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Lazy tasty recipes!

edited 13 October 2009 at 5:48PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • LucyeffLucyeff Forumite
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    Oxtail cup a soup in beef pie sounds fab too! :j
  • BitterAndTwistedBitterAndTwisted Forumite
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    I think that site's great for using up "stuff and nonsense in the cupboard" but I think you could find yourself in a trap if you go out and buy said stuff and nonsense purely to make some of those recipes. Still, if you're a busy working parent I expect some of those ideas would be very useful, even if it's just to ring the changes once in a while
  • CupOfChaiCupOfChai Forumite
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    Some of those just sound daft, Banana Brulee springs to mind. Why would you heat the custard to pour over when it's going to go in the fridge straight after? Just pour over the cold custard! And when you've poured this hot custard on to the banana slices... just eat it like that, it's delicious!
  • MankysteveMankysteve Forumite
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    I'am the only one confused as to why this made the OP want to wee?

  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    Lucyeff wrote: »
    I lost my cooking inspiration (again!) and am feeling a little flat and so I'm hoping that doing easy things will kick start me again.

    If it does that, and helps you to move on to cooking from scratch, it can't be bad :j

    I'll add this to the existing thread to keep ideas together :)
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  • dom300186dom300186 Forumite
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    Speedy Lazy jacket spud
    Select the spud you wat to cook, turn oven on.
    !!!!! spuds with a fork or a sharp knife, put in microwave for 10 mins and leave spuds to cook.
    Put on baking tray or grill rack in the oven and turn after 10 mins and leave for another 10, whch will leave you with a crispy jacket lave longer if you want, i then open the jackets and spoon out potatoe into a bowl and stir in butter/margarine as i hat my spuds dry after the first layer, sprinkle on cheese job done xx
    Trying to make big cut backs!!!

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  • PsykicpupPsykicpup Forumite
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    Smoked mackeral with Bread & butter
    loosely cover mackeral with foil - & bang in oven -(go & do any thing you like for about 15-20 mins depending the heat of the oven) until hot - remove top foil -put back in oven for a few mins while you butter some bread & maybe heat some sweetcorn

    Poor mans carbonara (time - how ever long your pasta takes)
    Put pasta on to boil
    chop & fry some small pieces of bacon in a mix of butter & olive oil
    once cooked through add chopped mushrooms & garlic - fry until pasta is cooked
    add little more olive oil to muchrooms etc & add drained pasta

    Pasta with salmon & asparagus - time as above
    flake salmon trimmings (or what ever) into a tin of asapargus soup & heat gently
    Put pasta on to boil & break aparagus into the water with it - about 1 inch pieces (you dont even need a knife)
    once cooked strain pasta (& asapargus) & coat with the salmon/soup
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  • I love this thread! Easy, cheap and healthy are the things I want from all my meals, but it's usually one or two at the expense of the others.

    This one is a bit of a variation on the above:

    Creamy pasta with smoked salmon

    You need:
    Quark (or Fromage Frais, Philadelphia or anything similar)
    Smoked salmon trimmings (v cheap in Morrisons and Sainsburys)
    Petit pois (or normal peas if you're doing it as cheap as possible)

    Cook the pasta and the petit pois. Drain the water out of the pasta pan and return the pasta to it. Mix the quark, smoked salmon and petit pois in with it. The residual heat of the pan will heat it all through. Season with salt and pepper.

    I haven't put any amounts, as it should be easy to work out how much of each ingredient you need for the number of people. This is also pretty good if you're dieting, as long as you don't go crazy with the quantities. ;)

    Jamaican beans with pepper and sweet potato

    Baked beans
    Jamaican Jerk spice mix
    Frozen mixed peppers (obv you can use fresh, but they tend to be quite expensive)
    Sweet potato (20p each from Morrisons Value range)
    Bit of oil

    There are various ways of making this, but basically you fry the peppers in the oil and Jerk spice, mix the beans in and leave to simmer for 10 mins or so (can be less, but I think it makes the flavour better). You can either serve it on a baked sweet potato, or put chunks of semi-cooked sweet potato in with the beans and cook it together. Really easy, cheap (as long as you don't buy expensive peppers or sweet potatoes) and healthy too. I love it, it's one of my favourite meals :).

    It's pretty easy to microwave sweet potatoes, if you'd rather not oven bake them. Unfortunately I can't post a link yet!

    If you were making this in a slow cooker, I reckon it'd take 3 - 4 hours on low to cook the sweet potato chunks. Wait till the last 30 mins to add the peppers.
  • red_devilred_devil Forumite
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    pork steak marinated in pepper steak chargrilled in the griddle pan with some olive oil dosent take too long. Add some salad, a dip and some breadsticks. Lovely.
  • emgemg Forumite
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    I was just looking on the easy cook magazine website for some ideas and found this! The people's comments underneath really made me laugh! Definitely lazy and tasty :-)
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