What won't you compromise on in your bid to become debtfree?



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    lol @ amosworks

    I came back from Crufts with 9 x 2.5kg bags of dried dog food and I don't have a dog! They were selling it off for £1 a bag at the end and I couldn't miss a bargain!)
    Love living in a village in the country side
  • Sleekit
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    There's not a lot I wouldn't buy as a "value" item - the only real disappointment I've had was with Asda Smartprice Cling Film. You'd think that cling film couldn;t differ that much. This stuff was so clingy it was almost unusable! I was convinced the police would have to break into my flat one day to find me stuck to the kitchen floor with half a roll of cling film on top of me :rotfl:

    For ethical reasons, I have always refused point blank to buy anything made by Nestle, including Nescafe coffee, so I've no idea whether it tastes better than other makes or not. It looks bog-standard to me though, so I'm surprised that some people pay a premium for it and refuse to use anything else. :confused:
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    the only things i wouldnt compromise on were free range eggs...so i got myself 3 chickens...prob solved!

    i do prefer meat from the butchers and fruit and veg from the farmshop/market or grocers, prefering not to line the pockets of greedy supermarket but that just dpends on the budget that week.
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  • lynzpower
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    Oh another things that Ive tried to give up by testing a couple of other things, I President unsalted butter. really there is nothing else quite like it, simple on a piece of crusty bread. Its almost the most expensive one in the shop, but a real luxury to me. I use value butter for baking though :)
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
  • Kellogs corn flakes are irreplaceable but ASDA do really good bran flakes in a bag for 70p.

    LIDL pizzas are better than anyones & so cheap its got to be cheaper than making from scratch ( dont tell me down on old style, i'll get slung out). This week a box of 3 large pepperoni stone bakes pizzas is £1.89. However my son says that the mayonaisse taste like someone ate it before him (think he means it tastes like vomit) so any new lidl recruits dont try mayo on your first shopping trip. LIDL cola is considered better tham pepsi or coke in our house but they only get a bottle a week health reasons rather than cost.

    I dont like cheap loo roll, toothpaste or eggs ( no problem, next door has all sort of eggs for sale) & I dont think economy burgers/sausages etc are ever going to feature on my list.

    BL :D
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    Morning Folks. Had the weekend off the boards ... OH thinks I'm addicted!! Missed you all and back on board now.

    Amos ..... Love your oh so sick bird!!

    The things I won't compromise on seem to be too many! I have not got into the swing of shopping at Aldi and Lidl yet, even though I know I should!

    I still buy Free Range Eggs (on principle), PG Tips Pyramid T-Bags (psychological issue), Heinz Tommy K, Kellogs Cereals and Andrex Loo Roll for God's sake!!

    This week I will set myself a challenge of trying 5 own brand items following your advice!

    Amos .... I am a self-confessed Brand Snob.

    Lewby xx
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  • dinkylou
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    I will compromise on many things but there 2 things I can think of that I wont.

    Firstly, my seeded batch bread - tried others and this is by far the nicest and I eat every slice including crusts (and lasts ages)

    Second, my Aussie shampoos/conditioners. Tried cheaper alternatives but just love these and at £3 a bottle, its not that bad really.

    Most other things I will buy cheaper. Used to be a brand loyal but not anymore.

  • tesuhoha
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    I notice that quite a few of you give to charity. This is one thing i will not compromise on. I dont give any money because I dont feel at all happy that my hard earned money is going to reach the people that really need it. However, I never ever sell old clothes, every single thing goes in the charity bag or recycling. I have given away some beautiful clothes due to son growing, or daughter being fashion conscious. At least this way I feel that someone will get some use out of them. Also if I read something sad in the local paper then I have been known to make a direct donation to the person involved ie funds for cancer patients, road accident victims etc. I also sold a full set of encyclopaedia britannica for £25 to a family that wanted it so i only feel slightly guilty about not giving on a regular basis.
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    I won't:

    Give up sponsoring my little boy in India
    Giving to Cancer Charity
    Proper granary bread from Sainsburys...can't abide packet stuff (OH calls in plastic bread!)
    Decent hair products for my mad hair that would be even madder without them (hmmm, shaving it all off could be the answer....)
    Getting my hair coloured (I'm too young to be white haired!)
    Free range eggs & soya milk
    Bank Balance: In the black for the moment.
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    My truly unlimited broadband internet at £24.99 a month...

    I know I could get cheaper broadband for £12.99 a month but they give you a measly 2GB a month which wouldn't even last me a day with my hobby (authoring DVDs and swapping over the net with a friend in Holland)

    I've economised on absolutely everything else (yes Netto / Aldi and Lidl now all know me by name!) so I allow myself this one luxury - what would I do if I couldn't watch the latest Lost or Smallville hot off the press from the USA? :o

    Total Debt: Owe about £19,000 on credit cards plus £24,000 which is my half of joint loans.
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