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Organised Christmas 2008.. The countdown has begun!



  • ShevsShevs Forumite
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    :rudolf: :xmastree: :xmassign: :snow_grin :xmassmile :snow_laug :santa2: CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

    Please can I join you lovely lot of Christmas lovers???? I am so excited about it but I only ever get told to not mention christmas this early in the year!!! 15 weeks on Thursday people is not early :rotfl:

    I have a full two weeks off this christmas so want to be super duper organized, so come 4pm on Friday 19th December I will be getting home as soon as possible and enjoying the holiday with my family
  • Well hopefully DH will get me some paper today so I can print of some of the planners. I love list. :)
    Last year was the first year in our house so thing were a little unorganised but this year hopefully we can iron out those problems. No doubt will find some new ones :):)

    Tessie bear you aren't sad. I love wrapping pressies too. just wish I didn't alway have so many to still wrap on Christmas eve. I think I just seem to buy too many.
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    *does a little dance*

    I ordered wine from Oddbins this afternoon (7% Quidco) and then went to the supermarket. They have all their Christmas stuff out in preparation for the Oktoberfest tourist influx, so I bought some lebkuchen, some chocolate and some sweet mustard. I then checked the labels on all the sausages, and none of them are fit to make a 30-minute trip to the airport, wait around for an hour, make a two-hour flight and then spend 90 minutes getting out of the airport and back to my parents' house. So I can't bring them. Which means ... my Christmas shopping is done!

    At the end of November I'll order a couple more bottles of wine, and on Christmas Eve I'll buy orange juice, smoked salmon, eggs, bagels and pre-made hollandaise sauce for breakfast on Christmas Day. But other than that the buying is complete!
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  • I am so excited now you lot are really making me smile and feel so festive. It is amazing how many things I forget and you keep mentioning little things and making me remember :)

    I am so excited about Christmas and I know it is a bit silly to get so worked up and spend so long anticipating one day but it makes me so happy to do the things and I have realised that this is me and I should embrace it and not conform to everyone else.. and would you believe it.. Look at all these Christmas nutters!!

    I have noticed something amongst the posts.. (and I have read every single one of them!) We all LOVE making lists LOL. Do you think that is part of it? The making lists.. the magic.. the shopping :)

    I am going to hold off watching any christmas films and putting the Christmas CD on until december 1st otherwise it just feels like waiting FOREVER!! Last year the tree was up on the 31st october and I just can't do that to the kids this year!

    I didn't get organized christmas so much last year either. I started way too late too. This time thanks to you lot taking the time to explain it to me, I totally understand it and am going for the grandplan. YAY!!

    Don't forget to read the christmas prompts every single day on the main page.
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  • shelovestobuystuffshelovestobuystuff Forumite
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    I was on the OC site again today and have printed off some lists and forms,pretty much got the first weeks activities done and did some shopping for new cushions for the sofas(the dogs ate some of the others) which was on my "holiday home spruce-up" list.Love that activity,write a list of stuff you need to do ,prioritise it,then score most of it out,fantastic!!!
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  • I've been on too - catching up with list week and cleaning the front porch as part of the grand plan. I've had a look about today and have decided I have to make snowman poop - so easy and the poem is a funny one. I'm going to make them for some friends of ours who we no longer buy for as we just buy for the kids now. So I think it will be a nice token that will bring some festive cheer...
  • If you have got friends who like snowman poop then they must be awesome friends :) I don't know what it is with everyone having to have commercial rubbish and wanting everything brand new these days. I wish someone would make something cool for me!
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  • mum2onemum2one Forumite
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    Xmas Saver!
    Could be fun I've booked a 2 day trip to Chester for me and dd, (cheated got the £9.00 travelodge), come back on christmas eve.... def have to be organised.
    She has started her xmas list ready for father christmas, 1st bottle of baileys, (her words0, he better not think he can get away with getting me a mini bottle because I will write I want a big bottle, I dont want that yuccky one (mint) the other one oks (caranmel), cant be too fussy so either will do!)

    me thinks Father Christmas has just been put in his place!!

    Ps - She will get a mini one.......x
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • Can i join in! I loooovvvveeee Xmas and with two little boys and one on the way I need to be organised :)
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  • Just found the recipe for rocky road on oc, been looking for that for ages -oc is proving very useful. Tomorrow I start on the living room and planning on making a freezer meal on wednesday.
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