Lazy tasty recipes!

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    Take a thick slice of bread,lightly toast on both sides,rub one side with cut clove garlic and a little olive oil,or butter, top with tomato puree spread thinly,sliced tomatos,sprinkle cheese on top and grill till melted,my boys loved this, as do all the dgk's!
    Another for me is cook rice, warm 1/2 jar of sweet an sour sauce pour over rice and eat with soy sauce,yummy!!
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    McDonalds. :)

    I've only had a McDonalds once, they said it was a burger
    but i think it was only the cardboard box.
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  • Rice and Beans with a little bit butter and WS in the beans mmmmmmm

    Or pasta and beans a cheese yuuuuuuuummy
  • Is cheating allowed?
    I use Murphy Richard Intellichef, it turns laziness into an art...

    Tuna and Tomato Pasta:
    Fry onions and garlic (add carrots and celery if you have time)
    Add a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of tuna (brine or olive oil)
    Add water as per instructions.
    Select programme, close lid and forget about it until 20m later when the machine beeps. Then transfer to your place
    (washing up: a knife and Intellichef non-stick bowl)

    Beef Casserole
    Fry onions and garlic, brown meat, add a bit of wine.
    Add 1/2 stock cube (I use Kallo beef)
    Add 1 potato, diced. Celery, Peas etc according to tase.
    Select Programme and cooking time, close lid, forget for a couple of hours (or the whole day if using slow cook programme).
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    have just made up a pack of bread mix, but haven't let it prove.... flattened it into an oiled baking tray, smothered it in olive oil, added some crumbled feta, a tin of sardines flaked on top and a handful of peppers stuffed with pimentos. it's in the oven now and smells delicious and only took 10 minutes in total (you could let it prove, but i couldn't be bothered for a flatbread / pizza-type affair)!
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    Tortilla pizza-I use garlic tortillas, smother them in passa n garlic tomato sauce, then add sliced mushrooms, chillis etc to it and n bake for 10 mins.They are really thin but ideal as a low fat pizza for us dieters:p:p
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  • a little something i picked up when i lived in amsterdam is uitsmijter's (pronounced out-!!!!!e-ers)

    they're basic one is to fry some bacon cubes, maybe even some onions or mushrooms in a pan then when those are nearly done crack and egg over it, fry for a bit then just before the yolk is done to your preference add some shredded cheese and cook til melted

    i often added in bits of leftover veg and fry that in with the bacon (you don't have to have meat in it if you don't want i just enjoy it a lot with bacon) any old thing you need to get rid of works well, great for small amounts.

    i realise this doesn't sound that much different than scrambling eggs and adding in all the ingredients but the texture and tastes seem so much nicer done this way
  • candygirl wrote: »
    Tortilla pizza-I use garlic tortillas, smother them in passa n garlic tomato sauce, then add sliced mushrooms, chillis etc to it and n bake for 10 mins.They are really thin but ideal as a low fat pizza for us dieters:p:p

    you could also make quesedilla's low fat

    a typical quesadilla is a tortilla topped with pico de gallo (freshly chopped coriander, tomatoes, onions and some chilli's with a bit of lime juice, it's gorgeous!), cheese and possible meat and of course on the side sour cream/guacamole if you want

    to make a lighter version you could go heavy on the pico de gallo or use salsa, add a small amount of cheese and/or use low fat cheese, use low fat meat like chicken or skip the meat and then top with another tortilla and grill til the cheese is melted and the tortillas go slightly brown around the edges

    then slice into pizza slices and use some greek yogurt instead of sour cream and skip the guacamole and you've a low fat and very tasty quick dinner!
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    Reverbe wrote: »
    MM oatcakes. My OH lives in Stoke and you have me craving them now. I find they work good with grated cheese, onion and mushrooms. Flatmate is veggy...

    I LOVE Oatcakes (proper Stoke ones though - not to be confused with the 'orrible Scottish ones) but it's a sacrilege to have them with anything but bacon, cheese and beans with lashings of brown sauce.... drool

    Shame on you Reverbe... grated cheese, onion and mushrooms indeed :rotfl:

    Edited to say - even if flatmate is veggie - a bacon, cheese and bean oatcake is worth giving up all beliefs of being a vegetarian ...

    *wanders off to local oatcake shop*
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    Nah when I buy them from the shop around the corner from my mates I only ever have bacon and cheese or sausage and cheeseor bacon and egg or sausgae and egg. I am not sure if he puts beans in any of the options but I wouldnt fancy the bacon being tainted by the sauce anyways..same reason I dont have ketchup or brown sauce on. I like to taste my bacon:D

    Try one of the veggy ones..they are flatmate says he isnt one to miss bacon, he misses fish more..
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