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    Well if I actually got any service from them at all, that would have been a start. Zilch. Took my cash but noubt.
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  • I_Love_Shoes
    I did a credit check with call credit about a month ago, as soon as i looked at my credit history, i cancelled it, but never got the confirmation email they promised. this month i have had 2 lots of £19.95 taken from my account on behalf of rewardsnow.co.uk and creditscorematters.co.uk
    I cancelled this as soon as it started, but never got any confirmation, how do i go about getting the money back?
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  • vikates
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    I was had by this company when I took up the offer of a 10 day free trial about my credit score, I cancelled within the specified time but they took 3 months worth of payments before I noticed (I am normally more dilligent!) and definitely did not accept T&Cs or any other offer they claimed to have sent. I contacted them and got some bull about accepting this that and the other. After a refusal of refund during phone conversation I took some advice off this forum and sent this email to them.....I ACTUALLY GOT THE REFUND within 3 days. I have attached in the hope that many of you have the same success!!

    I am writting regarding the conversation, I was advised I would be sent the original email you claim was sent. I have not received either this nor the opportunity to claim the £10 cash
    back you have claimed to have offered. I phoned to cancel my subscription within the trial period which you say was only for one element even though you are all in the same office.
    I do not agree that I was clearly advised of the need to cancel via both departments and you are obviously part of the same company!!! Can you please provide me with proof that I did click whatever button and received the claimed email so that I can include this information in my complaint to the Office of fair trading.

    If you cannot provide this information I will have no option but to also report this fraudulent activity directly to the police and the bank in addition to my offical OFS complaint,

    Their response!!!!

    Thank you for your email received on 17 November 2010.

    I can now confirm that your membership to Rewards Now has been cancelled with immediate effect. A full refund has been processed on your behalf. Please allow 7-10 working days for this be credited to your account.

    If you have any queries now or in the future, please feel free to contact Rewards Now by telephone or email during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) using the contact information provided below.

    We are always happy to help and welcome the possibility of you subscribing to Rewards Now Score in the future.

    Yours Sincerely

    Reena Roy
    Customer Services Representative
    On behalf of Rewards Now

  • aprilparkinson
    In reply to your post about highcreditscore.co.uk,i have never even heard of this company until today..i went to online banking and noticed £19.95 was missing,the bank informed me that this company had taken it.I was in shock.I dont know who they are i had my credit report from experian at creditexpert.I dont know how they got my card details i was absolutely shocked..luckily the bank are going to refund me but iam reporting this to fraud company..It's not right..I dont know how they got my details an as i said i haven't heard of them or visited their website or anything..i think its shocking that this could happen as i am a struggling single mother also,that money could have put some gas on tonite to warm house up..Ridiculous.
  • Jamie165
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    The company appears to work through a website called quickcreditscore.co.uk and makes [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] deductions from a person's bank account with a company name called rewardsnow.co.uk, but they are definitely the same company. I suspect it makes it easier for them to [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] by having a different company name take out the money - after all, it's far harder to spot fraudulent withdrawals this way.

    I cancelled my 10 day free trial with this company on 23 November 2010, and got an email from them on the same day, falsely claiming that my membership had been cancelled "with immediate effect".

    In spite of the above, since then they have made two unauthorised withdrawals from my account on 6 December 2010 and 5 January 2011.

    I have contacted my bank and they have informed me the only way to prevent further unauthorised withdrawls is to cancel the card upon which the membership was originally set up, and the matter has been referred to the bank's visa disputes team.

    I understand this [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] company are already well known to the OFT and the police, and I will be contacting them in the week to add my complaint to the numerous others this company has garnered.

    I would strongly advise other individuals who have fallen prey to this company to do the same.

    Collectively, let's hope we can get them shut down.
  • Fyffes
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    [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] the offer of a free credit check. You have ten days within which to unsubscribe from the service without incurring a fee.

    As they are fully aware that 99.9% of people will cancel the credit check within the 10 days, they [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] direct you at the same time into "enrolling" with another of their companies (rewardsnow.con).

    They way they do it is very clever [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] (and unfortunately legal) but in general, most people will be unaware that they have signed up to Rewardsnow.con until the first intalment is taken from their account.

    Their stance is effectively "so what if you cancelled your membership with the Credit checking company, you didn't cancel it with rewardsnow.con so it's tough".

