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Lazy tasty recipes!

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    stokegal wrote: »
    I LOVE Oatcakes (proper Stoke ones though - not to be confused with the 'orrible Scottish ones) but it's a sacrilege to have them with anything but bacon, cheese and beans with lashings of brown sauce.... drool

    Shame on you Reverbe... grated cheese, onion and mushrooms indeed :rotfl:

    Edited to say - even if flatmate is veggie - a bacon, cheese and bean oatcake is worth giving up all beliefs of being a vegetarian ...

    *wanders off to local oatcake shop*
    Not all Scottish oatcakes are horrible (some are too thick) is all about what you are used to :p.....I have never tried 'Stoke' ones so don't know what they are like in comparison.
    Our local ones are great with cheese and pickle!
    Anyway for an easy meal try HM pizza....make the dough in the BM so even cheatier (is that a word lol), put tom sauce on and any other thing you like, plus some cheese......yummy.
    I also make carrot/lentil/red pepper and onion soup....scrummy and filling and great served with HM (or bought ;)) bread!
    I actually find that a meal which takes say 20 mins to set up but then can be left until ready is the easiest thing, especially if can be done in SC.
    Also loving the refried beans option CCP......I do something similar with leftover chilli :).
    Ok, sorry if this is too waffly, hope you all get the jist lol!
    Ermutigung wirkt immer besser als Verurteilung.
    Encouragement always works better than judgement.

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    Hope you like it! It's ages since I made it last - I found it when I needed tinned toms without the juice for another recipe :) It turns into a slightly scary shade of pink, but you get loads and can always re-heat. And if it's too thick, add more milk, too runny, add more (pre-mixed with water) flour, too bland, more salt. Universal rules of soup-making :D

    I also made it really simple as DH doesn't like veggies much, but I'm sure you can add whatever you fancy to make it more interesting.
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    I love this thread, I'm trying to create a collection of recipes that are like this so I don't have to spend too long cooking.
    Some of my faves are
    Toad in the hole
    Heat up a oven dish with a bit of oil in the bottom in the oven
    Grill sasauges (just to colour them it's not really necessary) make up a batter using milk eggs and flour for small one I whisk 1 egg, 1/4pt milk and about 150g ish of flour, . The batter shouldn't be too thick otherwise it gets a bit stodgy. Take heated dish out of oven and put sasauges in pour batter around sasauges so you can still see them and put back into the oven for around 20-30 minutes, this does depend on size. The batter will rise and change colour and set, keep an eye on it, my oven only cooks from one side so my timing might be really out :rotfl: When it is done make up smart price mash (on roll back 16p) and some gravy. Serve

    Another favourite - Fry onion and garlic in a little oil and butter and cooked chicken and heat chicken through add cooked rice, salt and pepper and egg and stir until egg is cooked and scrambled add soy sauce and serve (we use black pepper to give it a kick)

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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Also loving the refried beans option CCP......I do something similar with leftover chilli :).

    I rather fancy that. I've got some chilli in the freezer from my last rubber mince session, so I think I'll try that rather than my usual 'in a bowl with garlic bread' (nice though that is! :))
  • here are some favourites of mine when i just cant be arsed

    sandwich together a couple of tortilla flat breads, spread with pesto and tomato puree, sprinkle with grated cheese (or use potato peeler to get very thin slices) put another tortill on and fry both sides for couple of min until cheese melted - you could add sliced mushroom, peppers etc

    another fav is fry sliced mushroom in butter or oil remove from heat and stir in aioli (garlic mayonaise) and serve in warm baguette (part-bake warmed on toaster rack) or ciabatta or on pasta

    slice mushroom in microwave bowl, add handful frozen peas and/or sweetcorn put cheap pack of noodles and powder sachet bearly cover with water and nuke for 3-4 min
  • This is one of my favourite lazy meals which the kids will always eat.
    I cook enough pasta for three, throwing in a handful each of frozen peas & frozen sweetcorn as the pasta comes to the boil. When all three are cooked, drain & stir in two tins of mackeral in tomatoe sauce - you need to break the mackeral up a little. Serve with grated cheese....yum!

    Loving this thread - can't wait to start building my 'lazy' repertoire....
    When I grow up I want to be a M.S.E.!! :D
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    I'm not sure how mse these recipes work out as they contain wine, I've been using black tower which is nice enough and freezeable, you could get cheaper but I don't know how that would taste, I'm trying to get enough recipes together to use a whole bottle :rotfl:But with xmas coming up you may end up with at least one bottle you don't fancy

    4-6 chicken into chunks. mix together 2tbsp rosemary 1/4 cup of dry white wine2 tbsp oil 1tsp of pepper. pour mixture over chicken cover and marinate for 1 hour (or go off and do something else, drink wine? :rolleyes:) Preheat grill to high and cook for 10 minutes, remove place on plate and cover to rest.
    The original recipe had the chicken on skewers with peppers and mushrooms etc it also used the left over marinade to make a blueberry type sauce I think so you might want to halve the marinade if you try it.

