Earn upto £3,500 for 30 minutes work!!! 'Access to Learning Fund'



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    i always got the impression that if you have the overdraft facility it should be maxed before you get hardship. thats what my university's form says.
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  • saraht

    "Do yuo know if these awards can be made more than once?"

    Yes you can recieve it every year & every summer in between consecutive years of your course as long as you match the criteria each year.

    Additionally you will recieve more money in the third year than the 1st & 2nd year. If i remember correctly they 'assume' an income of £1,500 from Part-Time work in the 1st two years and only £500 in the final year - this is based on the Department for Work & Pensions guidance that has calculated what a student could reasonably expect to earn working in holidays & part-time. This is matched by an assumed expenditure, referred to as composite living allowance. The purpose of it is so that students who choose the expensive lifestyle are not rewarded.

    They will never decline you because you have been rewarded before, in fact you can apply more than once in a year. this is through the appeals process so if you recieve an award & then your circumstances change for the worse you can ask for more (up to the £3,500 limit per student per year).


    "i always got the impression that if you have the overdraft facility it should be maxed before you get hardship. thats what my university's form says."

    Generally yes, however if week-by-week or month-by month your expenditure is exceeding your income then they can award. It shows pro-activity on your behalf. The purpose is to help students with horrendous debts or to prevent students getting them in the first place.

    It would do no harm to try anyway.
  • Thanks Robhammond. Couldn't thank you on your post as the thank you button wasn't there :confused:

    I asked about travel expenses. You said this fund can cover this.

    It has been costing my partner £30 + a week to get to uni. This coming september it will probs cost twice as much again, as instead of the jouney being 30 mins by car, it'll be 1hr 30mins (at least depending traffic), as he starts a new university to join a top up degree.
    He still has student loan left in his account (which is a miracle). How would he go about claiming these travel expenses?? can you go into a bit more detail please? :)
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    Humph, I need a video player for my course, but haven't got one. haven't got a tv either. so obviously havent got a tv licence. Was told I couldnt have the funding cos its not part of my course. Have sent the details back with the syllabus which clearly states I need it for the course. Better luck this time I suppose!
    The !!!!!! of it is I DONT WANT A TV!!!!

    I think you'll find that this isn't covered as you will access to video players and TV's on campus.
    Therefore it is not required that you personally own them, although it would be 'easier' for you, it is not essential.

  • robhammond
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    the devil made me do it

    "How would he go about claiming these travel expenses?? can you go into a bit more detail please? "


    On the ALF form there is a box specifically for travel. You need to calculate your monthly costs including car tax & insurance & all petrol costs.
    There is a page on the form for you to explain in words some of the more human elements that are not presented in the figures. Here, mention in detail how much it is all costing & the time etc. and how it is a serious financial burden.

    Tip 1

    On the written statement part of the form be clear & concise. Address it to the 'committee', thank them for thier time, explain what other measures you have taken to limit your expenditure (budgeting etc), explain that it is truly a last resort applying.

    Tip 2

    It is perfectly acceptable to type the statement & attach it to the form with a staple or paperclip, this was you can re-draft if neccessary.
    I would then ask a friend or ideally a student advisor to check over the form before submission.

    Tip 3

    If you are planning on applying in September, as mentioned they require 3 month bank statements to substantiate your income/expenditure. Try to limit the number of 'luxuries' that appear on your statement, i.e for restaurants, expensive clothes shop etc. Thats not to say don't treat yourself or anything just bear it in mind (it is also useful to print them off just before your wage goes into the bank as your last balance on your statement will be at its lowest).

    Either intentionally or not, the committee will bear these things in mind & will give a favourable impression of you.

    Good Luck!

  • sarkky1
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    i am a student in scotland and last year i was late to apply for help wit hmortgage,but i did so after easter and got a like £8 a week, and i also got my council tax rebate aswell.but this year i am doing a HNC and i got half of my mortgage payment that was allowed,,(ie half of the £60 payable weekly)thats all your entitled too.i was encouraged to take the childcare fee's but i had to pay too much,so was better getting time off once or twice a month from class by leavign half hour early ,than taking childcare,but they scream out at us to take what we can,or they get there amount reduced.....i know i can apply for more,but a quarter off my council tax and half my mortgage paid is more than enough for me .,....
  • Kruger
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    I received a letter from my uni stating that I was 1 of 176 (I'm a mature student in my final year) who may benefit from some unexpected additional funding, with the average award being £1000. My housemate got £1600 and 2 others on my course got £2000, it took me 2 weeks longer to get my application in as my bank statements are riddled with gambling transactions from matched betting as mentioned in the gambling introductory offers board, and I needed to pull all my money out of gambling sites and get upto date statements to show I wasn't chasing losses.

    My question is, How will the committee look at these gambling transactions? In the supporting statement I've tried to give full details that it is basically cashing out intro sign up bonuses with no risk, I've highlighted all deposits circa £1800 and total credits circa £2400 and also the net gain of £600. I've also included this website for reference, Should receive a response next week as it takes about 2 weeks to process.
    I want to take on capitalism, but cant get the day off work....
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    I am a postgrad on a 1 yr course and have run out of money, am just about to start spending on 0%purchase credit cards. However, I dont have any loans, such as the CDL, does this mean I can't apply, or shouldnt bother? My overdraft is maxed...
  • You will be expected to have made reasonable provision for your studies - most institutions will want to see that you have taken out a CDL or equivalent. Best thing is to go to your student advice centre at the students union and talk to them - they will know how your particular uni operates their scheme.
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    "My question is, How will the committee look at these gambling transactions?"

    The honest answer is that they will notice them & consider it. It doesn't look good but you have done all you can to explain it. If they do decline you can appeal & go into more detail.. perhaps advise them of this website etc.

    When you get your response, if unsuccessful, feel free to PM me if you wish & I could advise on your appeal.

    Good luck with it!


    "I dont have any loans, such as the CDL, does this mean I can't apply, or shouldnt bother?"

    I would apply however approach it from the angle of being 'pro-active' rather than 're-active'. A maxed out overdraft with limited funds should match the criteria.

    Not having a student loan on a postgrad is common & shouldn't be too much of an issue for the committee. it is undergrads without student loans or overdrafts who would generally be declined.

    I would really try to avoid the credit cards if at all possible, honestly I have seen so many students with horrendous credit card debts when the finish Uni.

    It may be an idea to use Martins budget planner and plan ahead for the next semester.

    I hope this helps,

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