Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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    Banks should have to display current interest rates (+any applicable bonuses) easily visible for users when they log in for online banking. The easiest way with all the frequent changes to know what interest you earn.

    Thank you Leelous. This is one on my constant complaints to the online banking staff. Interst rates should not be a mystery nor should they be HIDDEN! Nanima
  • could these not be linked to your national insurance number so you are only able to claim for your 1st three children and only able to claim once your 18?
  • Thanks. I agree that interest rates should not be a MYSTERY. I constantly tell this to online bank staff. It should be there every time you log on.
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    Companies should have to apply to court to put late payment mark on credit files:

    Make it harder for companies to put late payment marks on credit files, thus changing the focus to offering other options to people in difficulty. Late payment marks should be a last court authorised resort.
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    Make it compulsory, if requested, that In-credit reimbursements to yourself are done via an immediate bank payment. Not by cheque, which can take up to 14 days to process. They've got enough money without holding on to mine!!

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    Communicate card limit reductions same day by phone/text/email or 30 days' written notice. Natwest Visa reduced limit by £1000 day 1, (arrived 7 days later!), day 2 NW "Debt Recovery Centre" letter demanded "immediate" repayment of going over "agreed" new credit limit (arrived 6 days later!). TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
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    Spouse/Civil Partner Inheritance

    Allow spouses to inherit their partner's ISA allowances on a continued tax free basis. Bereavement invariably causes financial hardship with loss of partner's income or State & occupational pension. This would help the bereaved individual to manage their finances at a difficult time and provide another incentive for long-term saving.
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    Banks/card companies should not make offers to a customer if the customer doesn't meet their acceptance criteria. Banks have their own checks independent of Experian etc credit scores so should check these before wasting customers' time making offers for which customer won't qualify when they apply.
  • All foreign nationals, includiing those from EU are supposed to re-register their cars after being in the UK for 6 months.Foreigners buy new cars in their own country and use our roads for free many without correct insurance. Track them from entry into UK and Enforce the rules.Government is losing millions of £££££s on insurance and road tax.
  • This has already been mentioned before but I would like to back up the call for NO premium rate phone numbers to be used for ANY Government department. Having been made redundant a year ago I can personally tell you of the frustration and expense of dealing with these departments. I think it is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that the government seeks to make money from those in society who can least afford it; can you believe that you have to pay to ring the job centre? I think Martin should make it a campaign.
    Jon Weller.
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