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Ideas for ADHD Children?

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  • novelli wrote: »
    what area are you in?? I can then direct you to your local group.


    sorry to jump in, do you know of any groups in the stockport area? My DS1 was dionosed 2 months ago but I am having problems finding what support groups are in my area. I have been in touch with the parent partnership in my area to help with school and I have been contacted today by the senco teacher and an ADHD nurse is coming into school to discuss luke's needs and behaviour with both him and his teacher which seems postive.
    It would be great to link up with other people in the same situation, or even some activitys he can do in the evenings or weekends where he can interact with others to build up the social skills he is so very lacking. It is difficult to just take him to any activity as people just think he is naughty or I just can not control him as I am a bad perent.
    He had a big knock this year when an outside company running cycling course in school told him he was not safe enough to carry on with the lessons, I was so gutted for him so it would be nice to get him involved in something.

    Nikki XX

    ps my spell check is not working sorry
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    sorry to jump in also...

    one of my good friends sons has ADHD, and god I know how much she struggles as a single parent on a very tight budget!

    Not sure if you have been advised about this already or not, but there is something called a "community care grant" which is different to the family fund.

    You can get it if you are on certain benefits and unlike a budgeting loan or crisis loan it is NON REPAYABLE!!!

    Just google it - theres a tonne of information which will tell you if you may be eligiable or not.

    I helped my friend fill out the forms which she was able to print off from online, she was awarded over £700 to be able to buy her son a new bed, bedding, a dining table and chairs (as he wrecked the last one in temper) she was also awarded money for a washing machine!

    This has helped her out no end, she was maxed out on budgeting loans!

    It is a shame the social do not tell people about this type of help.

    You send your forms off, and will hear a decision within a week or so. You are able to put another claim in (as long as it is not for the same items you have claimed for before) after 6 months. Which my friend said is fabulous as come 6 months down the line her little boy has wrecked more stuff lol.

    I hope this is helpful to you, and if not, then I hope it is helpful to others.

    I wish you well and hope life quietens down for you!
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    Also.... just to add.....

    Have you seen the "Competition Time" part of the forum here, I live on there, and have won thousands of pounds in prizes just from entering competitions!!! My little girl enters competitions too and wins at least a prize a week!

    It is all effort, and takes a lot of time up, but well worth seeing the look on her face when she wins something else!!!!

    Always willing to help if you ant more information on this :) Just drop me a pm
    Take it easy
    :DPle'ma an bysva?:D
  • kyssynkyssyn Forumite
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    Things like Lego had a long shelf-life with me because they could be changed around, board games too as every game is different. Things like books, games and videos would only interest me the first time around - but I did visit the library every week to get more books. There's a free gaming website that's absolutely massive with lots of things to do (games, puzzles, stock market, battles, collecting, html/css coding, competitions etc). It's called Neopets. They add content to it every day so that could hold his interest indefinitely if he takes to it.
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    There's loads of online games sites! I think that's a really great idea!!!

    Depending on how old your son is....

    Site are
    Club Penguin
    Buildabearville (more for girls I think lol)
    Also the BBC kids zone is very good too!

    I will have to try "Neopets" out as I have not heard of that one before, mny thanks for the thumbs up Kyssyn
    :DPle'ma an bysva?:D
  • Hi, I Also Have The Same Problem With My Son, His Got Adhd Plus Pdd, Which I A Form Of Autisum, Did You Know If You Get Dla, And Take Proff To The Libary You Can Ire The Films For Free? Also Cd's And There Don't Mind If There Late Back.
    Also As My Son Gets Board Reaily Quickly With His Games, We Use Some Of His Dla And Signed Up For Love Film That Way We Hire The Games And Swap Them As Soon As His Bored,
    My Son Like To Go Ice Skating Sometimes And Our Local Rink Do It Cheap For Kids With Disabilites, And Cares Go Free? Works Out £2 And Works Of Some Energy,,
    Good Luck,
  • rodentrodent Forumite
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    My little boy is 4 and non verbal autistic (diagnosed on his 3rd birthday) full of explosive energy ..........He has my old computer which is fine for the simple games he loves(buy most on ebay very cheaply) .......if we let him, he would stay on comp ALL day ....I also intend to get a wii for xmas but am concerned he will break it as well!
    Any advice on suitable games ?????

    Trampoline was one of best investment we made ....but can be exhausting as he likes people to go on with him ...he has considerably more energy then me !!

    Painting keeps him occupied for upto 45 mins at a time .....
    Swimming he loves
    Also have a good sound system and some disco lights which will calm him down and he will sit happily in the "disco" for upto an hour
    A walk in the woods, beach, park ...anywhere in fact, always meets his approval .......

    As you guys are prob aware ASD suffers are NOT good at queing ...for anything .so we tend to avoid times and places where this is going to happen ....the slide in the park with a queue is a recipe for disaster you will find me in the park at 6pm not 1pm !!!!! where he does cause chaos !

    The Rodent
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    nikki.paul wrote: »
    do you know of any groups in the stockport area?


    The group is for parents/carers of children & young people with ADHD and associated disorders. The group provides information, advice & support, giving parents & carers an opportunity to express their feelings with others who understand. The group also develops support for children & young people & provides appropriate activities. For more information & to find out dates of Wednesday meetings at the "Arden", please contact Sheila Aris(07891 949451) or go to
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  • my 10 yr old son has adhd and is on the autistic spectrum ,i have found that the family fund really help (i have just been awarded 45 driving lessons with bsm ) i also found that m.a.p help as well but i last year we was awarded help towards a holiday from the time for me fund
    hope this helps
  • NAT.B_2NAT.B_2 Forumite
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    Polo I will check out those games site for my son! thanks

    I have a libary card for my son whcih enables him to have free DVDS/Videos/Vidoe game as he has dyslexia(me to as you can problay tell) called the Access Card

    Uno is a great game like some else already said, weve got all of them and they never get bord, my one only hates being a loser, but thankfuly with age hes grown out throwing it all over the place!

    Talking about games consloes, my son uncle gave him a Xbox not so long ago and he has a second had ps2 which hes had for 5 yrs I asked in block buster about do they trade items. Yes Xbox worth £10 PS2 worth £20 WHAT! lol I couldnt believe it, but then again I ahvent a clue when it comes to computers. lol
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