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Ideas for ADHD Children?

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  • NAT.B_2NAT.B_2 Forumite
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    How old is your son? Would a second hand trampoline be out of the question? Some of my family are the same as yours, "there not such thing as ADHD" lol Of course not, proffessinals just hand out meds and asses your kids all the time for there enjoyment! Grrrr lol is good for some dvds, also instore in tesco/asda

    My son loves board games we have most, we have picked some gd ones up from charity shops. Interactive dvd games? (That was our family pressie last yr from another family member, rather than them buying us 5 individual items)

    Or ask anyone for cash for xmas for your kids, wait til sales and grab a bargin. Just do some stocking fillers to tide them over.
  • alex, i have a son who is autistic - trust me, i know what you are going through. i could not have survived without the help of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, who have a budget of giving money to those people who are on a low income or benefits, so that the carers can buy necessary equipment (including entertainment gadgets) for their young people. you can apply on line, i do hope that you will use them. if you havent had a holiday, they will fund that too. i do hope that your son meets their criteria.
  • BabyKatBabyKat Forumite
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    I too have a son with adhd and i know the problems very well.
    Why not ask the family fund for some help they are very good as i have used them in the past
  • Alex My DD3 has Downs and ADHD. It's been a rough ride getting people to understand that the two things are not the same!!!!

    She's on equasym now, with a top up if we need to. That has honestly changed my life. I get so sick of people thinking it's because the child is 'naughty'. My Mum thought my DD was 'spoilt' :rolleyes:

    Are your DS's meds helping? It took a while for us to get the right meds for our girl.

    I'd second the trampoline idea. It's the second best thing we've done for our girl.... (meds being the first best thing!!) She can jump her energy out, and then feeling tired will sit and watch tv for a while, or even read a book for a good chunk of time.
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  • NAT.B_2NAT.B_2 Forumite
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    Have you also tried local parenting groups for the ADHD, I have, its been a god send to talk to other parents!

    Parentlineplus is also good for geting information, we have in our area parent in parnership, which helps back you up for schooling and groups/parenting courses in your area. Ive been to many over the years!
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  • Ahhhhh thanks guys the ideas are wonderful.
    Can't have trampoling Garden is a mess (never got time or money to sort it out) plus there is a big slant in it which means it would need to be leveled first so can't do that at the mo. But brill idea think the only thing that would stop him using it would be bowel problems.
    After a bad night last night then bad morning (and then called into school) I broke down in Head teachers office so she is going to get onto some groups for help for me. so heres hoping.
    I will try the rowntree foundation thank you I will try anything at this stage.
    and im printing off pdf forms for family fund as we speak.
    I will be getting Son a second hand ps2 for xmas I know where I can get him one for under £30 and I have started saving for the wii as I think it is something that all of us can enjoy together and with Son being the way he is I think its important we all spend some NICE time together.
    thanks again guys Im taking all of your ideas on board
  • Got an adder myself too. Maybe we need an ADHD thread?

    Mine is 7 and spends many many hrs watching videos. Playing with crazy bones or on the PC. I send him to an after school club 3 afternoons a week which is run by an amazing hubby and wife team. There IS lots to occupy at the after school club and he friends to play with. He loves iut so much he does not need after noon meds there.

    I dont suppose you have an option like that? I know there is also an special needs club near here that runs a holiday and weekend club for ADHD children, not that I have go that far yet.

    My adder is fab when he is in a good mood but on a bad day, its very hard work and bedtime does not always come soon enough. Can you adder do arts and crafts? Mine find that hard as he is about the level of a 4 yrs old on the moter skills front. I guess its focusing on what he can do and stretching that as far as possible?

    Just to add that there is about a 4 months wait for the family fund at the mo. How about finding out about support groups? Getting in touch with other adder mums, might help? My local sure start runs one. For a while i had a S/W that was quite good, to know your in the system and not being ignored does help.
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  • novellinovelli Forumite
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    what area are you in?? I can then direct you to your local group.
  • bizywizybizywizy Forumite
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    Me too! I am a parent of ADHD kiddies

    Its hard to find them things to do. Age does have something to do with it. My Eldest who is currently medicated has found online computer games brilliant for him and now at 13 is able to play them. Before this he was never able to concentrate for long enough to learn how to play it.

    Still flitty between games ect but doesnt cost anything other than your internet which you have already.

    uno is quite good too. Not too long and simple to play.

    Will also help teach about taking turns ect which obviously most have a tad problem with.

    Baking is really good too. You do need to be prepared and make sure you know what you are doing otherwise they get bored and start mucking about but generally its great. They love eating what they have made too.
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