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Lazy tasty recipes!

vitamin_joe Posts: 652 Forumite
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well, I can cook complex dishes as needs be, but as I live alone, I don't generally bother... So I thought I'd start a thread for everyone's lazy recipes. I'll start with one that I enjoy. It's tasty, nutricious, quick, cheap and veggie/vegan friendly :)

Soup- I'll use potato and leek soup as an example. Boil the kettle- while you're doing that, dice up a potato and a leek or two. Chuck in the pan, add the boiling water. Bring to the boil on the hob- once it's boiling, turn the hob off. Add half a veggie stock cube, maybe a garlic clove, and pepper to taste, pop the lid on the pot and leave and go do something else.

about 20 minutes later, the potatoes should be cooked. Blast some/ all of the mixture in a liquidiser, reheat and serve. It's that simple!

You can use this technique with any soups- red lentil and red pepper soup is another favourite. For this one add a diced potato, and a diced fried onion to the peppers and lentils mix, plus the half stock cube and seasoning. I love this one- it's quite sweet and has a lovely rich orange colour. personally, I like it with a lot of chilli- really gets those juices flowing!

Over to you! do you have any favourite lazy tasty recipes? A superquick salad, a carefree curry, a simple but succulent sandwich? Post them here! (no ready-meals though- that's cheating ;)) You get extra points if you manage to get the phrase 'go off and do something else' into your recipe ;)

Personally, I don't cook with meat, but this thread's open to everyone- carni, veggie, vegan...



  • esio_trot
    esio_trot Posts: 598 Forumite
    veggie broth always works well, especially if you've already got some fresh vegetable stock hanging around - if not, stock cubes are fine. You can also change the ratios off veggies, depending on what you have and what you like. the one I did today was:

    3 carrots
    one onion
    one stick of celery
    1/2 a medium sized potato
    750mls (ish) of vegetable stock

    Chop up all veggies however you like them, for this, I prefer to do teeny tiny dices. Soften veg in a little bit of olive oil and a dribble of the stock if the pan starts to get too dry. Pop the lid on and let it sweat away for 10 minutes or so. Add in the rest of the stock and leave it to bubble away on a low heat for as long as you like or until the veg has softened.

    End result can be served with bits or blended. I sometimes add in a bit of sandwich ham, finely sliced and heat through for a few minutes. I've also been known to add in some leftover chicken and some chili flakes. It's a nice, light way of warming yourself up and it's great with buttered HM bread!

    I also like creamy beef casserole (it's what I'm having for tea tonight!)

    for two people...

    enough braising steak for two (depending on appetite!)
    2 carrots
    2 potatoes
    whatever other veg you like to bulk it out, I'm using baby corn today, mushrooms are good too
    ~600ml stock, beef or vegetable
    couple of dollops of creme fraiche

    Brown steak in a pot and add chopped vegetables and stock. Bring to the boil and transfer to a casserole dish. Place in an oven preheated to 170 degrees and cook for 2-3 hours until steak is tender.

    Remove from the oven and take meat and veg out and set aside. Stir creme fraiche into the remaining sauce and whisk until combined. Serve in bowls with crusty bread/pasta/rice/side veggies/roasties - whatever you like! Can also be made with chicken or just vegetables - reduce the cooking time accordingly

    I've just noticed how autumny it's getting - all I want is cosy comfort food!
  • tmm_aka_tracy
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    I like to fry strips of chicken, onion and pepper together, frying them off well. Add a handful of fresh corriander (out of the freezer) and a squeeze of sweet chillie. serve it either in deli wraps (as per my tea tonight), or throw it onto some salad and fresh beansprouts for a lovely salad. Also works well with steak.

    Oh.. and another favorite is garlic mushrooms with pasta. Cook the pasta as instructed, add olive oil and a knob of butter to a frying pan, cut half a pack of button mushrooms into chunky peices and fry with a crushed garlic clove until nice and brown. Drain the pasta, add it to the pan with the mushrooms, mix and serve. I sometimes add peppers or herbs for a change but its so quick and yummy for a supper just with the mushrooms.

  • flutterbyuk25
    flutterbyuk25 Posts: 7,009 Forumite
    All you need is:

    -vegetables, I use onion/peppers/tomatoes
    -seasoning - either chilli flakes or I sometimes use basil leaves or jalepenos

    Place one wrap in frying pan, add veg, seasoning and grate cheese ontop. place 2nd wrap on top. Cook for few minutes, flip over (I use a plate to do this!), cook other side for few minutes.

