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New thread started as a follow on from the very successful thread started by swebb some 3 years ago where users have renegotiated a good deal with Virgin by phoning retentions.

I've moved a few relevant posts from the old thread to start it off.


  • Taken fron the Virgin Media Website:-
    Call 150 from your Virgin Media Phone. It's absolutely free.
    Or call 0845 454 1111 from any other phone line.
  • I have had the NTL / Virgin 3 for £30 for approximately 13 months. The Virgin TV has been pretty dire and I requested it be removed. I naively thought this would redeuce my bill to 2 for £20 instead I wasw told either the offer stood for 12 months or, if the digibox was removed my price would be £29 a saving of a pound! The 2 meg broadband has been great for my needs so I decided after my 12 month contract was up to have the TV and Telephone service out and just pay £18 for my Virgin broadband. Imagine my surprise when I rang Virgin to request the removal of the two services I was offered Broadband AND phone for a permanent price of £16.50 (twelve month contract) and if I wanted to keep the digibox (I dont) £22 for all three. So now I have broadband and phone for £3.50 less than I was paying for broadband alone.
  • Originally Posted by andybodoyd viewpost.gif
    Wondered what mood Virgin and retensions are in at moment. Already get £40 off a month loyalty package but not happy with paying £18 a month for Medium broadband when new customers are getting it for £9. Don't want to push my luck.Anyone phoned recently?

    I phoned the 0800 retentions number and told them I was thinking of moving to another provider as my 12 months at £10.00 per month for Size M Broadband was just around the corner. I was told they could give me a deal for £11.00 per month for another 6 months. They then mentioned that if I signed up to e-billing via their website, it would be reduced by a further euro, so I'm on essentially the same deal for another 6 months which seems okay.
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    I phoned the 0800 retentions number ...........

    which 0800 number?
    Problem with having access to internet is that i get asked by many to solve their problems :( Well at least i learn something on the way :D
  • wazza wrote: »
    which 0800 number?


    It was 08000520870.
    Let me know how you get on/if you get offered the same deal.
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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me

    I am on the £21 a month deal with Virgin Media, this gives me

    Medium Broadband-Think it is 2 mb

    Talk Unlimited-Free UK calls anytime

    Tv Size-Medium

    My contract is coming to an end soon and I was wondering if anyone is in the same situation and any offers that have been floating about.

    I did phone up, and they offered to knock £1.50 of the bill every month, but I am sure there are better deals than this. Thanks,
  • I need to make some essential credit crunch cutbacks, does anyone know if Virgin Media will allow me to have just 2 meg broadband on its own and how much will they charge per month?
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    I need to make some essential credit crunch cutbacks, does anyone know if Virgin Media will allow me to have just 2 meg broadband on its own and how much will they charge per month?

    I have that and currently pay £10 a month
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    colinw wrote: »
    I have that and currently pay £10 a month

    I have the same too...though only for the next 6 months.
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    Hi all

    I am with Virgin - formerly an NTL customer & always think our bills are really high. They are usually £130-£140 per month & this includes:

    line rental: £11
    additional line: £11
    talk international: £1.50 (thought I cancelled this AGES ago)
    TV XL: £22
    Sports: £18
    Broadband: L £25

    Service charges are £103.45, approx £35 for calls.......

    Don't want to get rid of the sports - but would we be better off on SKY?? We used to have them before cable came along but our bills seem to have gone really expensive. Any help gratefully received,
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