Organised Christmas 2008.. The countdown has begun!



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    haleyhop wrote: »
    Count me in too!!! Its getting so close now!
    f you are looking for another source of supportto get organised for christmas, check out this site
    Just wanted to highlight that this is not my site, I am just a member there! :j

    Just wanted to say that I joined this site after the forums on organised christmas stopped and I've been on it I also love and they have some amazing ideas, I joined back in July and Sammy Kaye recommended it to me!. I love the Americans as they really get into Christmas (I want thanksgiving too) and I do Halloween and Easter but Christmas is so the best!!

    Sorry must get back to carry on reading this thread
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    mum2one wrote: »
    I dont know if anyone has come across this website
    Its basically, like catalogue returns, over sticks, a lot of items that you might find in Studio cards or Ace catalogues. The stick changes regularly, there may be something gd other times not. I do not get anything for referring this site, I came across it on one of the other threads, and I have placed 5 orders in the last 6 mths, and have now got my dds best friends mum hooked.
    Its a gd money saving site.

    I must stop reading all these fab posts as I go off and look at all the websites with their bargains and don't finish the thread and I've still not gone to bed!!!
  • furrypig
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    Meant to say I will be looking at that site tomorrow!!

    Actually make that later today!!!
  • furrypig
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    Well I was organised last week and wrote down in a special notebook all the things I needed to do and the main things I wanted to do were decorate my Christmas as far as getting a ring binder and spent far too long looking at all the christmas paper/embellishments/brads etc etc on a million different websites that I didn't get round to ordering any (thought about using material prob re/green felt and attaching things on by sewing them..see got the ideas but not doing very well with putting them into place!). Thus I still have an undecorated ring binder!

    I printed off and filled in the master gift list a couple of months ago and I have 18 out of 35 peoples presents bought (this excludes hubby and my 2 children, the cat, kids friends, my christmas eve party presents, teachers, secret santa etc etc) Last year I bought for about 70 so I'm trying really hard to cut down this year!

    i wanted to print out the holiday grand plan but haven't done that yet and I couldn't face cleaning the front door/windows/step as the weather has been too awful!

    Also thought it would be a good idea to do he family values worksheet especially with the kids sadly dd age 10 has decided she doesn't believe anymore so it makes me even more determined to make it a great Christmas for ds age 7!!

    Last year was my first ever Christmas in my own house/place I live in ever as we have always had Christmas away and so I really got into it all and really loved it at home as did the kids and hubby. 2 years ago I had a big op on 1st December so had to be really organised and that's what I've continued to do and it makes a real big difference. Last year was the first time I've ever had to think about food and I forgot to order a turkey (felt I should buy one from M&S but think it was Tesco's in the end!)

    I have taken over the tradition in my family of 'stir up Sunday' when we all get together and put silver coins in the chrimbo pud and make a wish. My nanny always did this and I loved it growing up so ow I make the puds at my parents house with everyoen usually having a bonfire night type party but last year I forgot to take a pud home with me!!

    We did lots of new things last year and 1 thing the kids really loved and didn't cost a penny was Christmas camp out when we all slwpt in the lounge with all the lights on the 2 indoor trees and the 2 outdoor trees still on! It felt really majical and we'll do it again this year (tho' obviously not on Christmas eve!!)

    I am behind as have not got onto org Christmas this week so I must do that later today/tomorrow.

    Really looking forward to sharing all the lists/plans/tips etc etc with you all.
  • furrypig
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    Oh dear! think I have won the prize for the longest wafflyest post... so far..well it is rather late/early!! Must go to bed!
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    wreath.gif snowman.gif
    snow.png HSchristmaswindow.gif

    charsanta.gif christmas.png
  • mary43
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    furrypig -you just threw me into a panic seeing those christmassy things !!!! I'm surrounded by stuff half done............was going out shopping this morning to get stuff to do and rain started so gave that up............oh eck, I can see me being in the same state come

    I'm creative -you can't expect me to be neat too !
    (Good Enough Member No.48)
  • pinkladymel
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    I wanted to get my front garden done today to catch up with what I missed last week but it has tipped it down this morning so no chance today and I am out all day tomorrow. I am going to make a start on the living room this afternoon and hope that goes ok but it is a bit task. It is seriously like a jumble sale or random assortments in there.

    I love all the long waffly posts on here and the little short ones of excitement :) I read them all.. probably twice LOL and it just gets me really in the mood everytime and spurs me on to do my christmas stuff.

    I got a christmas edition of a card crafting magazine today so I am very happy :D

    What has everyone done today?
    :xmastree:Self Certified Christmas Addict:xmastree:
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    Well I've just sat and read through this thread with a big grin on my face and Christmas songs going round in my head. I absolutely love Christmas :xmassmile so im feeling all festive now and im looking for xmas presents :)

    Slight tangent but I'm thinking about ordering some chocolates from hotel chocolat for my aunts for Christmas as they have some reduced at the mo, and quidco have a 10% off voucher valid until the end of September + 10% cash back. My concern is will they still be in date by Christmas? Anyone ordered from them before and have an idea of the length of time for the use by ( a month, 2 months, longer? )


    For petrol, food & toiletries for 2 adults and 2 guinea pigs!
    October £150/£158.61 :o November £150/£213.52 :eek: December £250/£230.92 January £250/£204.27
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    oh whao....its nearly happy i found this thread..i can start to get excited...will print off the planners later and get started.
    Much slower this year with my preparations, but will now get cracking since i have found you all...all i have so far is...
    8 tins of chocs..tescos bogof Offer...
    2 lemon towel bundles in the M&S sales....
    and thats it but have been saving money....
    am getting my girls a new tv for their rooms this year so thats £450.00 of my savings gone...
    glad i have found you.
    I am trying to improve life for my family
    I must save money for our future.
    I must get back to my goal weight....
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