Organised Christmas 2008.. The countdown has begun!



  • pinkladymel
    pinkladymel Forumite Posts: 1,707 Forumite
    Hello Mandy
    Welcome to our thread - I see you haven't posted much so I am warning you right now.. are you prepared to give your life up and be addicted to posting? It WILL happen :D

    I didn't know the chocolates were BOGOF I shall have to go and investigate!

    It IS christmas mwahaha :) I am letting myself get too excited already!!
    :xmastree:Self Certified Christmas Addict:xmastree:
  • Mandymull
    Mandymull Forumite Posts: 98 Forumite
    thanks for the welcome...
    tes the tins of chocs at the mo are bogof...they are the big tins of roses, celebrations, miniture heroes and quality street...not sure how long the offer is on for, i got mine on sunday...
    yes i am ready to become this thread.
    I am trying to improve life for my family
    I must save money for our future.
    I must get back to my goal weight....
  • Shevs
    Shevs Forumite Posts: 443 Forumite
    Oh heck I really want to put my Christmas CD's on and watch Christmas movies but that will make me worse, Please please please let it be December soon
  • tessie_bear
    tessie_bear Forumite Posts: 4,898
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    good news
    i purchased my first christmas present today.........ride on thomas with track from toys are sure 3 year old will be very pleased with u all do stockings for kids oh cat dog guinea pig etc ?? i do and i love it spend months thinking of things and looking for nice stocking (ish) containers
    onwards and upwards
  • pinkladymel
    pinkladymel Forumite Posts: 1,707 Forumite
    I always used to make a stocking for the cat!! Forgot i did that lol

    My son is Thomas mad.. he will be four 22nd december and all he ever wants is thomas. With the whole new trackmaster coming out I will have my money well spent this year sigh. Have you seen this: It is outrageous!!

    I have promised myself NO christmas cd or dvd till december 1st so that it has been reaallly teasing me and will feel so magical. SOOOOOooooOOOO hard :*(
    :xmastree:Self Certified Christmas Addict:xmastree:
  • shelovestobuystuff
    shelovestobuystuff Forumite Posts: 2,710
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    Did more christmas shopping today.Loving it!!!
    I bought some more purple clothes for DD and some hair accessories and jewellery to match,all from Adams sale.
    Really annoyed with the Woolworths clothing clearance sale,big posters saying 50% of last marked price on sale clothing selected lines only so I picked up loads and took it to the till,told the cashier I only wanted the stuff included in the promo and absolutely none of the stuff I picked was reduced further so I left it.The staff didnt even know what the selected lines were.
    I got 3 harry potter movie figures for 99p each in tesco(doing a harry potter stocking this year,still to buy a wand and a white owl) and spotted that the Narnia figures I bought last week for half price have been halved again so I will take them back and re buy them at the lower price.
    I really have to get on and do the week 2 items especially the gift cupboard inventory as I dont know what I have collected over the year.I picked up another few tiny cute teddies in charity shops today,all between 20p-50p each,they will be add ons to make a gift complete.I had better do a list of all the bargains I have stored away or I will end up with a sack full of spare teddies.
    Going to B&Q tonight after tea to pick up some more free wrapping paper(wallpaper samples,if you choose a large repeat pattern you can get away with tearing of a very large piece,plenty to wrap a gift up in) to add to my pile of beautiful paper for xmas gift wrapping.
    Got the e-mail confirmation of my massive(what a cheek!) order for free packaging samples today so will let you know what they are like when they arrive and pass on the info once I know it all goes through okay.
    "Reaching out to touch the stars dont forget the flowers at your feet".
  • liley9
    liley9 Forumite Posts: 148 Forumite
    please can i join to i've read all the posts in this thread and i'm starting to get so excited. I really love xmas and with two children 5 and 8 months i have to be organised but my husband thinks all you have to do is run around on xmas eve to get a few things that he thinks i might want so everything is left to me and i need all the help i can get
  • furrypig
    furrypig Forumite Posts: 2,881
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    well I've been to work then went to the 'big' tescos and managed to spend so much time looking at bits for Christmas presents that I was nearly half an hour late for school pick up!!

    Doing a pink hamper for my neice age 14 so got a few more bits for her and found a few good bits for other people includingtest tube aliens only £3.74! They has the Harry Potter figures and a wand and quitea few other reduced toys.

    also they have all the £1 items back so I got 2 rolls of brown paper £1 each which i MIGHT DECORATE FOR cHRISTMAS PAPER!
  • Gangstabird
    Gangstabird Forumite Posts: 1,920 Forumite
    Well our new ebay tree came yesterday and it's lurrrrrrrrrrrrvly. I made DH put it up and it's hoooooooooooooooooooooge.

    I am very excited about making stuff to go on it. Can't wait. Lovely gingerbread stars with Gingham ribbon, candy canes, smelly pine cones. All very Martha Stewart/Laura Ashley methinks.
  • Mandymull
    Mandymull Forumite Posts: 98 Forumite
    ;) hope you put the huggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeee christmas tree away until nearer the time and havent left it up ;)
    I am trying to improve life for my family
    I must save money for our future.
    I must get back to my goal weight....
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