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Ideas for ADHD Children?

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  • Hi, I dont know if this will work as I dont have a problem with my son sleeping but I set alarms for him. Say I want him off his playstation at a set time he sets his alarm on his phone and when it goes off he knows its time to switch it off. It works better as im not getting on at him all the time.
  • i can pm you the online group i work with if you want
  • cathy1969cathy1969 Forumite
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    Hi, Can anyone give me any help with getting my son out of his bedroom.

    He went to Air Cadets for the first time on Wed and loved it, this morning he says he does not want to go again, he thinks everyone will laugh at him cos he's new. I cant get him to do any after school activities, he's given up football as all the lads say he shouldnt be going cos he never gets a game (which he wasnt bothered about, he just enjoyed training).

    All he wants to do is play his xbox.

    Any ideas??

  • blue_monkey_2blue_monkey_2 Forumite
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    Hi Cathy,

    I am guessing he is 13ish?? The heardest age I hear from the other mums at my support group. I really do not have no idea but (I do shudder when I say this because I know the fallout) have you tried taking the fuse out of the plug of his x-box and telling him it is broken and you'll have to send it away to be fixed - and then hide it for a few weeks. Half Term is coming it might be worth waiting a week though.... I do find that if I want to get my son away from something it will 'break' and need to be fixed so I can wean him off it.

    I guess that you need to work on his self esteem.

    I do know how it is, for my son it is dominos (he is 5) and he is obsessed by them, it is all he talks about, they have to be set up in a particular order adnd colour and if they fall down all hell breaks out. I got kicked in the chest and stomach the other day because it was bedtime and I had to put them away. It is getting harder and harder to restrain him and he is 5, I dread him getting to teenage years. I also have a daughter who seems to be HFASD and she will not leave my side to go to clubs or parties, if she thinks that I might leave her on her own or that I will not be able to stay she makes herself sick to get out of going. She is 6. I am always the only parent ever left sitting at parties now, all the other mums go home, but if I do not stay she makes herself sick.

    I know it is a pain but have you tried staying there with him?

    Can I ask where you live. There is a charity called Out and About that works in Norfolk, Suffolk and Herts and it provides support workers for our kids to go to leisure activities. Also, you might want to see if you can find some groups locally that offer support and then you'll find out about the special needs after school activities available. ADHD does qualify for him to be able to attend these groups and there wil be a little more understanding from the other kids.

    Let us know where you live and I'll see if I can find anything in your area, unfortunately they don't tell you these things and, from experience, they expect you to find the support yourself!!
  • blue_monkey_2blue_monkey_2 Forumite
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    Just to add about the early mornings question I asked. The DS worked a treat so I let them play the DS early mornings until 7am and then it get's turned off for the rest of the day!!

    However, I had been told about Melatonin. Melatonin helps the body sleep and helps maintain a good sleep cycle, you get it from being outside in the sunshine but you can get it in capsule form. I kind of 'pooh-pooh' stuff like this but since the lovely weather started the kids are outside I'd say, easily, 6-7 hours a day - and they are BOTH sleeping!! My son is walking near on 7am most mornings, amazing. I thought it was going to be the opposite with the light mornings coming. It is a double edged sword though as I used to get my ironing done early mornings and I never had a pile of ironing but now they are sleeping I have no time to do ironing and never have anything to wear, LOL!! Who cares!!

    So it looks like Melatonin might be the answer and it might be something to look into. Might also be worth putting them outside in the garden to do homework if you can as it'll give them an extra burst of sunshine too.
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