourced to Siemens who each year say they've tried to read meter/left card (when haven't) & they need customer reading but actual readings already supplied online.
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    Limit the profit made by the energy firms by percentage per customer or take the excessive profit in tax, this will keep everyone happy, ensuring the elderly and less well off can afford to stay warm, and shareholders still get a return, with no excessive profiteering
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