    The other is a chicken merengo (sp)
    Melt 2oz butter add 4 chicken joints and brown on all sides, remove chicken from pan. Add 2 chopped garlic cloves and 4oz mushrooms fry for 3 minutes add 150ml of white wine 1 400g tin of tomatoes, bouqet garni (or mixed herbs) and salt and pepper.
    Bring to the boil stirring constantly. Return chicken to the pan and simmer for 45 mins until chicken is cooked through.

    Because I'm really lazy I did do these as part of my batch cooking last month, they didn't work out so well, this month I have just done the sauce for the merengo, I'm going to defrost it and brown the chicken and then add the sauce ;)
  • MagstaMagsta Forumite
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    Loving the thread, though not doing my diet willpower any good

    This is really warm and delicious and so easy...........
    1 can stewed steak,
    1 can tomatoe soup
    1 can boiling water
    2 beef oxo
    whatever chopped veg you fancy, pots, parsnip, swede, carrots etc
    Plonk everything in a saucepan, bring it to the boil and simmer until the veg is cooked 20 min ish
    Serve covered in grated cheese with crusty bread or hot buttered toast to dunk and scoop up the melted cheese.
    This was my favourite when I was young and everyone who's used the recipe think its fab.
    No one will believe it took you 20 mins
  • The above one sounds gorgeous I am going to cook that over the weekend.

    Mine is a dhal (lentil) curry, unbelievably cheap, recipe from my stepmother who is Indian. Very warming and filling. There's just 2 of us at mine, made a pot, had it for tea twice and must have at least another 2 or 3 meals left out of it, have had to freeze it! And I bet the whole thing probably cost about 1.50 to make. I measure the beans on a plastic tray (the type you can eat your dinner off), and pick the stones out. Use as many as you like as long as roughly equal parts.

    4 equal parts of moth, mung, urid and chana dall (yellow split peas) have seen them in Asda but MUCH cheaper at your local continental supermarket, prob 1.40 per 1kg bag
    Pack of cherry tomatoes
    2 onions
    1 tsp chilli powder or flakes
    2 tsp ginger
    As much garlic as you dare, prob 3 cloves, I use squeezy stuff and loads of it :)
    2 tsp fenugreek

    And that's it! I always vary it, just adding the spices to personal taste.

    Fill a large pan with water, bring to boil, add lentils and everything else apart from chilli, onions and tomatoes. Boil up the lentils til soft, keep topping up with water throughout the process until the lentils are done and the water has boiled down considerably. Taste! If you want a bit more spice go for it.
    Chop onions, slice tomatoes, fry in a pan with the chilli til cooked, add to saucepan, simmer very gently for another 10 mins.


    I buy huge bags of broken basmati rice from cont. supermarket, about 2.20 for 2kg.
    Ahhhh.... lemony fresh victory is mineee!!!
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    Pesto Pasta
    Cook some pasta. Meanwhile put 1 to 2 tbs pesto per person in a pan and cook until it starts to sizzle. Add 1/2 can chopped tomatoes per person and bring to a simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. When the pasta is almost done, add some yoghurt or cream to the sauce; drain the pasta and mix with the sauce.

    Corned Beef Hash
    Chop an onion and fry with some oil in a large pan which has a lid. When it has gone translucent, add a can of corned beef, cut into chunks and stir for a minute or two. Add a can of chopped tomatoes and a drained can of new potatoes (cut any large ones in two). Stir to mix, adding pepper and herbs to taste. Put some frozen sweetcorn on top and put the lid on. Go and do something else for 20 minutes. Stir together before serving.

    Stuffed potatoes
    This is a bit more faff, but delicious.
    Bake some potatoes. Chop some leek finely and mix with an equal amount of chopped tomato and of chopped Edam cheese (ie 1/3 leek, 1/3 tomato, 1/3 cheese). You want about the same total volume as the potatoes. When the potatoes are cooked through, cut in half and put the flesh into a bowl. Add butter, salt and pepper and the veg mixture and mix. Pile the mixture back into the potato shells and put back in the oven for 1/2 hour while you do something else. If there is any mixture left over, put it into a greased bowl and cook with the potatoes.
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