Great Cheap but Lovely & Thoughtful Wedding Gift Hunt



  • ziggyj
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    Paperchase has one of those fridget magnet poetry kits in its current sale for £6-odd. Basically a bunch of romantic words that you can rearrange on your fridge each time you want to make a new poem/saying!

    Might sound a off the wall, but hey it'll probably get used more, enjoyed more and crucially seen more, than many wedding presents gathering dust in drawers...
  • shellnapier
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    i make towel cakes - can make the towel as expensive as you want, primark do a bale for £7, need 2 rolls fo toilet roll , int it and some small teddy/ornament for a topper - can make one for about £10
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  • I got married recently and some of the most lovely gifts we received were also some of the (I suspect) cheapest, namely:

    A fuschia called 'Happy Wedding Day'
    A miniature rose called 'Lovely Bride'
    A cross stich sampler containing our names and the wedding date
    A personalised calendar from the Getting Personal site. (I've used this company for other gifts and they're great.)
    A photobook (from of photos taken and the wedding and reception along with a copy of the reading made at the wedding.

    Someone also bought us a guest book that was passed round for comments and signatures at the reception. That was great too.

    We were delighted with all of them and wouldn't hesitate to buy something similar the next time we're invited to a wedding.

    Hope that helps!
  • hethmar
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    Harrods have some towels with the harrods signature in diamante on the edge - very classy looking for USA wedding but they only have black left and Im a bit worried black will fade.
  • Marigold123
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    allean01 wrote: »
    For something typically English, you could try a red pillar box, London bus, or other iconic items as money boxes - one for bride and a different one for the groom.

    English sweets often go down well with North Americans or Cadbury's choccies; a union or St George flag to fly in their "yard" or on their car; Tiptree jam, scones and cornish clotted cream; a Wedgewood or similar vase; Irish Linen tea towels; anything with "Made in Britain" on the bottom.
    I'm not sure, but I think you have a hard time importing anything food-related into the US these days. There are American websites for ex-pat Brits to buy the old familiar things, so perhaps you could order through one of those and have it delivered directly?

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  • SugarSpun
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    I'm not sure, but I think you have a hard time importing anything food-related into the US these days. There are American websites for ex-pat Brits to buy the old familiar things, so perhaps you could order through one of those and have it delivered directly?


    Meat and fruit/veg/seeds are banned, as are non-sealed food products like sandwiches. Jars of things like jam, marmalade, Marmite etc, chocolates and biscuits, tea and things like that are normally fine. They should go in hold rather than checked baggage though.

    My husband's American and we do a lot of bringing in and taking out food for friends and relatives so we're aware of the regulations. I'm still bitter they took my organic chutney from my hand luggage (claimed it was liquid; it was solid enough in my opinion!).
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    Reading this had a "light bulb" moment.
    My kids went to a ceramic painting party a few weeks ago and the plates and mugs that they painted were fab - highly personalised unique gift from the children and a good afternoon activity for the wet school holiday afternoons!
  • full-time-mum
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    For my sister's wedding I went to a ceramic painting place in York and made her and her husband a mug each painted with their names and the date of the wedding. I think it cost about £7-8 per mug and then another £3-4 to paint them both.

    You can buy porcelain/china paints from craft shops.
    My DD has some and they work really well. I think they were around £10 for a starter pack but you can then choose your own mugs and have paint left over for another gift.

    We got some white tiles cheap from a tile shop, stuck green felt on the bottom and got each of the neices/nephews to paint one and gave them as coasters. The standard of painting varied from a hand print from a baby, scribbles from a toddler and proper painting from a teenager. We put the children's names in tiny writing on the bottom for a very personalised gift.
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  • my brother is getting married in a couple of weeks, and for a personal gift I've bought him the cufflinks for the day. He wanted ones which said something about him, and I've found some in the shape of bicycles on for a very reasonable price (less than £20 incl p&p).
    It's something he can keep, and it means something to him personally.

    For the bride, I bought a blank book fastened with a ribbon from Paperchase, then decorated the front with heart stickers and a pretty postcard. Then all the hens from her 2 hen do's have written in it. She loved it!

    It really is the thought that counts :-)
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