What won't you compromise on in your bid to become debtfree?



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    chevalier wrote:
    I actually find using value items a necessity. Not because of the price, but because my son has a milk allergy. Generally the value items eg hot dogs don't have milk in but the branded ones do!
    But I won't stop buying my fairtrade tea, coffee, and sugar in Oxfam. That way I get fairtrade goods and Oxfam get a regular donation! Win win really! And I don't like to buy my fairtrade stuff in a super market because I am unsure as to how much of a cut they take.....

    Pretty much the same as Oxfam take :) of course you could argue that the profit from oxfam goes towards helping others (apart from the staff wages and executives pay checks etc... but I'm a cynical person when it comes to charities :))
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    i have used tesco's own nappies for all 4 of my children and have never had a leak.
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    lol @ amosworks
    I came back from Crufts with 9 x 2.5kg bags of dried dog food and I don't have a dog! They were selling it off for £1 a bag at the end and I couldn't miss a bargain!)
    Well that's slightly crazy if you don't have a dog msn_neutral.png But I suppose if you were going to eBay it/put it in a supermarket animal food charity bin thing/sell it to dog owning friends/give it to dog owning family or some combination thereof it's not as crazy as it sounds. Finding a bargain is one thing, but it's only a bargain if you NEED it lol :)

    Lewby wrote:
    Amos .... I am a self-confessed Brand Snob.
    Hehe well there's nothing too bad about it in a way. You can be a brand snob, just for chaper brands. Nobody needs to know that you buy your stuff from Lidl/Aldi/etc - and those brands are usually quite well known in Europe. Plus as they all have continental sounding names, if you pronounce them with the right accent and inflections your friends will probably think it's über-expensive foreign import brand stuff from the Harvy Nicks food halls or something :D
    Saying that, I still confuse people when I tell them I got things from Tesco's "valûé" range :D:D:D

    Cantdance wrote:
    ...I know I could get cheaper broadband for £12.99 a month but they give you a measly 2GB a month which wouldn't even last me a day with my hobby (authoring DVDs and swapping over the net with a friend in Holland)...

    ...what would I do if I couldn't watch the latest Lost or Smallville hot off the press from the USA? :o ...
    :D:D:D If it weren't for the joys of broadband I could never have watched Star Gate Atlantis before people in the UK even heard about it lol. Say no more :D
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    i have used tesco's own nappies for all 4 of my children and have never had a leak.
    hi i had sainsburry ones and they were really bad in a day i had to change his jeans 3 times with pampers i change every two hours and have no probes with the sainsburrys one he would be soaked if i left him two hour so i was having to change him more using more nappys than the pamper and durring the first night i was woken up to him screaming not only was he soaked and the bedding but the nappy had brust all over the place took me two hours to clean up and seltle him back to sleep so i just stick to what i know works for me and for the extra pound i rather keep the pampers
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  • fairylights_2
    We use cloth! I haven't had to buy any new nappies in months, and won't need to buy any more either. No leaks, no fuss, no need for an extra wheelie bin for a fortnight's stinking human waste. (Insert smug, self-satisfied hippy smiley!)

    Seriously though, Nappies do eat a huge hole in people's budgets. Why keep buying them when one set will do?!
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    i agree fairylights. all my kids had reusables at some point. the older two boys had terries lol, i used to love seeing a washing line of terry nappies! my ds3 is 5 years old now and we get his nappies through the continence service free, but dd is in tescos ones nowadays wont use reusables with DS3 as his are free
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    What an interesting thread! Very though provoking indeed!

    I agree on some of the products - Heinz & Andrex spring to mind - but the main thing I won't compromise on is entertainment for me and OH. We both work very hard and we need to have an evening out a week.

    Admittedly, those evenings out have been downsized a lot since I had my lightbulb moment. For instance, before, we wouldn'd think twice about having an early dinner out, 3 courses and lovely wine, then go to the pictures and perhaps finish the evening with some drinks at a bar. Now, we either have the meal out and then return home for a nice DVD or we have a nice meal at home and then go to the cinema.

    Still have a great time and it's still relaxing, enjoyable time together but the cost has been reduced significantly.
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  • **purpleprincess**
    Hmmmm, what an interesting thread!! I have read all the pages!!

    I have IBS and love pasta but only wholewheat pasta agrees with me so unfortunately as much as I'd love to spend less I don't compromise on this.

    And I don't compromise on my bread! Value bread I find sticks to the top of my mouth when I eat it and it goes all gunky! And one loaf of bread lasts me a month as I freeze it and only use bits as I want them. Generally only at the weekend.

    Can't think what else I don't compromise on! I'm just a cheapo!!! :rotfl: I'll have a think and come back!
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    I must admit i find it very strange that hardly anyone will compromise on toilet paper. This one of the few things that i absolutely refuse to waste money on and i find that the economy brand of whatever supermarket suits perfectly well. No one in the family has ever complained about it. As far as I am concerned buying expensive toilet paper is flushing money down the toilet!
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    I get my nails done every two weeks. I know I could probably do them myself, but my nail polish application is appalling and I like the pampering aspect of it all.

    Ok, I could proably save myself the £30 a month it costs me, but I love having them done.
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