    They will then inform you that they sent a "welcome" email but say it's likely to have gone into your spam folder. They are fully aware that many email accounts will automatically delete the contents of the spam folder within the magical 10 day cancelation period. They could and should be operating a system where you have to click on a link in the "welcome" email BEFORE the account becomes live. But we all know they'd have a drop in new members of exactly 100% if they did this.

  • Jamie165
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    Fyffes is absolutely right, this is the exact spiel that quickcreditscore.co.uk gave me when I approached them directly for a refund.

    Fortunately, when I contacted my bank, they didn't see it the same way and arranged for the money unlawfully deducted from the account to be credited back immediately. I also took the additional precaution of cancelling my cards so the company can't unlawfully deduct any more money.

    I am also in the process of contacting the police and the Office of Fair Trading to make sure this [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] is reported to the relevant authorities.

    I never signed up with rewardsnow.co.uk, I only signed up with quickcreditscore.co.uk - I note that I have never received any fake membership confirmation from rewardsnow.co.uk, either in my inbox or in my spam box, and if I had, I would've cancelled it immediately.

    Besides which, quickcreditscore.co.uk and rewardsnow.co.uk are quite clearly one and the same entity - how do I know this? Because when I complained by email about the unlawful deductions from my account to quickcreditscore.co.uk, the swift response came from... yes, you've guessed it, rewardsnow.co.uk.

  • Fyffes
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    Well done Jamie.

    I've also decided to make it my mission to have these crooks taken down. I will not be content to take a refund and walk away.

    In my case the company used as "bait" was called creditscorematters.co.uk. I cancelled after 7 days and received the acknowledging email. Rewardsnow.con then stole money from my account.

    So far they have replied with endless pre-prepared template emails. One of these was addressed to an entirely different person (in violation of the Data Protection Act in my opinion).

    They have ignored many of my emails but I have made copies of all correspondence for the purposes of informing the OFT what they are up to.

    To date, rewardsnow.con have justified their actions by supplying an email attachment of a "welcome email" which carries no reference/membership number or the name of any recipient. They also supplied a page offering some kind of Asda voucher which they seem to think is evidence of me enrolling with their company despite the fact I had never seen the page before, never mind accept the voucher.

    I have asked them for proof that they sent this email and that I received it. Their response was effectively "we did send it and you did receive it - because we say so".

    I have threatened to issue them with a Subject Access Request to force them to hand over their "proof of enrolment" but I'd imagine that action isn't relevant in these particular circumstances.

    They can't be allowed to get away with this. They must be raking in tens of thousands of pounds from people who don't check their statements on a regular basis. The cunning mother hubbards are fully aware that as soon as their victim receives the acknowledgment of cancellation email from the "bait" company, many will drop their guards and presume that the matter has been put to bed. Little do they know, a company they have never heard of will steal money from their accounts for as long as they can remain undetected.
  • Jamie165
    I suspect that Adaptive Affinity Limited, under their many different aliases, will find themselves in hot water sooner rather than later.

    According to their main website, at adaptiveaffinity dot com they offer "credit protection services".

    However, when I took the precaution of checking their status with the Office of Fair Trading, I was informed that this company have a "consumer credit licence application pending".

    In other words, it is currently unlawful for them to offer the credit protection services advertised on their website!

    Evidently, they have shot themselves in the foot here. If they had acted lawfully and agreed to refund me, I probably would've left it there. But in view of their outrageous and unsubstianted claims, like Fyffes, I will not be letting the matter rest.

    I have filled out an online complaint at consumerdirect dot gov dot uk, who work in conjunction with Trading Standards, the OFT and the police, in order to bring rogue firms to justice.

    I have also made it clear in my complaint that their unlawful activities have adversely affected many consumers, not just myself, and I would urge others that have been ripped off by these cowboys to do the same.

    At the very least, we can ensure that they will never get the consumer credit licence they so clearly crave.

    Together, let's hit them where it hurts.
  • Fyffes
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    edited 15 February 2011 at 5:19PM
    I've followed Jamie's lead with this and I would urge anybody else who's [TEXT DELETED BY FORUM TEAM] to do the same. You can find the correct place to file your complaint at consumerdirect dot gov dot uk slash contact? action =
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