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    At my wedding a friend took photographs. At the time I thought 'why is she doing that when we have a photographer anyway', but within days of the wedding (not weeks like the professional photographer) she presented me with a beautiful album of pictures which is miles better. Whilst the photographer got all the family sets and staged pictures, she caught all the details like the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the page boys picking conkers, all of the guests chatting and having fun, the tables at the reception, the bouquets etc etc. All the things you spend ages choosing and no one really notices.

    Another favourite gift idea is the guest book. Someone's already mentioned it by I've done them for my friends and my friends did them for me and they're always a hit. Whether you take polaroid pictures to put alongside comments, or ask people to doodle, or write poems...whatever you do, they will always be really personal and worth more than the initial £2 - £10 you paid on the book
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    sophiesofa wrote: »
    i don't mean to sound mean but i think things like a scented candle are a bit too cheap and thoughtless for a wedding present. Obviously if they're into their candles then it's a good present. I think making something or making vouchers such as 5 hours decorating or babysitting is better if you don't have the funds. If you're going to the reception for a sit down dinner with alcohol then they're spending at least £20 just to have you there. If you just don't have money at the time but will do soon then you could make an IOU card with a picture of what you're going to give them. If they're some kind of distant relative you haven't seen for years and you have no real friendship with it's probably best to not go if you won't enjoy it and you can't afford or don't want to/can't make a good present.

    Sorry to disagree....I would like to think people are invited to weddings to celebrate the couple's joy at being united as man and wife....and not for the gifts. I know that couples these days often make a gift list, but that is more often than not to ensure that if they do receive gifts they get things they need/want, and don't get duplicates. If the couple have invited people then they would want them on the day with, or without a present - it's not about how much they have spent on you attending their day - it's about them wanting you to be part of their day.

    My son got married last Friday and only made a very small gift list (of things like candles and table mats) when kindly bullied into it by well-meaning guests. He and his fiance genuinely wanted family and friends to enjoy their day with them and not to feel that a wedding gift was a 'rite of passage' to attend.
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    In the past I have created postage stamps with a photgraph taken on the wedding day and they have gone down tremendously well. They are available on the Royal Mail website and they are called smilers, you upload the photo and you can have a number of captions. I tend to choose 'Thank you' as then the couple can use them to send out their thank you cards. You can choose how many sheets to send dependant upon your budget and the couple can always purchase more if they wish.

    Keep saving......

    Oooh, I never know you could do that. What a great idea, thanks for sharing!
  • I disagree completely. It is the bride and grooms choice to spend £X per guest and the guests shouldn't be made to feel like they have to give something of value.

    I have no gift list and when people have asked I have said I would simply rather them spend the day with me than get me any kind of gift if they cannot afford to. Times are tough, and expecting people to bring expensive gifts to a glorified !!!! up is wrong.

    I agree with IWantToBeFree. You should never feel OBLIGED to give more than you can afford.
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    It may sound a bit tightfisted but you don't have to tell anyone! It's amazing what can be found in a car boot sale; I'd look for new stuff but avoid anything electrical just in case it goes wrong.
    Be very careful to look for chips and cracks if buying vintage or antique china/glass. Recently I have found a lovely new kingsize duvet set for £4, fantastic collectable teapots and condiment sets all prices up to £15 but well worth it.
    I bought a bargain framed signed print by a well known Brighton artist for £15, easily worth £100. It was a for a house warming present for angling mad son-in-law and daughter rather than wedding present, but they loved it, it was picture of a fly-fisherman fishing in the Dordogne. Gorgeous.
    I also recently bought a pair of Tiffany silver cufflinks for £4, then I read the advisory web sites to ensure they were authentic, and they ticked all the boxes! They would have made great present for a Groom or his gift to his Best Man, but I sold them on e-bay for embarrassingly handsome profit!
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    purple30 wrote: »
    I recently bought a rose called 'together forever' from my local garden centre. It cost under £10 and is a lasting gift.

    i love that idea i would be over the moon with a gift like that it shows youve thought about it x

    id second the charity shops too as i go in quite often as i have a birthday cupboard and they have gift sets in unopened ive had boots ones body shop ones debhenhams ones , sanctury ones all perfect boxes and i give them out for brithdays as i only buy the ones that is unopened and boxes are good and i always get complimented on the gifts as they all think ive spent a small fortune lol
    wins :- x2 hair dyes ,mascara, epilator,personalised card , glass photo ,
    comp angels please throw some luck my way
  • This is a FANTASTIC way of giving the couple a gift & card all in one go! An exploding box card. You can buy them fairly cheaply on ebay...or you could make one yourself. Can put lots of personal information on them & decorate them with the 'wedding colours' (if you are in the know). Have given several of these for weddings/births etc & they are always treasured by the recipients. Cost under £10
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    OK, HELP ...................Im going to a wedding in the wilds of New England - old friends eldest boy getting married - Ive not seen them in 15 years and he is an all american boy.

    Ive asked old friend what I should get the couple and she said, oh anything typically english.

    Now bearing in mind I have to take this typically english thing on 3 planes and a bus to get to the venue - can anyone suggest please?

    I dont know the couple at all - last saw the boy as a 7 year old. I know both he and the bride are into running and sports but thats about it.
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    I recently found a great website where you can get personalised things some of which are great for weddings:

    I got a calendar where each month's picture has the couple's names in fireworks, flowers, carved on a tree etc. You can put a personal message on the cover and the calendar lasts 13 months to include their first anniversary. It's £14.63 which is a bargain for a wedding present and the couple loved it. Cheesy and romantic!!
  • Silver bullion coins - a 1oz (or 31g) silver bullion coin will cost around £16-£25 plus p+p, many countries issue them, and I think they make a good personal gift and/or keepsake. For example: I'm giving a pregnant friend such a coin at the birth of her child this year - this coin is minted in Australia, and they are produced for each of the Chinese years (2009 is Year of the Ox). The Royal Mint website also sells "Congratulation" Sovereigns packs on The Royal Mint website. New silver attracts a 15% (soon to be 17.5% again) VAT, secondhand silver doesn't, and if you are wedged up, neither does gold. Also available are gold and silver ingots, from 1g, 1oz, 5oz, 10oz, 50g (etc etc) up to 1Kg, perhaps they're not as attractive as coins, but are another gift idea for birthdays/Christmas when you are stuck on what to buy. Riccardo
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