Earn upto £3,500 for 30 minutes work!!! 'Access to Learning Fund'



  • Kruger
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    Glad my taxes are being used so well.

    Who's the bitter one?

    FYI I worked for 5 years before going to Uni so have put plenty in, I paid full fees aswell for the first 2 years and received no parental support, I scraped by for the last 4 years so do not feel guilty about taking a bit back, the uni wrote to me saying they had some additional funding, get your application in.
    I work part time aswell hence why I should be about £300 in credit when I graduate.

    Aside from that I've still got about £17k of student loan to pay back at some point.

    Will a round :beer: on me make up for it, :rotfl:
    I want to take on capitalism, but cant get the day off work....
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    Glad my taxes are being used so well.

    Which taxes are these then?
    Grants dont exist anymore. We have L O A N S. From a private (?) company.
    Indeed many students pay taxes, they are subject to the same laws as anyone else - earn over £4k and you pay - simple.
    The only reason some students don't pay taxes is because they're too poor!!!
  • Esoog
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    I've currently got a credit card at £500, I pay about £14 a month back, Ive got a store card at abot the same that I pay about £25 a month on. Im in the process of paying back an overdraft to natwest at £20 a week,
    I don't have any other income so to speak, other than what I get from the TA (can differ depending on what's been on that month)

    Is it worth applying? Or will they just go "its your fault"
  • Beer always makes up for paying taxes
  • milk
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    I have applied at the beginning of each year for this and have successfully got over £1800 each year plus payments from the summer fund. Today I got a letter saying that my application had been reviewed and am getting a further of £600, absolutely over the moon because just after the letter arrived I got a phone from a Thames Credit a company I owe about £500 to asking if I'd be able to pay the account off and if I could they'd give me a discount. Anyway to cut a long story short I managed to get them down to £300 which will be paid on Monday.

    So all in all today has been really good, got some extra money and managed to pay off a debt which would have took me ages to pay off at £20 a month. :T
  • I am a full -time student married with two kids, one of whom gets disability living allowance. I have no debt and my course is NHS funded with a bursary, I have taken out a student loan, although I have some of it left, I wondered whether it is worth my while applying for the ALF. Our boiler is really on its last legs but I don't want to wait until it dies completly(that would be a disaster with two kids). Do you think I would have any chance with this.
  • Lady_K
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    My daughters a student nurse on NHS bursary and has recently recieved an award for ATL so I'd say try for it. Are you on a diploma or degree course, I just wondered as you mentioned you had recieved student loans too?

    The boiler thing if you have a child under 16 you may well get the warm front grant it's in another thread I was looking at on here I will try and find where it is

    Edited to put this link in for the warm front grant


    Not sure if students can get it as they aren't really on benefits as such but as you have a child claiming dissability you might still get it... its worth a try anyway

  • Have tried for the warm front grant and were turned down as it needs to be householder not child that is on DLA! how ridiculous surely it is just as important if the child is the one with the disability.
    Its a degree course that I am on.
  • robhammond
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    I'm really glad that people who have read this post are starting to get letters saying their applications have been successful. Let us know if you were successful & any tips that you may have for new applicants.

    Well done!!

  • aav
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    Well I handed in my application last Tuesday. I found out from the woman dealing with my application that my LEA are not paying my tutition fees. The reason for this is because they believe that my parents are earning enough money to pay them. I know for a fact that my mum is earning below £30k so I don't see why I can't get the loan. Anyway I am deveating form the problem in hand. Because of this my mum now had to reply back to a letter she has been sent and wouold have to say why she is not able to support me. They told me if I don't do this then I would probably get around £100. Why is this? Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be great
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