Lazy tasty recipes!

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    Another money saving idea is don't put oil on yor pasta water - it's a complete waste of time and money.
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    Generali wrote: »
    Another money saving idea is don't put oil on yor pasta water - it's a complete waste of time and money.

    to be honest, I never did used to add oil when I was boiling it on the stove as the simmering water keeps them moving, but with the lid on/heat off method, I find my penne sticks to each other, which is why I add a drop of oil in, which costs less than a penny anyway. I suppose if you are tossing the cooked pasta back into a sauce anyway then maybe it doesn't matter if they are stuck or not, but I usually make a cream cheese, balsamic glaze or pesto salad with my pasta, so I need them relatively unstuck to each other to not drive me to insanity trying to mix it through properly :rotfl:

    same with the pinch of salt, it adds a very slight hint of the salty taste without me having to season my salad with any salt later on. besides, as with cooking any pasta/noodles, adding a pinch of salt will prevent the pasta/noodles from absorbing too much water through osmosis which will affect the texture and taste after its been cooked. This is a tip from a chef and I've tried it both ways and find it really works. I'm not too worried about the cost of a pinch of salt either :D
  • try a brand of pasta like de cecco, its more expensive than say a supermarket own brand but far superior and will definately not stick together without oil if cooked al dente.

    i think waitrose are doing 4 for 3 on de cecco at the moment
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    i'm dissappointed with the lack of fish in the thread as nothing is as healthy, quick and cheap to cook:confused: like a fried fillet with some melted butter , lemon wedges and a green salad?

    below is one of my favourites from delia, its a very versatile/cheap dish of fried squid with lemon and garlic and takes 10 mins, i like to add a small amount of chopped red chilli to cook with the garlic.

    mixed with spaghetti which cooks in the background it can be eaten hot or possibly at room temperature as a lunch at work:

    "heat a good glug of olive oil oil in a large frying pan, add a teaspoon of crushed garlic and lemon zest, cooking very slowly as it comes up to heat. When it is really hot add 450g of cleaned/ready prepared squid (cut into rings) and fry it in the hot oil, keeping it on the move so it just slightly takes on colour at the edges – it will only take about 1-2 minutes to cook.

    Then add salt/pepper, a sprinkle of fresh (never dried) parsley and serve it straight away from the pan, with lemon wedges to squeeze over."

    you can use prawns instead of squid if your feeling rich, in both instances i would prefer to use fresh instead of pre-cooked fish
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    milliondollarman - does lazy tuna pasta bake count as a fish recipe? lol :D
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    Tomato and Courgette Gratin

    I have this so often especially during the summer months when Courgettes are so cheap and you have a glut of them.

    Layer a dish with chopped courgette, tomato and mushroom and cheese of your choice. I adore Red Leicester but any cheese works. Cover with Passata and sprinkle on seasoning, Chives or whatever herbs you like. Cover with foil and pop in oven for 20 mins at 180. Take off foil and bake uncovered for another 20 mins. Serve with some lovely crusty bread to mop up the juices. I also love it with Cous Cous and Sausages
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    Great thread. Some great sounding ideas here folks. Thanks.

    Can't post much as in kitchen doing one of mine... oniony rice - from Cas Clarkes student cookbooks. Feeling v poor at the mo - so cooking rice to which I will add chopped or diced onion - she uses water. I use stock and add bits of things like celery salt, turmeric, garlic, cumin or whatever takes my fancy as I have a large store of spices and herbs from soup making. Then she tops this with slices of onion fried in lemon juice.

    Using value rice and 2 onions it never ceases to amaze me n my flatmate at how tasty this can be.
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    Tuna Mushroom Pasta
    A good one to do when we go camping:

    Cook pasta as usual then in another pan empty:

    tin of campbells cond mushroom soup
    tin of tuna
    tin of sweetcorn and heat for a few mins

    Drain pasta and mix together. You can also do this using one pan, just drain pasta and add other stuff to pasta and heat for a few minutes.:D
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    kazmeister wrote: »
    Cook pasta
    1 min before finished bung in a tin of hot dog sausages chopped into chunks (to heat through)
    Strain pasta and sausages and stir in a pot/tub of Dolmio tomato type stir in sauce.

    Kids love it

    ooo - i make something like that except instead of Tomato stir in sauce I'd have pasta / chopped hot dogs, sliced hard boiled eggs and grated cheese melted on top... so yummy - even nicer when it is cooled and used a lunch the next day
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    McDonalds. :)
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