Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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    Cold calling by phone or at the door should be banned. Intimidating and scary to some, unnecessary to others, encourages panic buying, victim left feeling angry or guilty. Sellers have many opportunities to reach an audience without accosting people in their own homes.
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    Abolish Council Tax and instead collect the money by increasing income tax using the existing collection system. The considerable cost of all the Council Tax collection offices would be saved. The eccentricity, unfairness and general mess of Council Tax would be eliminated.
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    Standardise and simplify rail fares across all networks and ensure all the options are easily available whether enquiring in person, by phone or online. Providers can then compete by cost efficiencies and customer service.
  • Thousands of people are trapped in Timeshare contracts sold with false promises and now escalating annual charges with no way out.
    It is it time the Government forced companies to provide economical termination routes other than death , terminal illness, or run on scams
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    Fair treatment for maturing savings:

    Banks should be obliged to a) give at least 14 days notice of maturity options; b) have a default option to transfer funds to their best rate instant access account and c) transfer funds being withdrawn electronically at no extra charge to the saver on the maturity date.
  • A fortune is wasted every year on sending each eligible household one or more winter fuel allowance letters. An informative insert in all national newspapers would suffice. Many of my friends have already received payment before their letter arrived. How much more wasteful correspondence is sent out? Save this waste!
  • Make it illegal to lock mobile phones to a particular network.
  • Curb celebrity endorsements of consumer goods to bring down retail prices and prevent costly legal wrangles.

    Celebrities should only be allowed to promote products in the third person not act as though they are directly employed by a company unless they have a significant share-holding in that organisation. Vulnerable people are misled because they trust the well-known face but that person bears no responsibility when firms fail to deliver on promises/claims. This should apply to voice overs and appearances.
  • Although I don't propose us adopting the Euro, it is the currency of the EU of which we are a part. Banks should be required to provide personal and small business accounts in Euros the same as those in Pounds with the same or similar charges and facilities rather than as an expensive foreign currency account.
  • There are no benefits (e.g. Jobseekers) for wives and partners who worked for a family business for no pay/no stamp, then because of business collapse coupled with partner’s severe illness must seek employment and become the breadwinner. Often these are older persons with little hope of employment. It’s very unfair.
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