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Ideas for ADHD Children?

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    Mills thanks for that insight ...all very helpful

    The Rodent
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  • ahhhh mills you had me in tears.....Im sure other parents of ADHD chidren feel like most of the time they are doing a rotton job as I do.
    My Parents have a hard time understanding him and my Mum is of the old school where children should be seen and not heard (Laughing while typing that) and should be given a slap when they do not behave.
    Each to their own and I would never critises anyone for the way they see fit to disipline (can't spell it) however it it not my way of doing things.
    today has been an ok day he moaned a lot while shopping ( I hate shopping even when kids are at school) bumped into a friend who gave him e number laden sweeties so now I am peeling him of the walls lol. tut some people just will not be told!
    well I have decided to go for the xbox idea but it will be on the condition that he looks after it and keeps his pig sty tidy.
    A very good friend has given me a psp that her daughter no longer wanted so I have put that away for xmas too. what would I do without these people?
    I would like to ask a question though. can ADHD get worse or just develope at a certain age.
    Im hoping it is just teen hormones but my daughter (14) is now showing very odd behaviour. she has always been very flighty but never like DS but in recent months teachers have commented that they think she has ADHD as she will not sit still but a few others have mentioned it. should I be worried?
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    saab2007 wrote: »
    alex, i have a son who is autistic - trust me, i know what you are going through. i could not have survived without the help of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, who have a budget of giving money to those people who are on a low income or benefits, so that the carers can buy necessary equipment (including entertainment gadgets) for their young people. you can apply on line, i do hope that you will use them. if you havent had a holiday, they will fund that too. i do hope that your son meets their criteria.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? It looks like just what I need for my son who has ADHD. I have looked on the website, but cannot find any information relating to this. Does anyone know where you can apply online, or any contact person within the organisation to speak to? Thanks.
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  • I wonder if you have seen this recent article which suggests that a walk in a green outdoor area has as much effect as ritalin on the behaviour of chldren with ADHD? Apparently walking in urban areas does not have the same effect.

    I would suggest it is definitely worth a try especially as you are looking for activities to do with your son. If you have a local park that may be a good starting point, maybe borrow a dog to walk if you do not have one, or take along a football or frisbee!

    Alternatively check your local Country Parks, conservation areas etc, (should be info about these on your local county council website) lots of them have interesting walks or even organised activities such as pond dipping, wildlife walks etc, often run by specialist rangers or play rangers.

    I took two boys I work with cycling in the woods a few weeks ago - it cost £6 each for an hours cycle hire, but it was a lovely fresh sunny afternoon, we watched squirrels and found horse chestnuts, and one of the lads announced at the end that it was 'the best day of his life'! - I dod not expect him to be so impressed by such a simple activity, but it was lovely that he enjoyed it so much.

    I also used to run a project delivering informal education to young men aged 13-16 and found that they were almost all better able to focus after half an hour playing football on the field - I think this need for green spaces and fresh air is quite intrinsic to most people's mental health actually.
  • board games are a no no im affraid he just gets angry and throws everything and ruins it for everyone else some kids it works for others it doesn't but thank you for idea.
    the walk thing is brill I do that with him anyway as we have a hyper dog too lol.
    can't go out for too long though because of his bowel problems.
    the main problem is getting rid of is excess energy however the bowel problems tend to prevent him from doing much activities outside or away from home.
    some days its that bad that everytime he walks he soils.
    I spend much of my day and night washing underwear bedclothes and day clothes. I feel sorry for him as most days Im just too busy to entertain him properly
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  • oh dear, that really is very limiting - have all medical options for helping his bowel control been fully explored? I would be asking whether there are any treatment options for this, whether medical, surgical, diet and lifestyle advice or even just help in living with this and managing it.

    It sounds like it is creating a lot of work for you and must be unpleasant for you. Could special incontinence pants be helpful in managing this and limiting the effects of it, even if only worn overnight?

    I appreciate you have probably explored these options already, but thought I would ask, just in case.
  • He is under a bowel management clinic run by a Hospital Miles away. they have said that the current treatment of training his mind to use the toilet again is the last hope before an op.
    I don't want him to have to go down the rout of operations as I have a cousin who now has a stoma bag after many failed ops like the ones the doctors have talked about.
    it is without a doubt a hereditary thing (sorry about spelling) My Dad suffered for years when he was a child but back then they all said he was just lazy. I have two cousins that have had the same problem.
    My Dad was lucky and seemed to grow out of it but as DS gets older it is getting worse and the Doctors say this happens sometimes.
    it is very limiting and yukky at times but I am his mother and no one else is going to do it but me.
    At least I have stopped being quite to cockely. I could face just about anything now lol.
  • NAT.B_2NAT.B_2 Forumite
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    Hi mills just read your post, my son is 10 with ADHD and has a cognitive assessment done recently as I thought he had underlying problems. It turns out his Languge Vocab is at the age of a 6 year old. He start therpy after half term. Ive been in contcact with many services along my way to try to help him. Ive been on ADHD work shops, countless amounts of parenting classes Changed his diet completly, no sweets,choc,fizzy pop, squash the list is endless. My son reacts so bad to these it just isnt worth giving them to him. Yet so many parents in the past have said how cruel I am!!! Sod them, thye should try looking after him when he's bouncing off the wall. LOL Its a complete rollercoaster of a ride. and such hard work.

    He starts secondrary sch next year and ive never really told him mcuh about the congnitive test as I didnt want him to play on the fact( I only told him a few month back about the Dyslexia as he is the typ of boy to play up to things) I m not sure how to explain to him anout the test, he alway make comment about him being "thick" and i dont want to make him feel worse. Sorry is so long lol
  • I know some people find a system called '123 magic' helpful for children with ADHD, but I have limited experience of it myself - whilst this is not an idea for an activity as such, it may be worth looking into as its a behaviour management approach where children earn small token rewards for good behaviour, and apparently can help children sucessfully engage in activities.

    In some areas there is a short course you can take for free - it may be worth a google. Also, perhaps it would be useful to hear from people who have tried this and whether it has worked for them?
  • NAT my heart goes out to you I know just how you feel. your right it is a roller coaster ride and you never know what type of mood they will be in that day.
    I am still fighting for the cognative test as my DS is behind at school but I don't get much support, (even though new head is better than other one they still refuse to help much) from the school so everything is much harder work than it really should be.
    I should start a site to get more help from schools for kids with ADHD as this seems to be a pattern with most parents.
    you need to get someone to explain the situation to you and give advise on how much he DOES understand and then work with that.
    good luck hun thinking of ya
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