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What won't you compromise on in your bid to become debtfree?



  • moozie_2
    moozie_2 Posts: 3,063 Forumite
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    You lot BUY loo roll? What's wrong with cutting up old newspapers into toilet paper sized pieces like they did in the good old days? I've whiled away many a dull evening with a pile of Daily Mails (what else?) and a pair of scissors.

    ....which is what I think cheap loo roll is like :rotfl:
    Leason learnt :beer:
  • MinnieSpender
    MinnieSpender Posts: 2,975 Forumite
    moozie wrote:
    ....which is what I think cheap loo roll is like :rotfl:

    ...although cheap roll offers a more balanced opinion! :rotfl:
    :eek: What if the hokey cokey is what it's all about? :eek:
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  • ti1980
    ti1980 Posts: 1,528 Forumite
    I wouldn't say there was much I won't compromise on, am always willing to give other peoples recommendations a go but often stick to 'what I know' and tend to buy a big mixture of value brand, supermarkets own brand and known brands.

    I think the main thing I won't compromise on is my time, what I mean by this is I often end up going to Sainsburys or M&S for bits as they are more conveniently located and the nearest Asda is over an hour round trip and that doesn't include the time spent there.
    If I know I'm going to Asda then I will get my free range eggs from there but otherwise I get them from M&S as after discount they work out cheaper than Sainsburys.

    I do tend to get Colgate toothpaste but always buy it when its on offer so works out cheaper than own brand.

    I love Ribena cordial but it just seems so expensive so its a good job I also love Vimto which is half the price. Not actually bought any Ribena for about a year as Vimto is often on offer so I get a couple of bottles. Last time I bought Vimto was a few months ago when it was half price at Kwik Save (gutted its closed down) and it was 52p for 725ml. Usually get it from Quality Save aka Home Bargains as its often on offer there for £1.50 for 2 bottles.
    I have heard good things about the Lidl high juice and I will get round to tasting it, that goes the other way though as that is more expensive than my Vimto!
    I love chocolate but will try any once! I love the stuff from Lidl and am happy with Sainsburys basics milk choc that is 25p for 100g.
    I very rarely buy Nestle though but what worries me is how do you know that the own brand you're buying isn't made by Nestle?
    Have you been buying Nestle?
    Nestle choc isn't as nice as Cadburys/Mars anyway.
  • mountainofdebt
    mountainofdebt Posts: 7,795 Forumite
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    personally I think I took money saving a tad too far last month when I needed to buy a product that only us girlies will need to buy.

    Absolutely useless but the MSEr in me won't throw them out .......

    So in future I will be buying the better known brand !
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  • amosworks
    amosworks Posts: 1,831 Forumite
    My friend Susannah worked in a factory over the summer once to sew the strings on to said product (we were talking about out worst jobs) . She admitted when her line manager was annoying her, she would deliberately sew some strings on incorrectly so the device would fail at the critical moment.

    I hope you don't have a bad batch hun :-\
  • calleyw
    calleyw Posts: 9,847 Forumite
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    amosworks wrote:
    Exactly! The life span of toilet paper is, err, rather short. Why waste so much money on it? Personally I've never had chaffeing problems, I don't see what the big fuss is.

    Also if you use the ones that are quilted etc and use the same amount as non-quilted loo roll. You are going to be having a huge plumbers bill. Or be getting your draining rods out.

    Oh and never ever use kitchen roll in emergency again a rather large bill will be heading your way.

    I also do the squish the roll a bit. Had to tell husband off for un-squishing them :rolleyes:

    It means you can't run it off the roll like the andrex puppy does.

    Yes I do buy the decent stuff. But I buy on price per roll rather than total price. I know how much I am prepared to pay. So tend to wait until there is an offer and buy a load. As there are only two of us they last a long time. So I am not brand loyal.

    Don't think I brand loyal to anything. I am brand tart and proud of it ;)


    Hope for everything and expect nothing!!!

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    If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try -Seth Godin
  • Chell
    Chell Posts: 1,683 Forumite
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    PMSL @ the squished loo rolls, wonder if it will stop my two year old doing his Andrexn puppy impression.
    Nevermind the dog, beware of the kids!
  • cantcope
    cantcope Posts: 1,886 Forumite
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    Loo roll is the ONLY thing i wont compromise on. I may not be able to wipe my botty on fivers but i will treat it to a nice bit of Charmin.

    I've been slowly eeking in own brand porducts for a few months now and i hardly notice the difference anymore.
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  • Grumpysally
    Guinea wrote:
    I would have to agree with you there! There is nothing else like Heinz tomato ketchup! Anything else...well, when my partner and I moved in together he said that he would never eat Tesco own brand stuff but does he do the cooking? No...so he has no idea that when he says that the food is lovely (not blowing my own trumpet there!) that he is eating the cheap stuff.

    Oh yes, the other thing that we can't buy on the cheap is Nescafe coffee. We don't actually drink coffee but when we moved in together we bought Tesco own brand for guests and the comments about it were less than complimentary and so we have to buy the good stuff...well, we don't want our guests thinking bad of us! :D

    Buy fair trade and if they critise just make them feel guilty. ;)
  • CAFCGirl
    CAFCGirl Posts: 9,122 Forumite
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    Scrub previous post.
    Have decided that beggars can't be choosers! I'd comprimise on anything at this point to become debt free.

    Theory is, once I'm there, I'll let myself have it again!
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