Does anyone have a recipe for a simple sausage casserole I can make in the SC?

Hey, my mum and I have bought a SC at my request and so far all I have made is one batch of chilli whilst she has used it loads! I am having problems finding things to make, I don't eat meat so I have to adapt the recipe but I am usually good at this.

I really want to make a veggie sausage cassarole next week but I have never made one without a packet sauce and can't find a basic recipe anywhere. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?


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    There are a couple of sausage casserole recipes in the "Any meat you like" section of the slow cooker recipe index, and also a hot pot in the "vegetarian" section, each of which could be adapated to suit your needs.
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  • heres one that was in the recipe book that came with my slow cooker

    sausage pot

    2tbsp oil
    750g sausage (or substitute veggie sausage)
    1 large onion chopped
    3 carrots thinly sliced
    2 leeks sliced
    3 tbsp flour
    400ml beef stock (or veg stock)
    3 tbsp chutney

    also says 2tbsp worcester sauce but can leave this out if you are vegetarian

    quickly brown sausage on all sides in oil in pan, add onions carrots & leeks & gently saute until softened but not browned. stir in flour & cook until oil is absorbed. slowly add stock & bring to boil stirring until thickened. stir in chutney & seasoning. put in sc cover & cook for 5-8 hours.
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    at this very moment my SC is full of sausages in onion gravy simmering away nicely

    it's the simplest one of all ... just browned sausages, thinly sliced onions, hot water, a good splash of soy sauce & white pepper. cook as directed in your instruction book, & when done add gravy granules, then salt to taste if needed

    lovely with mash & veg on the side :)
  • Thanks for al the help, I think I will use a combination of the one above and one from the link. I have added the ingredients to my shopping list and will give it a go this weekend. I will report back with results, thanks!
  • just found another which is even cheaper

    sausage casserole

    500g sausages
    115g chopped onions
    veg oil
    2 x 400g chopped tomatoes
    pinch mixed herbs
    5fl oz water

    brown sausages & onions & add rest of ingredients. bring to a simmer then place in sc in cook for 5-8 hours.

    enjoy your cooking!
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    Last week I did a sausage casarole and it turned out lovely.

    8 sausages(cooked lightly 1st and cut sausage into 3)
    Chopped onion(fried gently with sausage as above)
    1 tin cheapie baked beans
    1 tin cheapie chopped tomatoes
    Few mushrooms (lurking in fridge)

    Did 3 large portions served with jacket spud, but mash or rice would be great. It tasted lovely and froze a portion big enough for OH & I to have on a jacket for lunch.

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  • I'm cheating and using a packet sausage casserole mix tomorrow but adding extra things!! I want to add potatoes but worried if I put the SC on all day they will be a sludgy mess when I get home... what should I do??

    Thanks! :D
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    If you put the potatos in raw, they should be alright, if you par boil them first, they might go sludgy, i think it would be trial and error!!!!
    Catherine x
  • i've put chopped up potatoes in raw and left it all day on low and they've been fine,not sludgey at all.
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    I have just bought a slow cooker(after reading all these brilliant posts) and I am going to make a sausage casserole- hubby isnt in til 9 tonight so it should be ready in plenty of time!!
    I have got the sausages out of the freezer and they say cook from frozen- are they therefore ok to put in the slow cooker frozen?
    I usually grill them first when i do a casserole in the oven but I wondered if this is necessary
    Thanks everyone
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