Botox, what's a good price ??

I'm thinking of trying Botox for the 1st time and would like to get an idea of prices. Only a couple will tell you over the phone or on the internet, they all seem to want to drag you in for a consultation (free). I know that is a good idea but it wastes time when you find out its more than you wanted to pay.

They seem to talk in areas, 1 area being £175 2 areas £325 and 3 areas £450. Thats in my local clinic anyway. I think this is on the more expensive side and would like to know how much the Harley Medical Group charge (they won't say over the phone).

Does anyone know how much I should be paying for Botox ? I am in Chester if that helps.



  • Did you have it done in the end? how did it work out?
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    Hello Lizzy

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  • Lizzy
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    Thanks for moving me.

    No not had it done yet but have just been to the Harley Medical (re TV ad) and will need 3 areas done at a cost of £470 !!! so am still thinking about it. They say you should have it done 3 times a year and if I book that it will be £1250 (3 times) So I won't be paying for a year thats for sure.... They have said its best to do it for a year to see the best results as the lines soften and the muscles relax (well sort of waste) and then you don't need to have it so often. I can actually see the sense in this. So may just try one and see if it makes a difference. I have to say it was a lovely place and a doctor would be doing it so that has to be taken into consideration as well.

    They did say they were competative but they were the most expensive.
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    hi Lizzy,

    did they say which areas they recommend you have done?
    you might need more than 3 times a year (quite often it only lasts for around 3 months) and its better to go once the effects begin to wear off rather than waiting too long. you wont know how long it lasts for you until you try it.
    it doesnt sound too dear for 1 area, but added areas after that are often cheaper. (eg surgicare in manchester generally have an offer for the first area of 150, then 99 for each additional area after that)
    a syringe of solution is generally used for each area. if you just had the frown lines between your eyebrows thats one area. wrinkles around the outside of the eyes is one area, the frown lines across a forehead is one area. and so on.

    it is a good idea to go to a doctor. no idea about Chester but there are reputable places in Liverpool and Manchester if you would consider travelling??
  • mojy
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    I'm having this done tonight for the first time. I'm being charged £150 for the first area and then £75 for each additional area. Also if I want a small extra area done (i.e. lines above top lip, lines from corner of mouth or chin I can have this done for £25. hth.
  • Lizzy
    Lizzy Posts: 385 Forumite
    Honey06 it is the three areas you mentioned. Forehead, between the brows and laughter lines :rotfl:
    Have you had it done yourself and if so were you pleased ?

    Mojoy can you post how you get on please ? where your having it done and is it a doctor doing it ?
  • OOOh I want to know how it goes to as I am seriously considering it
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  • mr_rush
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    Please be careful who you get it done by. The cheapest is not necessarily the best.

    I would pay extra and have it done by a consultant dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

    I would not get it done by nurses, dentists or god knows who else...
  • mojy
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    Hi, well, had the dreaded deed done last night and have to say I'm pleased with the results so far. I had it done in a nurse clinic and had to be seen by the doctor beforehand to go through my medical history, then was passed to the nurse. She was very nice and was well qualified and had been a nurse for 34 years!
    She put cream on the areas that the filler would be used 3 times within about 30 minutes, marked up the areas for botox with a white pen and she was off!:eek:
    Didn't take too long, was a wee bit painful a couple of times when the needle was coming out but overall a lot better than I expected.
    Could see the difference in the lines from nose to mouth straight away and botox should take effect within a couple of weeks so here's hoping:j
    All in it cost me £500 but that was a 1ml of restylane but she did have some left so put some at the corners of my mouth to give them a bit of a lift as well.
    My advice would be to go for it, as was said before don't go to the cheapest (I could have got it all done for £400 and that was with botox in unlimited areas!) I would only have it done by a doctor or nurse or quite a few dentists do it now too but some of the places I called where beauty therapists and I wouldn't have been comfortable with that.
    Good Luck:D
  • Lizzy
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    Thanks for the report back Mojy. You did seem to get a lot for your money where as my 3 areas of Botox will be £470. I see you are from Scotland is the company you used national ? if so can you tell us the name of it please.

    I am so glad you are pleased with it though. It is scary taking the plunge.......

    Although I may have it done meanwhile can you still post your progress please with the changes you experience. I'm sure it will be useful to a lot of people. I will if I have it done.
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