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Fibromyalgia (part 2)

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  • purplecatloverpurplecatlover Forumite
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    supermarket cafe might be an excellent idea raeh. your back will appreciate it even if bil doesnt.
  • suepsuep Forumite
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    cwta were the same now, the days of Aiya Napa are long gone ;) The area we're staying in on Ibizia is as far away from the noisy end as possible, it's really quiet and pretty except on Hippy market day when coaches come from all over the island for it.

    I love Nikki French books, I went through a craze of reading them all a couple of years ago, I didnt realise she had a new one out.

    We've got blue sky and sunshine here so far, but it's very windy, I just hope it stays dry for d/h today as he's got a busy day planned (hes a window cleaner) Im going to visit my Mum this morning, if I can get myself motivated. I rang Dad last night and hes on the home run, hes got his last Chemo today and finishes his radiotherapy next Tuesday, he's booked a holiday for 2 weeks for as soon as his doctor allowes it, his scan is on the 11th June.
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  • sharon59sharon59 Forumite
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    Morning all!I have been up since 4am -my head was havinga game with me and still is!Having waves of l expect anxiety where l weep and wail and feel terrified for my future.think l have had such a lovely birthday weekend that maybe its reminding me off what l will have to leave behind which given the uncertainty of how long have l got etc makes for a good time to suck a couple of valium methinks!sorry to lower the moods but know l can express it here and it helps so thank you for reading.
    Later DH and l are off to have lunch with DD1 who lives just up road and helping her plant the runner bean plants etc hes grown for her-l am going to sit indoors like a lady as its freezing and windy here!!!
    PS Seaside -am ok really-just one of those days .Love you X
    :j this money saving is such fun:T
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    LameWolfLameWolf Forumite
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    Hi everyone.

    Wild and windy day in MK today, but at least the sun's shining.

    ((((Sharon)))) always happy to listen to you, mate.

    Suep, we're off to Orkney later in the month. We'll be doing the journey in stages; Thursday 28th we drive up to Perth and stay overnight, Friday 29th on to Thurso, stay overnight, Saturday 30th we catch the early ferry from Gill Bay and have a week on Orkney Mainland, then on June 6th we catch the midday ferry and drive down to Bannockburn, stay overnight and finish the journey home on Sunday 7th June.

    Several people mentioned my cooking. Yes, CwtA, I have heard of takeaways, but Mr LW likes home-cooked food; and he's so appreciative of what I prepare for him that it's a pleasure to do. He does some of the work for me - anything involving sharp knives, for instance; he'll cut things up ready and leave them in the fridge, and he lifts things like the breadmaker and the food processor onto the worktop for me, and at the weekends we usually cook together.:oAlso I have a bar chair in the kitchen, so I can sit down to stir saucepans and that sort of thing.

    I'm hoping to have a go at doing mushroom risotto for tonight's dins. I got Mr LW to buy a bottle of wine for the sauce yesterday lunchtime - I wouldn't be surprised if we have the rest of the bottle tonight, though.:p

    BZ are you ok mate? You're very quiet.

    :hello:to everyone else.
    If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.;)
  • bigzippybigzippy Forumite
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    LameWolf wrote: »
    BZ are you ok mate? You're very quiet.
    Most unusual for me eh? ;)

    Sorry guys I've been in a little bit of a slump since my bday... bit of that feeling of "what have I done with my life...not much!" so I'm trying to just muddle it through in my head (to which DF said last night that I should wear wellies with all that muddling :rolleyes: Plus we were away at SIL's in Derby for the weekend....which was a bit bizarre (explain later) and over the weekend DF has developed a pretty impressive dental abcess which seems to be taking over the full side of his face and turned into a facial infection. :o He's running a bit of a temperature and feeling lousy, and the right side of his face has come up like a lobsided hamster! He looks a bit like Desperate Dan on the right! To add to all this, I had sister from London turn up on Monday morning to show off her newest fella, plus Dad rang and said could he come for tea last night on monday, then mum rang yesterday morning and said she was coming too, then sister from Crewe came up and took me for lunch yesterday! All go go go!! And FAR too much family all at once! LOL

    I am alright really, just rather mooky and contemplative. I've been reading loads lately (suep - it's a series by Anthony Horowitz (award winning) about a teenage spy called Alex Rider if you're interested?) which is surely a sign that something's up...? :confused: It's doing my head in that they haven't sussed an antihistamine that'll work for me yet too, and is giving me some chronic sinus pain, so I'm off to the GP this arvo, with DF in tow (who is two ill to work) so hopefully they'll have something useful for me/us this time...:o

