Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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  • For at least the past 13 years, the amount that can be claimed for business mileage without incurring tax penalties has been set at 40p/mile. In that time the price of petrol per litre has doubled - it is now time for the politicians to consider increasing the threshold.
  • Do some good with a tiny bit that you save.Don't do stunts for charity - it's not about you.Give them the money direct and gift aid it if a taxpayer. And don't tell anyone.
  • All young people should have access to affordable car insurance especially if their job depends on it. Insurance must be reviewed regularly during first year. Rewards must be given to those who prove they are responsible. Everyone needs motor insurance.
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    Increasingly, large companies email their customers from an address that cannot be replied to, requiring their customers to make expensive and time-consuming phone calls in order to contact them. All commercial suppliers of goods and services should be required to provide a contact email address to their customers.

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    The tuition fees issue is simple to quell. Create fairness, strengthen the future of the country and reduce the need to import talent from other countries by making tuition fees for courses that will fill vital skill gaps in the country very low and everything else very high.

    Agree that this is a sensible option. I'm not suggesting that we don't provide any support for further education but why should we use huge amounts of tax payers money to support training in areas which will NOT help the UK/economy to prosper!?
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    Why should road tax depend on the size of the engine? Cars doing the most mileage are the real polluters? People who drive the most should pay for it at the pumps. It also means you couldnt cheat the road tax because you always pay for it when filling up.

    This would save the DVLA, policeand the courts a fortune for not having to chase non payers
  • Tax avoidance is legal but immoral and the tax experts that use the intelligence they have to further enrich the already rich should need a licence and be known to the public in an open source document. Such licences should be hard to obtain and require a rigorous examination.
  • Air passengers are hit hard with APD, yet caravans roam free on our roads, causing wear and tear and needing ever larger vehicles to pull them, increasing car emissions and road delays. Shift some of the burden from air travel to caravans.
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    Stop adding points to licences for minor traffic offenses, these stay on your license for 6 years and insurance companies can not wait to use it as an excuse to inflate our already over-inflated car insurance premiums, not just for one year, but six years running! - points on a license represent a totally disproportinate penalty for minor offences.

    Forgot to mention, in response to the post saying "should be points on license for life" - Insurance companies are not your friends they use points on license information to hike prices for all of us, irrespective of points on your own license, but instead by the amount of offenders in your area! How fair is that?
  • Car manufacturers should advertise the carbon footprint required to make a car and use that as the selling point not the tiny amount that come out the exhaust. Would you buy the most fuel efficient car if it had the largest carbon footprint to manufacture to attain that efficiency?
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