MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should the twins get the same value presents?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should the twins get the same value presents?

Ten year old twins Monica and Gabriella have just decided what they want for Christmas. Monica’s cheekily asking for a £100 Nintendo DS and game, while Gabriella just wants a £40 pair of roller skates she picked out in the sports shop. Should their mum simply buy them both what they want, or is it only fair to top up Gabriella’s gift so it's equal value?
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  • I would always give children the same value gifts - my OH has 4 children of different ages, but I make sure they get the same value within a pound or two.
  • Give them gifts to the same value, or give Gabriella the £40 gift and put £60 into a savings account for her!
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    I actually have twins and always buy them gifts of equal value - or make up the difference with cash.
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  • If the parents can afford it give them both what they asked for. There's no need to buy extra for one to make it up to the same cash value as the other. They both get what they wanted for Christmas, which is the main thing.
  • blonde36er wrote: »
    Give them gifts to the same value, or give Gabriella the £40 gift and put £60 into a savings account for her!

    I agree

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  • I'd spend the same amount, whether the rest be on other presents or in the form of cash/savings account.
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    I would spend the same amount on both
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  • I would buy them the presents but mark each present "For Gabrielle AND Monica". Then they would decide between themselves who wants to mostly play with which toy, but must share with the other if the other wants to.
  • Same value gifts for all your children, whether or not they are twins. As others have said, make up the difference in cash if you can afford £100 per child, otherwise tell the one who wants the expensive present that you can afford £40 and get them to take the difference out of their savings.
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    Surely the value is irrelevant? I think people are forgetting the nature of gift-giving - it's not a RIGHT to receive a present at Xmas (or any other time, like birthday).

    So if a parent kindly decides to buy a child a present, then the value of that present should not then be subject to debate or comparison with the value of anyone else's present. Making up the difference in cash suggests to the child that they are entitled to a certain amount of money - which doesn't sound like the magic of Christmas to me!
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