What won't you compromise on in your bid to become debtfree?



  • Wizwoo
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    Mine is the gym. When I posted my SOA I pretty much did everything as advised...apart from dropping the gym (my membership covers swimming too and does cost me £20 per month).

    I recently bought some Heinz baked beans (on offer) for the first time in years and decided I actually prefer the cheaper ones. Then however I compared the salt / sugar in both and the Heinz beans were lower (for both). Looks like they are actually trying to look after us more than the cheaper versions...I'll keep checking though!

    My post crossed yours Mrs Sparkle - I'm with you on Free range eggs - even go for Organic when I can.
  • foreverskint
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    :rolleyes: my make up brands. I'm a Benefit girl with a bit of YSL and Chanel thrown in, but now only frrom ebay:o .

    I wonder why I am in debt:confused: :rotfl:
  • jessicamb
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    I wont give up:

    Olay moisturiser because of the SPF15 - I did try a really nice Clinique one once but unless I win the lottery anytime soon I'll be sticking with this

    Wine - I dont go out so often so a glass of wine in an evening is my entertainment

    Decent meat - I buy it from a farm shop anyway most times so its cheaper than the supermarket

    Diet Coke - but I've just read the link to another thread above and now I might be packing it in

    Colgate toothpaste

    Free Range Eggs

    Decent Bread

    Tampax Compaq (sorry)

    Everything else is pretty much up for negotiations
    The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese :cool:
  • Mrs_A.
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    just my smokes but now rolling my own at a fraction of the price
    oh and i cant get Mr A to give up the alcohol or the sky tv
    apart from that everything else is value,free, begged,borrowed or stolen for me
    Mrs A
    total debt jan 06= £15441.97 dfw nerd no 112 proud to be dealing with my debts.
  • Since moving to Spain I've realised how wonderful extra virgin olive oil is (wouldn't buy it in the UK - too expensive)....but luckily we have a 25 litre drum of it sitting in thr storeroom which was our 'wages' for helping a friend with his olive harvest. Should last us two years!
    (AKA HRH_MUngo)
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    Imagine someone holding forth on biology whose only knowledge of the subject is the Book of British Birds, and you have a rough idea of what it feels like to read Richard Dawkins on theology: Terry Eagleton
  • I will not compromise on moisturiser, my skin is so dry I have to use loads, but I do try and get a balance between quality and quantity.

    A mate who's just been to stay has bought me gallons of Dove and Simple, bless her!
    (AKA HRH_MUngo)
    Member #10 of £2 savers club
    Imagine someone holding forth on biology whose only knowledge of the subject is the Book of British Birds, and you have a rough idea of what it feels like to read Richard Dawkins on theology: Terry Eagleton
  • Cantdance_2
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    Cantdance wrote:
    My truly unlimited broadband internet at £24.99 a month...

    I know I could get cheaper broadband for £12.99 a month but they give you a measly 2GB a month which wouldn't even last me a day with my hobby (authoring DVDs and swapping over the net with a friend in Holland)

    I've economised on absolutely everything else (yes Netto / Aldi and Lidl now all know me by name!) so I allow myself this one luxury - what would I do if I couldn't watch the latest Lost or Smallville hot off the press from the USA? :o


    LOL, get me - I obviously wasn't in full lightbulb-on mode there...

    Just switched last week to Toucan broadband which has everything I despise about cheap broadband (traffic shaping, peasly miniscule monthly limits, etc etc), but I'm saving another £10 a month!

    Total Debt: Owe about £19,000 on credit cards plus £24,000 which is my half of joint loans.
  • Spirited_2
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    I won't compromise on my small furry family members.

    I can completely understand, but respectfully disagree, with anyone who sees pets as a drain on family finances. These money munchers are my biggest weakness. I have a dog, two cavies (guinea pigs) and seven rats.

    Things like moving to a smaller, cheaper home which does not allow (or is unsuitable for) pets is unacceptable. Vet bills are an (unfortunate) necessity. However I have found ways of cutting back on their expenses (often unnecessary treats) without compromising their health or happiness. Of course there is a point at which I would give up the animals - if I could not afford to keep them in necessities (after cutting out every unnecessary expense).

    I've really gotten over brand loyalty, sure sometimes the cheapest isn't tasty, but there is usually something else (still cheaper than the old version) which is and you don't know till you try.

    Other small things that I don't compromise on are fairtrade bananas and free range (preferibly organic) eggs. I do also try to have organic milk when possible (am a vegetarian so it's really the only other animal product I have). I've been disappointed in DH's choice to give up the free range meat, but as I'm not eating it and I'm the one trying to cut back the finances, I don't have a leg to stand on.

    I gave up my Direct Debits to charity. It was a tough call but I'm not earning and couldn't afford the £18/m (three different charities) so for the moment I will just be charitable with my time and unwanted (but unebayable) goods. The sooner I get my finances in shape, the sooner I can resume giving money to charity.
    I believe the struggle for financial freedom is unfair
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  • LJD1_2
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    I won't compromise on my children's swimming, drama and brownies. Also, I won't buy cheap meat. We still get three bottles of wine a week too but only the stuff that's on offer.
    January budget
    Nothing left!
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