Earn upto £3,500 for 30 minutes work!!! 'Access to Learning Fund'



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    There is no perfect application, the administrators are looking for evidence of hardship. If you are struggling financially, fill out the form with as much detail as you can, especially the personal statement as this is an important part when looking at non-standard awards. Supply as much evidence as you can (usually there will be a checklist on the form).

    I will also point out that £3500 of ALF is very much the exception.
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  • i take it this only applies to university students?

    to get into university next year, ive managed to get a place on a fast track access course. i was over the moon to get a place so i can better myself so i could be qualified for a job i enjoy.

    i signed up, was told the 24+ access learning fund would pay my fees. i then asked about a grant or loan for living expenses and was told there isnt anything. im currently unemployed after being made redundant (twice in a year!) so i would have absolutely no money to live on. as you can imagine, going from being over the moon to having a time limit to which i will have to cancel my place didnt feel too nice.

    my course starts on the 27th of this month and if i dont find a part time job by then i will have to cancel my place.
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    mrjay999 wrote: »
    i take it this only applies to university students?

    Yes it does. There's the learner support fund for college students.
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    Alaskaking wrote: »
    Have you tried it yourself?
  • Hi,

    I really need your advice. I'm going through very difficult financial situation at the moment. I'm an external student, I will be re-sitting my exams in this year however as I moved to the city where my university is, I have to finance myself as I will not be getting student loan this year, I was temporary living at my friend's house where I have to move out next. I'm very stress about this as I don't have money to get another place so I spoken to my university in regards of that, they said, they will try to get me university accommodation and I should apply for ALF funding. I even have a medical note to support my application, I would be really grateful If my university can support me with my living expenses so I can settle in and progress into my studies. Do you think I have a chance to get 'Access to learning funding'? and will it be enough for me to settle in and focus on my studies? and I would really appreciate it If you can suggest me something in order to support my application.

    I will be grateful for your reply.

    Thank you
  • Just applied for access to learning fund, has anyone had any recent luck with it at all?

    Thank Youuu
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    lgill2010 wrote: »
    Just applied for access to learning fund, has anyone had any recent luck with it at all?

    Thank Youuu
    I hope you realise that your application is to your University not to a national fund

    therefore any "success" from people at other HEIs will be totally unrepresentative of your prospects

    Each Uni has its own pot of money and can set its own criteria how much each applicant gets and therefore how many applications will succeed

    if you want to know then ask within your own Uni forums
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