    Hugs to Sharon and anyone else who needs them :wave:
    "I am indelibly stained by hope and longing" - Nuts in May
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  • Lots of 'ugs to you, oh zippy one. Sounds like you've had a bit of a nightmare. Hope that all goes OK at the Docs and you and DF feel better soon.

    sharon, loadsa 'ugs to you too my lovely. You vent away as much as you need - we're all here to support you. Have you started the counselling yet?

    raeh, pcl's suggestion of the supermarket coffee shop is a most excellent one *bill and ted voice*. I also forgot to say well done for making the docs appointment (again).

    sue I realised when I got back from the library that I had already bought the latest Nikki French in paperback, so I'll pop it in the post to you sometime this week (hopefully!) and you can take it on your hols.

    I wasn't feeling very well when I was up early this morning, so had my usual two buckets of tea and then took a book back to bed and managed to sleep til almost one. Can't say I feel much better though - just a touch of the all-overs as MIL used to say.

    lw, T'was only a joke about the takeaways. I think it's lovely that you and Mr lw work as a team the way you do. Must be love *g*. I'll have room for a stool in the new kitchen when I move and hope I'll be able to much more in terms of culinary effort - it tastes nicer and it's invariably cheaper when you do it yourself! Have got ingredients for a chook casserole today that's a fling it all in a pan and chuck it in the oven type-thingy. Would love you to share some of your recipes when you feel up to it or are they a state secret? *g*

    Found a Tapestry of Mum's that is 90% complete and it's a beautiful one with coloured flowers so have decide to finish it - think she would have liked that.

    Am having a very sedentary week and it's suiting me just fine.
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
    My attitude depends on my Latitude 49° 55' 0" N 6° 19' 60 W
  • sharon59sharon59 Forumite
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    thanks all for hugs and support -counselling starts at end of month so the end for you lot is in sight!
    Went to DD1 and while they gardened l sat sewing a sock monkey for my Mcmillan nurse-body done and stuffed.was okay then home at 2pm to find dog had been in my handbag and chewed things and that was as they say "the straw that broke the camels back"and l was wailing buckets-hubby calmed me and got out the valium and since feel out of it but calm.He phoned the hosp to chase up counselling date and also arranged for me to chat to my nurse tomorrow when l get my bone building drug and join a day for similar ladies.Am nervous meeting new people but think it will be helpful.we get our drug monthly plus get craft chat beauty things relaxation and lunch plus a Dr ,Nurse,OT and physio who we can dip into so can only be good!
    Love to everyone and will get back to normality tomorrow and will tell you all about my adventure.
    I appreciate you all more than you know. xxxxxxxx
    :j this money saving is such fun:T
  • Sharon, there's no problem with you venting on here when you need to! The only reason I would be glad if you didn't is if you were feeling fine and dandy iyswim. I hope it helps being with other people in a similar situation - you never know, you make a new friend! The things that they offer for the day is such a good idea - I hope you get to benefit from/enjoy some of them.

    Apparently today is No Diet Day and yu can eat what you want without guilt. Fill yer boots lasses!
    I must go, I have lives to ruin and hearts to break :D
    My attitude depends on my Latitude 49° 55' 0" N 6° 19' 60 W
  • bigzippybigzippy Forumite
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    Sharon what Cwta said about venting -ok? You are in no way a burden and you should get off your chest whatever you feel you want/need to! So be told ;)

    DF's got a week signed off sick with "facial cellulitis" due to his gone wrong dental abcess. Nasty. He's sleeping every couple of hours really, and he walked to the shop (at the top of the street) today and it really took it out of him - welcome to Zippyworld...I think he's grasping the concept a little more. It's one thing believing us and knowing that there's something's another thing to feel it though isn't it? Not that I'd wish that on anyone you understand..!

    I mastered the art of hotpot making the other night. Very impressed with myself for my first attempt and no one had even told me what to do with it! I made spag bol for the parents last night too and had no complaints, which is a little unusual for a man who says he doesn't like garlic or cheese (and then poured cheese on his tea) or any "foreign rubbish"! :rolleyes:

    Yay for No Diet Day Cwta :dance:
    "I am indelibly stained by hope and longing" - Nuts in May
  • bigzippybigzippy Forumite
    4K posts
    Btw Hassie I'm glad you had a good holiday....even if it was a little wet and sickly in places! ;)
    "I am indelibly stained by hope and longing" - Nuts in May
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