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Batter down your annual mobile costs article Discussion Area

edited 14 June 2010 at 3:35PM in Mobiles
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  • bestfootiebestfootie Forumite
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    Hey all

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone (about 4 years old now) and have been on a SIMO plan for a while, paying £16 per month on EE. Due to severe coverage issues due to a mast-issue that I had the last time I renewed over 12 months ago, I was able to have them put 20GB of Data, Unlimited calls and texts and some other EE freebies that I don't use.

    Due to my business needs, the time has come where I really could do with a phone with more memory.

    I didn't speak to retentions yet though the lady I spoke to offered me to upgrade me to a Samsung Galaxy S10:-

    - 30 GB Data
    - "waive the £250 fee upfront"
    - £39pm (inc VAT) for 24 months.

    I worked out the costings with her on the phone. It seems the '£250 waiver' was just a discounting technique as I found exactly the same deal on Carphone Warehouse for new customers.

    Anyway, £39 x 24 months = £936. [(Although she urged me to deduct tariff costs so it can be a like-for-like comparison...). If we take off what I'm currently paying now of £16.67 per month = around £400 over 24 months. £936 - £400 = £536 for the phone... when the phone itself retails for more than that and this allows me to spread the cost over 2 years... (subject to committing to them for 24 months).

    The phone itself's RRP is at £650. So deducting that cost from the total price...

    So looking just at the tariff, £286 over 24 months = £11.91 per month for 24 months for 30 GB Data, unlimited calls and texts.

    Looks good (I think) but I'm a little annoyed that this deal is available exactly the same to new customers as well and the lady made it seem like it was because I was a valued customer! :-0

    What do people think?
  • GerryO13GerryO13 Forumite
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    Since 2014 I've been on an O2 sim only deal, with 1Gb, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts for £16. Having checked the MSE advice I got O2's best offer by saying I could get 2Gb & unlimited minutes and texts with Vodafone (Lebara) for £5. The best they could do was £6, which I was really happy with. However, I still asked was there anything else they could do to improve and they added 6 months free Disney TV, which I'll cancel before the free period ends.
    I had clearly left it too long to talk to them, but the key element is to say you know what the best deal is and they'll cut to their bottom line. I'm getting more and save £144 per annum.
    Thank you MSE!
  • tonygoldtonygold Forumite
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    i use around 5gb data a month and was on sim only EE with unlimited mins and 100gb data at £20pm (completely OTT for my usage.
    just swapped to EE deal of 10gb and unlimited calls etc for £10pm plus my wife's sim only on my account is £5.75pm with 1gb data but i can 'gift her data from mine so both sims total less than £16. i'm happy with that.
  • NorroyNorroy Forumite
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    Just an update on EE, as with the post directly above, a quick phone call today and I got £10pcm for 10gb and unlimited calls and texts etc
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