Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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    On-line vendors of tickets for concerts etc should be made to advertise the actual amount we have to pay. Currently we pay more than the advertised price because they add a 'ticket fee' and a fee for paying by card - but there is no other option for us.
  • These are a real pain, and quite a hefty sum to find every year. Road Tax should be added to fuel, that way everyone pays including foreigners on our roads and that will make it a pay-as-you-go tax - totally unfair at the moment. BBC, TV, National Insurance should be combined into general annual Income Tax and making it again much simpler and fairer. Plus there's no avoidance and collection costs!
  • Cars lifespan should be determined by its mileage and age when scrapping. This will build a database of cars with short lives. Tax the short lifespans the most and give tax incentives to the cars with the longest lifespans. Manufacturers would soon build cars that last much longer.
  • Most energy companies insert ‘estimated’ monthly interval readings into quarterly bills. Usually x amount of kWhs after each reading is priced on the high tier of the tariff, resulting in overall higher bills compared to ones without ‘estimated’ interval readings. Comparison on request!
  • Lenders should pay this on mortgaged properties not the borrower, how much simpler would that make things! At present I suspect it's an unecessary requirement which for the most part just lines the pockets of insurance companies!
  • :(
    Banks shuold be made to adjust interest rates fairly. They typically take 30 days to lower interest rates on mortgages/accounts but typically raise them within 24 hours. It should be fair to have the same timescale for added or decreasing rates.
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    It would be fairer if all those on minimum wage and with families got free travel to work, rather than pensioners who can choose whether to travel or not
  • We're being ripped-off in this country vs the rest of Europe folks! There should maybe be a fixed fee structure across Europe.
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    Why does UK Sale Of Goods Act disadvantage us all relative to EU DIRECTIVE 1999/44/EC?

    This broadly says new consumer goods must remain "in conformity" for two years - and does not require us to prove non-conformity after 6 months.

    The "one year guarantee" should be a myth.

    We are being ripped off.

    Does any politician care / want examples (and a lay analysis)?
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    No junk mail sign on door to opt out of free papers & leaflets - legally binding in Australia, why not here? - registering preferences & writing to publishers doesn't work - can't open door after holidays
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