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Unemployment increases to 2.44m



  • mewbie_2
    mewbie_2 Posts: 6,058 Forumite
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    mitchaa wrote: »
    Mewbie mewbie mewbie, you want to do battle then eh?


    Where's that fishing rod smilie gone?:p
    I have thanked you as I do not want to get ppr'd.
  • bo_drinker
    bo_drinker Posts: 3,924 Forumite
    West Midlands feeling the pinch big time 39000 lost their jobs in 3 months. BSA export order keeping them afloat, they've got nothing order wise in the UK, IT'S DEAD. Mandy on there going to sort it out though, don't hold your breath.
    I came in to this world with nothing and I've still got most of it left. :rolleyes:
  • SingleSue
    SingleSue Posts: 11,699 Forumite
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    I had a window cleaner was the first thing to go when hubby left.

    Now I have dirty windows (the ones I can't reach!), no hubby and no extra pounds to those trailing around wanting to clean them.
    We made it! All three boys have graduated, it's been hard work but it shows there is a possibility of a chance of normal (ish) life after a diagnosis (or two) of ASD. It's not been the easiest route but I am so glad I ignored everything and everyone and did my own therapies with them.
    Eldests' EDS diagnosis 4.5.10, mine 13.1.11 eekk - now having fun and games as a wheelchair user.
  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Posts: 70,698 Forumite
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    S0ddin' stupid abuse button ... makes my email client crash.
    That eclipsefifi t055ers getting right up my nose, he's everywhere spamming his sh1te... he should get a job ... oh, hang on, there aren't any are there.
  • dopester
    dopester Posts: 4,890 Forumite
    mitchaa wrote: »
    I suspect he was telling the truth seeing as he was on TV in front of millions. I could well believe £6k pm as like i said before, my parents window cleaner takes in well over £3kpw (with 2-3 staff)

    Reading a window-cleaners forum... (i've accessed via archive 2003-2004)

    There is info there from those buying/selling rounds, and a few threads discussing takings/earnings. I don't know much about it but I wouldn't want to step on to the turf of some window cleaners I've met. Trying to take their business. Not unless you were prepared for trouble.
    I'm surprised and fascinated by this window cleaning thread.
    Why do people clean their windows so often, surely once per year after the winter is more than enough!?

    Because I like both the inside and outside of my house to look clean.
    Also as I live on a main road if I did'nt clean then every other week I would'nt be able to see out of them.
    Wish we could find a window cleaner that lasts more than a couple of visits.There are loads of houses wanting a cleaner round here but no one ever comes more than a couple of times.
    Surely someone needs the work.
  • avantra
    avantra Posts: 1,327 Forumite
    Photogenic First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    mitchaa wrote: »

    Oh you tight wad. Times are not hard for the 90%+ who have kept their jobs.

    Where's that fishing rod smilie gone?:p

    Generalizing again Mitch?

    I think you are talking out of your lower part, as part of my work I am traveling up and down this isle, and you might not be aware of the effect reduced pay/pay freeze/review freeze etc'/work colleague disappear forever etc' has on people.

    It's people, they are individuals with individual circumstances and behind every place that gone down to 2-3 days or got rid of people there is human stories that will make your cold heart bleed.

    So yes MAYBE 90% of the work force still in employment however 'Not Hard' is an over statement to say the list:eek:

    Five exclamation marks the sure sign of an insane mind!!!!!

    Terry Pratchett.
  • whathavewedone
    Windows cleaned once a year??? Yuck.

    Ours get cleaned once a month all year round and even then I often clean the ones that I can reach on the outside in between. On our street most people get their windows cleaned regularly but some don't. Personally I'd have to be seriously skint not to pull up a tenner once a month as I'd find it really depressing to see the sun streaming through on to grimy windows, not to mention pidgeon poo. When we moved into our house the windows were filthy and one of the first things I did was to ask the neighbours about window cleaners.

    Where my mother lives there are no window cleaners to be found anywhere. A few times a year she has to ring up one of those firms that advertise in yellow pages and charge about £40 to clean the windows of her little 2 bed house.

    There's definitely money to be made if you do your homework.
  • Entertainer
    It's £15 round here. There's a nice business to be had doing it along with alot of other trades like gardening. The old people round my way pay £10 an hour+ for "gardeners" some of who haven't got any skills at all.

    And the Dragons' egos really got in the way of them investing in what was a solid business with no debt making good profits.
  • ruggedtoast
    ruggedtoast Posts: 9,819 Forumite
    All this optimism about window cleaning riches is really sweet. Mind you anythings possible, I heard you can go down the bank borrow some money on an 'ouse, buy the 'ouse, sell the 'ouse for a lot more money to someone who's just sold their 'ouse back to you for even more than you paid for it.
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