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  • Hi the same thing happened to me, i applied to high credit score and then saw the charges outined in the small print, i e-mailed the company as i couldn't view any pages and recieved an e-mail back saying the membership was cancelled then i recieved a bank statement and it seems like there are no restricions on when this rewards.co.uk can take money, they have been taken money twice this month and i don't even know what has been taken previously ! i only noticed because i was overdrawn !
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    hi there ---just checked my bank account and found out those guys has been taking money from me as weell ......its two payments of 19.99 what th heck is going on ? How come has nothing been done until now about it ---as i see the posts has been from back in 2009 ?
    I will not bother to call them -I guess ---it will take my t ime and energy ---gonna cancel my card thats all .take care everyone
  • perox74
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    fwor wrote: »
    I've never had any dealings with either of these websites, but just a quick look at the Terms and Conditions on both makes it clear that they are membership based services which - after a trial period - will be charged for on a monthly basis. This is not hidden in any way that I can see [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]

    If you haven't already followed the procedure for termination of membership given in the T&Cs (Section 6) then you should do so asap.

    Beware of ordering a new credit card from the same company - this is not likely to have the effect that you want.

    I am unaware whether this person cancelled their membership but I cancelled my membership before the free trial ended by email (3 times I emailed them) they told me they never recieved my emails only the last one as I sent through my hotmail account. The other 2 were sent though their email enquiry on their website so I have no proof to say I sent them an email they have now billed my £19.95 and I am upset is there nothing I can do about this....
  • Flowerpot_Dot
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    I have also been one of the unlucky ones but they actually took it from my husbands credit card for the last 13 months but used my name as the account holder. We only wanted a credit check to get a mortgage! I challenged them over the phone and they agreed to pay it all back - there was no data protection in place as I could have been anyone. Just waiting to see if the money goes back on the card.
  • Hi All, my wife registered with these and same thing the last debit was £23, One way you could stop the payments would be to ask your bank to reissue your debit card thus making the one they have on file invalid.

    I also did a quick WHOIS look up on the site to get the owners address if you would like to hand deliver you disgruntledment. :mad:

    Domain name:


    Adaptive Affinity Limited

    Registrant type:

    UK Individual

    Registrant's address:
    Cavendish House
    369 Burnt Oak Broadway
    HA8 5AW
    United Kingdom


    Webfusion Ltd t/a 123-Reg.co.uk[Who Is Domain][trace][Reverse DNS Search] [Tag = 123-REG]
    URL: http:// www . 123-reg.co.uk[Who Is Domain][trace][Reverse DNS Search]

    Relevant dates:

    Registered on: 10-Jul-2008
    Renewal date: 10-Jul-2012
    Last updated: 07-Jul-2010

    Registration status:

    Registered until renewal date.

    WHOIS lookup made at 07:00:12 19-Oct-2010
  • These 3 companies have each taken £19.95 from my bank all on the same day, i have only ever applied for a credit score from "Credit Score Matters" i no 100% i have never applied or even heard of the other 2.
    I understand what some people are trying to say about the small print and T&C but i have had no dealings with 2 off these companies so couldn't off agreed to anything!
    I admit i applied for one and like an idiot did not read the T&C so never expected to be charged by 1 off these 3 companies never mind 3.
    Why would i think i had to pay for the service when it miss leads you by saying "GET YOU FREE CREDIT SCORE NOW"
    I am a single mum n go to work and try to give my child the best i can only for all my wages to be taken!
    Their has to be some way off stopping this and getting our money back, if anyone has had any luck getting their money back could u please email me with any info at all at: bex.smith82@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you n i just hope something can be done.
  • bex82
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    OK, here is my advice [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]. Firstly, if you believe the company acted lawfully (both civil and criminal) and you were just a bit to quick to give out your bank details and sign up for stuff, then by all means put this down to experience. For everyone else, please consider the following:

    1) Report as a fraudulent transaction to your bank - money should be recredited (at least temp) but most importantly, no further money can be taken.

    2) Contact Consumer Direct and report the incident. I found them very helpful. Telephone or email - consumerdirect.gov.uk

    3) Report as a fraud to the police, again this is very straightforward and can be done online or by telephone - actionfraud.org.uk - you will be given a crime reference number which will help with your bank


    Finally, I will be officially reporting this matter to the OFT and anyone else I think who should take action. [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM].

    Thank you so much for your help i have had 3 companies each take £19.95 from my bank, hopefully i can do something about it now i know where to start. So thanks again
  • bex82 wrote: »
    Thank you so much for your help i have had 3 companies each take £19.95 from my bank, hopefully i can do something about it now i know where to start. So thanks again

    I'm new to this kinda stuff who is OFT? And how do you contact them? Sorry I can be a. Bit sloe sometimes.
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    [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] I never received any log in info. No credit score. I have just rang my bank who have received 'hundreds' of complaints about them. Do not give your details. Apparently as soon as they have your details, it is difficult stopping them taking money out of your account. I was advised by the bank to cut up my card, and be issued with a completely new number.

    I have spoke to them. [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] now I have to go through filling a claim for money back.

    Be warned!!!!!!
    Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies
  • Someone mentioned in this forum that it clearly states in the Ts&Cs that you will be charged after 10 days, so why do you think it's a scam...?

    I'll tell you why, because they [EMAIL="f@*king"]f@*king[/EMAIL] charge you twice! for one transaction, that's why! nowhere in the Ts&Cs does it say, we will charge you 2x 'price' after 10 days, one from each company name!

    Read properly before you comment please, anyone would think they were a reputable organisation the way you were talking.
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