    Serve hot with salsa or sour cream.

    Very yummy, quick to make. I make one at a time so it can be a snack or a meal if I make a 2nd.

    I guess you could add chicken if you fancied (I'm veggie though)

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  • bunny_too
    bunny_too Posts: 266 Forumite
    This is my quick spicy rice dish.normally made from left overs.
    fry small diced onion in some olive oil, handful of mixed peppers, few frozen peas and garlic add teaspoon of powered stock, either add cooked chicken strips or sliced cooked sausage 1 teaspoon of turmic and 1 teaspoon of chili powder. add mug of cooked rice stir well together. splash or two of soya sauce. heat for 5mins or so. serve with garlic bread.
  • A very old family favourite this - cook pasta according to the packet. Drain. Melt a knob of butter in the pan, put the pasta back in and stir until pasta all coated in butter. Mix in a few squirts of tomato puree so the pasta goes orange. Serve with grated cheese sprinkled over the top.

    It was my favourite when I was a child and it's my children's favourite now! Cheap, quick and easy.
  • CCP
    CCP Posts: 5,061 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped!
    This is one of my dad's recipes, and still one of my favourite "can't really be bothered" meals:
    • roughly chop an onion and a garlic clove (or more than one clove, if you prefer!), and cook in a splash of oil until starting to go golden
    • add a tin of chopped tomatoes, and whatever herbs and/or spices you fancy, stir and leave to simmer while you go off and do something else - I find 20 mins is about right with a lid on the pan
    • cook some pasta (I use boiling water from the kettle for speed when doing this), and switch on the grill while it's cooking
    • mix the cooked pasta with the tomato sauce, grate over a bit of cheese, and stick under the grill for a few minutes until molten
    Serves 1 to 2 people, depending on how much pasta you use!
  • Frugalista
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    Put eggs on to boil (I usually do 3-4 for myself and OH) - place steamer on top of pan and put in leeks - approx 1 per person (peeled and cut into 1" pieces).

    While leeks & eggs are cooking make a cheese sauce in another pan (or you can go off and do something else and make it later :T). I just throw in some wholemeal flour & salt & pepper, very gradually add approx ½ pint of milk then chuck in some cheese (I don't even bother to grate it - just cut into thin slices) keep stirring - you'll think this is never going to thicken - then suddenly the cheese melts and it all becomes nice and thick and creamy.

    Shell and cut the eggs in half and place in a shallow dish. Place the leeks on top. Drain a can of butterbeans and sprinkle over eggs & leeks. Pour cheese sauce over the top. I sometimes make a crunchy topping with grated cheese & breadcrumbs - pop into oven to warm through. Bish, bash, bosh - job's a good'un!! :D

    Takes around 20 minutes to throw together and is really cheap and filling.
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  • kazmeister
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    Cook pasta
    1 min before finished bung in a tin of hot dog sausages chopped into chunks (to heat through)
    Strain pasta and sausages and stir in a pot/tub of Dolmio tomato type stir in sauce.

    Kids love it
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  • kazmeister
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    Pea and Bacon risotto
    2 tbsp olive oil
    small chunk butter
    1 onion finely chopped
    6 streaky bacon rashers chopped (use any you have or chopped up packet ham)
    300g risotto rice
    1 litre hot veg stock (3 stock cubes)
    100g frozen peas

    heat oil and butter in large pan tip in onions and fry about 7 mins.
    Add bacon fry 5 mins more
    Tip in rice and stock and bring to boil.
    Stir well the reduce heat and cook with lid on for 15 - 20 mins until rice is almost tender and most stock absorbed.
    Stir in pease add salt and pepper cook 3 mins more until peas cooked.
    Mortgage, we're getting there with the end in sight £6587 07/23, otherwise free of the debt thanks to MSE help!
  • nodwah
    nodwah Posts: 1,742 Forumite
    My fave is - Chicken chorizo bake:

    per person, one chicken breast, half a red pepper chopped into chunks, a handful of cherry toms, a couple of inches of chorizo, half an onion chopped into rough slices.
    mix it all together in an ovenproof dish dirzzle with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika and bake for 20to 45 mins in a hot oven - could hardly be easier!

    (you can miss out some ingredients if you don't have them)

    Actually another I've just thought of is pesto pasta! - fry some chopped bacon add pesto and mix into cooked pasta! 10 mins!
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