Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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  • RDR will decimate the Financial Advice Industry with 1,000s forced to leave the Profession, leaving the Public to rely on the Banks for the Bank's biased advice. Clients should be able to have "Whole of market" access, with fair and clear charges made clear up-front. Regulate the Providers not the Advisers.
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    Cap the Maximum amount anyone in the public sector can earn, a reasonable amount would be £150k,including all bonuses and perks, allow this to be increased at the same percentage that the national minimum wage increases
  • The tuition fees issue is simple to quell. Create fairness, strengthen the future of the country and reduce the need to import talent from other countries by making tuition fees for courses that will fill vital skill gaps in the country very low and everything else very high.
  • It should be made illegal for anyone employed in any aspect of law enforcement to be paid commission by results. The administration of the law needs to be scrupulously fair, but the payment of commission inevitably encourages some people to be unscrupulous for their own gain.
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    The country can't afford them and public sector salaries are now equal or higher than private sector comparable jobs. Many financial services companies scrapped FS pensions for their employees years ago; the public sector needs to do the same NOW.
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    Tuition fees for non-UK students should be much higher than for UK students and UK students should get priority. Scrap high-cost advertising/PR by universities.
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    Why do public sector workers get additional days off after bank holidays, a very high percentage of people in Ceredigion are employed by the state, if they were given the same amount of days off as the private sector, the savings to council tax payers would be huge.
  • The now common practice of retailers promoting price reductions against the “after event price” should be outlawed. Frequently the “event” never finishes and thus the “reduction” is against a false base and therefore misleading.
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    Revise existing tax bands to give other bands between the basic rate and 40% rate. Increase the 40% threshold substantially as many people now earn this level of income and there is no incentive for people to try to strive to earn above that amount.
  • Late cancellation and no shows for Doctor and Hospital appointments should be charged for at a pro rata rate. No further appointments until until settlement. Helps to make the NHS productive and efficient.:T
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