Highcreditscore.co.uk & rewardsnow.co.uk [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]



  • madridbear
    madridbear Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 18 April 2011 at 12:36PM
    That is just nonsense.

    Firstly, I signed up to a monthly subscription for my credit report.
    They didn't provide it, so they cancelled that.

    Secondly, can someone actually point me to this "small print" that says rewardsnow.co.uk will start a subscription or indeed that they can sign you up for any other subscription ????

    Third, [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] when I phoned them today they told me that I must have clicked a button for a free £10 Asda gift voucher after finishing with quickcreditscore.
    When I asked for a refund they said no. When I then asked where my gift voucher was they said I wasn't getting it. [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]
    gnaril wrote: »
    I dont get why people flame the company/bank

    You signed up to something and didnt read the terms and conditions.
    FAR FAR too many people do this and just "think " its ok.

    From what I have seen in our disputes department most people that have signed up for the pymnt once you contact the company they dont really have an issue to refund anyone.

    Read the small print, they aint asking for a credit card number for nothing.

    Most if not ALL trials will go onto a recurring billing - key note if they are asking for a credit card number, 99 times out of 100 if you dont cancel within said period your agreeing to their service wether you like it or not :(

    All the best
  • harkin_c
    harkin_c Posts: 35 Forumite
    edited 18 April 2011 at 12:38PM
    I have to say I normally think people who sign up for things online with their bank details and then don't cancel them are quite dim (putting it politely)

    Imagine my surprise to see 19.90 come out of my bank for rewards now this month.

    I did sign up for my credit score and I did read all of the terms and conditions and I did cancel within the alotted time and made no payment to the company. However after speaking to rewards now it seems that after the application for the credit score another screen appears asking if you want a gift voucher for asda (I have asked for a screen shot of this and have received it). The screen shot is very clear that if you click yes to the voucher you get into a monthly agreement with rewards now.

    Phone bill saving £690, one poll £8.25, bview £20 amazon voucher and £10 threshers voucher, cycle to work scheme £240 (savings since 25th June on travel costs), valued opinions £4.75, Cashback rewards £28.64. Total £1001.64
  • harkin_c
    harkin_c Posts: 35 Forumite
    I sent this email to rewards now:

    "Thankyou for your prompt reply - unfortunately I do not agree that I was clearly advised of the trial and I do not believe that I clicked the button illustrated in the screen shot I received. Can you please provide me with proof that I did click this button so that I can include this information in my complaint to the Office of fair trading. If you cannot provide this information I will have no option but to also report this fraudulent activity directly to the police in addition to my offical OFS complaint,


    and received a reply within 24 hours stating I would get a full refund
    Phone bill saving £690, one poll £8.25, bview £20 amazon voucher and £10 threshers voucher, cycle to work scheme £240 (savings since 25th June on travel costs), valued opinions £4.75, Cashback rewards £28.64. Total £1001.64
  • balchder
    balchder Posts: 23 Forumite
    Just been dealing with these scumbags now. I never agreed to any subscription but they decided I wanted one anyway! After a few "heated discussions" I now have a refund on it's way.
  • mjgreen60
    mjgreen60 Posts: 230 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    You could just pay them a visit if you live near Edgware!

    Cavendish House
    369 Burnt Oak Broadway
    Edgware, Middlesex
    HA8 5AW
    United Kingdom
    Just started comping - 1/12/08 - keep your fingers crossed!
  • dave_orme
    dave_orme Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 18 April 2011 at 12:34PM
    I have had the same done to me...on the 05/06/2010 i had two times £19.95 taken off of my card...also after i tried to check my credit..which by the way i was not able to access the site i tried to cancel but it came up that i had not registered with them!! [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM]
  • Lesson one in using the internet for anything which requires you to enter any of your personal details (whether just name, address etc or bank/credit card details): READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, AND PRIVACY NOTICE - in fact, ALL the legalese - CAREFULLY FIRST.
    If you find there's something in there that says they can pass on your details to 'associated companies' or some such - find the part that lets you know how they want you to opt out of such an agreement and follow that procedure.
    Guard your personal data and watch out who you give it to - though once they've got it they're bound by law to look after it. If they don't you can complain to them and if they won't sort it out, raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner, who regulates the Data Protection Act.
  • Shelley84
    Shelley84 Posts: 236 Forumite
    Does anyone have any contact details for these scum bags?! They took £19.95 out of my account, never hear of rewardsnow.co.uk, never signed up with them.

    I did sign up for a free credit report through a different company but am still within my free trial dates!?!?

    The number people have posted on here isn't working today!! So an email address would be great!
  • Shelley84
    Shelley84 Posts: 236 Forumite
    Turns out it was creditscorematters.co.uk and I DID cancel within the 10 days but they still took the money. I've emailed them and told them to refund it straight away or I will report them!
  • Ripped
    Ripped Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited 18 April 2011 at 12:27PM
    [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM],I signed up to a free ten day trial with a credit rating company,then cancelled the free trial before it expired by sending emails and phoning the company.I have just noticed that a company named Rewards Now has been extracting 19.95 out of my bank account each month,and someone had accessed my card details and stolen money out of my account.(which may not be connected to RewardsNow)When I contacted rewards now they have said that I contacted the wrong company when I cancelled my membership,and have only offered me one of the payments of £19.95 back.So I have lost £40 to them.I am planning to take further action but I am unsure how to go about this.Any suggestions?
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