Ideas for ADHD Children?

Sorry to be such a pain but I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on how to entertain my Son who is ADHD.
He is on Medication and diet controlled but recently has been diagnosed with Floppy bowel syndrom which means that he can not go outside to run off extra energy.
He is pretty much House-bound which can be a nightmare for me and Daughter.
I have spent a fortune on trying to entertain him. DVD's are expensive and rarley keep him interested for longer than 10 mins at a time. He loves his games console but again games are expensive.
(I think a Wii console for xmas would be a wonderful idea but it depends on funds) I am his only carer which means I am on Benefits so funds are very limited.
Any ideas would be great
Thanks guys



  • jewelly
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    You have my sympathy. My son had ADHD. We survived on computer games and films. I was also on benefits and only managed to fund buying new games from getting Disability Living Allowance because of my son's difficulties. I hope you are getting it too.
  • Thanks Jewelly
    I am getting dla but its still very tight. I spend most of my weekly benefit on food (as there is so much he can't have so I have to get the organic stuff and the other stuff is all for home made meals. the money I get for him through DLA once a month is desperatly trying to keep my car road worthy to attend his many hospital appiontments. I live in the middle of nowhere and its miles to the three hospitals he has to attend weekly.
    I am really struggeling (dreading Xmas)
  • Savvy_Sue
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    If you've got a freecycle locally, you might be able to ask for computer games on that? You may even find your local library has games as well as films. Of course I realise you may be some way from the library too ...
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  • Thanks Sue
    Freecycle isn't an opption but I do have a library however Son has no value on objects and tends to wreck things very quickly so that opption is out to lol but thanks for the idea.
    Starting to loose hope lol. half term coming up and im dreading it.
  • novelli
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    Have you tried the family fund??

    they support families such as yours by purchasing items that make the childs life easier.

    Also social services may offer some financial support and or respite?? A social worker can apply to all sorts of pots for funding which could help

    Unfortunately gettng help for these children is extremely difficult, and as a parent you have to search yourself, but there is help out there.

    good luck. ive lived with this condition for 16 years, and am still so frustrated that families are left to struggle when there is help out there, no where near enough, and its those that shout the loudest that get heard unfortunately. No one else will shout for you so you have to develop a thick skin very quickly!! This is a very unsocial and isolating disorder to live with, there are still many people who belive the disorder does not exist. This is beyond debate now, but for many outsiders ignorance is bliss and no amount of research or personal experiences will sway them to understand that this is a very real disorder, with sometimes devastating consequences. The sad thing is it is so treatable, But families need more support and many professionals need better educating.:confused:
  • Novelli you are sooooooo right.
    My own Mother does not accept either of his conditions she says the bowel problem is him just being Lazy and the ADHD is him being naughty and getting away with it!!!! with my own Mother thinking like this its pretty hard to get any support anywhere.
    I have heard of the Family fund however three times I have asked them for forms but I am still waiting I know they must be snowed under with requests so I will keep on trying with them.
    I don't really want to go down the Social Services rout (Im a bit old fashioned I suppose).

    Thank you so much for your ideas it helps to know there are people here to support me in any way they can.
  • D&DD
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    Hi Alex :D ooh half term :eek: I tend to get my shinpads and tinhat ready the day before lol.My boys all love gaming too and youngest would spend allll day on there bouncing around like a lunatic if left to his own devices..even a normal game,he bounces to :rotfl:
    How old is your son ?? It'll give me some idea what he may boy has suddenly got back into lego bigtime which, although the whole house is starting to resemble legoland,its wonderful as he actually sits down to do it,well after a fashion :rotfl:
    p.s the forms for the familyfund application can be printed off from the website,might save you a bit of time rather than waiting for them to get sent out :)
  • shazrobo
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    have you tried charity shops for second hand games and dvd's, i have twin boys aged 13 with ADHD, so i know how they are at not really looking after expensive items
    enjoy life, we only get one chance at it:)
  • Hi

    I have a 9 year old son with ADHD. I give him internet time for a reward for the better days. he likes to go on the bubble gum site were all the games are free. There is also a great site for learning games to help with his education
    (you could always get a cheep keyboard and mouse that you could plug in just for him to use)

    I got my son a wii this year but I finds it gets him to wound up and it always ends in tears but every child with ADHD reacts differently.

    Hope you find something for him to do in the holidays.

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    My son has ADHD, very hard work to say he least! lol

    A few years ago when I was on benifits he wanted a bike, what a great Idea but there was no way I could afford that. I went to my local bike shop, a independant store and had a chat with the owner, as it happened it run a xmas club. So I paid weekly until bike was paid off. which was great!

    Have you got a independant games shop near you? If you have chat they might let you pay weekly/monthy then your son gets a wii for xmas. It would work out cheeper if you looked for a second hand one.

    I brought a PS2 second hand years ago, he loved it and still has it now.
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