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    Agree with what has been said above - they've lost a lot of customers from this, none of my close friends or family use anymore. I can't afford to phone them up to get them to un-suspend my account every time just because I changed my card details to test ones and there's no way I'm leaving my card details stored there since reading this and my friend had 3 mobile phones shipped to a random address and it took play weeks to sort it out!
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    Bumping to stop it getting lost.......... ;)
    What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about !!!
  • bs7 wrote: »
    Furthermore, if they do read this - it would be interesting to know why they have taken the view that, despite being aware of people's concerns, they haven't been offering an opt-out with regards to credit cards being stored. And why they've effectively banned customers that have used 'test' credit card details in order to protect their details. That doesn't sound like taking customer service seriously.

    :T:T exactly! Why on earth don't they just let us have the option to opt out of them storing our card details?!

    I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok - they know me here! :D
  • keith99_2keith99_2 Forumite
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    MSE_Andrea wrote: »
    Hi everyone

    Play has asked us to give you this statement on its behalf:

    "Due to the seriousness of some of the allegations on this forum , we would like to reassure our customers that offers a completely secure shopping environment and that there have been no instances of our internal security being breached. We use sophisticated credit card encryption and no member of the team can access or view your credit card details.

    If a customer has experienced unauthorised access on their account this will have been due to that persons login details being exposed either by the account holder or a security breach on their computer.

    We strongly advise that you do not divulge or write down your passwords and change them on a regular basis. It is also important to make sure that your virus and security software is updated regularly as viruses that log your typing are the most common way of obtaining personal details and passwords.

    Customer security is taken very seriously at, and we work closely with banks, credit card providers and ISPs to improve personal security across the entire internet."

    That is an outrage. People here have given evidence of mis-use of their play accounts without their knowledge, then they have the cheek to say its not their system but your fault. What a way to run a business. I would rather pay more and go elsewhere than use a company that treats a customer with such contempt.
    Any decent company already has in place ways to remove your card details. What does it tell you about a company that doesnt?
  • I see Play have made the news today. Hundreds of "thank you for your order" emails sent to people who have not.

    I'd be checking statements. That's what happened to me when my card got done
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    I see Play have made the news today. Hundreds of "thank you for your order" emails sent to people who have not.

    I'd be checking statements. That's what happened to me when my card got done

    More info on the bbc website:

    "Customers of have contacted the BBC to report problems with the online retailer's ordering system.
    Many customers have received e-mails from reporting the despatch of an order they did not place. Those opening the orders found contact details, including names and addresses, for other customers."
    Full story:
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  • HI everyone, I havent read all this thread as it's getting pretty long, however I wanted to add some info I have. My sister bought a dvd from and when she checked her emails today she had 14 emails stating that her order had been dispatched. She soon realised that she had not only received confirmation of her own order but those of 13 other people inc account details, address info etc. She phoned play to make them aware of this and was told that it was a problem with the IT dept and the manager would be made aware of the problem. She says they were very unhelpful. My sister has now closed her account as she is so concerned that other people may have received her account info in emails too. I'm having real trouble getting the website to load but I will be deleting my account too as I dont want to take the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. I'm really disappointed because I've always found them to be very good.
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    Play will probably blame this on the customer as well! :D
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    Time to not use Play that have shown how bad they are with our personnel data I for one will not use them anymore
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