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Cheapest Home Phones Article Discussion

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  • a big HELLO to all .. i have joined the board fresh with the same motto of getting into the discussion to make things more reasonable
  • thelofttheloft Forumite
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    a big HELLO to all .. i have joined the board fresh with the same motto of getting into the discussion to make things more reasonable
    Welcome, but which "board" have you joined ? Newbies usually join the forum! the same as most of us!
    "0844 COSTS YOU MORE"
  • Doc_NDoc_N Forumite
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    I wonder how many thousands of these emails have gone out to people like me who haven't signed up to anything, but are being put (apparently) onto a new 12 month contract?

    BT seem to have an interesting view of contract law, under which one party can unilaterally bind the other (without any action on their part) to a contract! :D

    We've added BT Privacy with Caller Display to your account.


    The email we sent you earlier went out with the wrong subject line, we’re sorry about any confusion this may have caused. And to make sure you know about the changes that are happening to your account, we're sending you the details again.

    Thanks for registering to get BT Privacy with Caller Display free for 12 months.cav1_gy.gif

    We've processed your order and you'll get it free from 31 December 2013.

    As part of this offer, a new 12-month line rental contractcav2_gy.gif will also apply from this date.

    We've taken care of everything for you.

    Your BT Privacy with Caller Display service will start automatically on the date above. You don't need to switch it on.
    Thanks for choosing BT.
    Libby Barr
    Managing Director
    Sales and Service
  • Hi folks,

    1stly thanks to those who replied re my original posting on this.

    We (or more specifically my sister in law) took the plunge and went for the plus net deal that was being offered with a £50 voucher for various shops. The transfer to plus net went ahead and there was none of carry on from talk talk that we had before. The transfer was done on Jan 7th and so far so good.

    Thanks again.
  • zoebelzoebel Forumite
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    When is a freephone number not a freephone number? When it is an international freephone number through Post Office Home Phone. I have been with Post Office Homephone for many years and have always called a an international freephone number with no charge, in fact it never appeared on my bill. Until that was, my last but one bill when they started charging a 10p connection charge. They tried to explain this away in many ways saying it was because it was a calling card, a premium line etc. The simple fact is it is a free number and no other major landline provider charges for it.

    After escalating it to their (painfully slow) complaints department I finally got this reply:
    Further to my email dated the 05 March 2014; I have received confirmation from our Head Commercial Manager that calls to International Freephone numbers should still be free, as before.
    I can see that you have made another call to this number on 11 February 2014 and this has not incurred a charge, so hopefully the problem has resolved itself. However; I can assure you that our team will still carry out a thorough investigation as to why this happened in the first place.

    Since then I have made 2 calls and have been charged both times.

    I have written another email of complaint a few days ago and am still awaiting a reply.

    What part of "free" don't Post Office Home understand? If you want fair pricing and decent customer service - avoid!
  • Victor_DeltaVictor_Delta Forumite
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    Does the number you are talking about start with 00800...?
  • zoebelzoebel Forumite
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    yes it does
  • Victor_DeltaVictor_Delta Forumite
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    zoebel wrote: »
    yes it does
    In which case, they should know better! Very poor customer service.
  • edited 14 May 2014 at 7:42PM
    zoebelzoebel Forumite
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    edited 14 May 2014 at 7:42PM
    None of the frontline staff have ever even heard of 00800 numbers and therefore automatically assume it is some sort of calling card number or premium rate number which would attract a connection fee!

    As of Wednesday May 14, 2014, still no reply to my email sent on Friday by the way:

    ""RE: 2nd complaint about post office charging for freephone numbers‏

    Support ([email protected]) Add to contacts 09/05/2014

    Thank you for contacting Post Office Homephone and Broadband. Your enquiry has been passed to one of our agents who will contact you as soon as possible."

    Also requested a manager over the phone on Friday but "none were available". One was supposed to call me back that day - I am still waiting.
  • Hi all,

    If price is left out of the equation, which company/companies do you think offer the best broadband and landline in terms of reliable service and resolution of customer service issues?

    I've been with BT for quite a while and didn't object to their high charge rate as the service never failed and I expected that any problems that did occur would be dealt with promptly and fairly. However, I have had a problem with them recently and been very disappointed with the way it has been handled so am considering switching. I really want a quality service though, even if it costs more.

    Thanks in advance for your views.
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