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  • I also have been conned as i cancelled last year and they have started taking money again even though i have never revited there site. The number you have to ring for so called customer care is 08450261092.
  • hannah899
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    i have never heard or seen the website for rewards now but amazingly enough i have had a £19.95 payment out of my account yesterday. i was in tears my bank have cancelled my card so i went to the branch cleared my account and was told they couldnt do anything i would have to go to the police, i hope something gets done about these people
    it might not be much, but its better than a kick in the teeth:rotfl:

  • I can't tell you how pleased I am to find this site. In March my husband noticed 2 payments of £14.99 (One to Rewards now and the second to High credid score) taken out of our account on my card.
    He contacted them to find out who/what they were and was told that 'I must have registered with them to activate the account and would have to pay up' We'd never heard of them! and certainly never visited their sites or signed anything at all.
    My husband contacted the fraud department of our bank and they got the money back for us, but its left me very windy about what can happen.
  • DCFC79
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    People who just want to put "its your fault, or you must have signed up"
    dont bother replying. Thats the last thing i want to hear and i no not true!!


    the above statement is rubbish as you cant dstop people from replying, people will post and some will be posts you agree with and some you dont agree with
  • Unfortunatly it seems this is a semi legitimate payment. I found this £19.95 sum on my bank statement, called my bank about it and found out that when i had recieved "free" business cards from Vistaprint i had not read the T's and C's carefully enough and they were planning on giving my bank details to another company six months down the line.

    If you phone rewards now on 08450261098 there is an automated service to cancel your membership. Obviously this is not a service that was ever intended to be used if the only help line is a cancellation and the website doesnt even work.

    It is my fault for not reading the terms and conditions carefully enough but how is it legal to operate business in this way?

    Harsh letter being sent to Vistaprint for them to delete.
  • I always use a false name when something appears to be free, and test the service to a point. When the screen asks for a credit card, me brain engages and the ESC key is hit and the card stays in my wallet.

    Simple, Freddie does not get 'scammed'. Sorry, Freddie does not part with his monies
  • v_broad
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    hi i to have had this happen this week wat i did was to ring up and complain to the company although after reading it was purely my mistake in that i did not read the terms and conditions properly however i did argue with them that as they are a partnering company with highscore credit and i did cancel that within my free thirty day trail then surely that would suggest that i no longer wanted their service after alot of shouting and threats that i would get my bank to look into this they agreed to refund the 19.95 and cancel my suposed subscription i suggest you do the same sorry i cannot be of any futher help call 08450261098 give them your postcode and just argue the case

    perhaps we should always read the terms and conditions first lesson learnt here
  • this has happened to me today when u signed with credit expert there is in the small print it has a partnering company ie rewardsnow.co.uk how then use ur details i have just phoned them up and argued with them for over 1 hour and i have had this cancelled and my money refunded although i admit i did not read all the t&c properly the fact i cancelled my free subscription to credit expert surely means i wished to cancel this ajoining one two lol
  • qw3rt7
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    Credit expert? Really?
    I know vistaprint got involved with some awful rubbish like this, but credit expert as well?

    Dont these companies realize what this does for their rep.

    Might be worth checking if it is the genuine credit expert site, as that is 'promoted' here on MSE!
  • nomoneytoday
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    How many times are you going to sign up and repeat the same story?
    The same mis-spellings give it away :rolleyes:
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