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    Im getting slightly nervy whether the black towels will be a bit too much colour wise. Ive rung Harrods to see if they have any white back in stock and they are sposed to be ringing me back to see if they can change the order. :eek:

    NB After a lot of fiddling about and being told there are no white ones left, the towel department confirmed there were plenty :( The direct line people were supposed to check out the warehouse for me, cancel my order and send the white ones. They are now telling me they want £12.50 extra to send them, so s** it, the black will have to do :)
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    Personalised Wedding Photo Album for couple you dont know well enough.

    I brought one for my cousins wedding from studio24 and it was inc the engraving.
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  • Great thread with some really nice ideas.

    My brother's wedding is in a few weeks time, I recently ordered from the personalised wedding calendar, luxury personalised champagne bottle and engraved heart glass stem champagne flutes. There is a 10% code floating about (due to end soon) so I managed to bag all 3 items for £70! ;)

    OK it may not be cheap, but if you wanted to go for individual pieces such as just the glasses on their own or the champagne bottle or even the calendar, they are all really lovely. The glasses look way more expensive than the £25 they cost and the engraving is really beautiful. The bottle itself has a personalised message from me so I really think they will love them. Very pleased with the fast service also, the gifts arrived 48 hours after I placed the order and that includes all 3 of them being personalised/engraved in some which way or form!
  • I've been invited to six weddings this year, so it's getting a bit expensive... What I've done for presents is buy a photo album which you can personalise on the front (they were 2 for 1 in Boots a few weeks ago - might still be!), find out where the couple are going on their honeymoon and then create a front page for their honeymoon photos with "Fred and Jane's Malaysian Honeymoon" and some photos from the internet of the place they're going to. Along with this I've bought a book of some variety which links to the honeymoon destination and a luggage tag or two. Not too expensive to do, but shows you've thought about it and made it personal to them!
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    I look in charity shops for antique glass - I usually get pressed glass dishes that nuts and olives can be put in. If I like it then I know that whomever I am buying the gift for will also like it. I never pay more than a fiver and will get away with paying as little as possible. I do it so that they have something to keep.
    Glass is also a great investment if you buy the right kind. It can be a great gift that becomes a nest egg and some glass can appreciate in value by up to 20% a year. Although this is the exception.
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    I quite like quirky things that say Bride and Groom or Mr and Mrs and related to your wedding as nice to keep and treasure. the coordinates sounds a great idea, really personalise xxx
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    I've been a bit sneaky this time; I loathe giving money for any kind of gift as the sort of amounts I can afford, never seems to be enough!

    As it is a second time around the Happy Couple already have more than enough bits & pieces for the home and a grown family. I found some unusual glasses on a 'buy two for' offer & struck lucky with a champagne on half price :j so hopefully they will appreciate a slightly more 'intimate' gift, just for the two of them.

    Lucky meeeeeeee :D ..this time anyhoo!
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