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  • Hello all thought of posting this question as I am fed up of buying alloy cleaner for my car that wont shift it. Any ideas thank you.


    Yes sorry for that thanks again and sorry if I have posted in the wrong place.
  • Hello all thought of posting this question as I am fed up of buying alloy cleaner for my car that wont shift it. Any ideas thank you.

    Hi Chass,
    Welcome to the site ;D.....................what question ???

    I presume you mean what can you use to clean that right :)
    Try sugar-soap :)
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    i DID have this home made cleaning malarky down to a fine t and then.......

    >:( my mum was looking after my flat when i was in scotland and she poured some standard loo cleaner down my loo and left it there (for about 4 days)..... no amount of scrubbing has got rid of the streaky scum marks in the bottom of the bowl..

    put a can of coke down the loo, left overnight, brushed and change

    done the foaming vinegar/bicarb thing and no change.....

    my loo has never looked this filthy!!! any ideas?
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    I presume you tried bleach

    if you have and that didnt work

    mop up as much water from the bowl as poss

    then make up some hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar paste and put that on it

    use a kitchen towel wad put the paste on that and then onto the stain but you need to get the water out of the bowl first and leave the paste on as long as poss

    good luck

    ( but try bleach first a good one)
  • Boots chemist used to sell packs of bicarb at a fraction of the price of the cooking-section-in-supermarket. Don't know if they still do.
    Rachelle, I get headaches from strongly scented sprays too, but have found that striking a match in the room will neutralise a smell - if the patient can stand the smell of the match. I do this always in bathrooms to save using sprays, and provide a large seashell with a little water in to douse the match for safety's sake.
    Someone mentioned using sterilising tablets - dentur cleaning tablets will clean the inside of decanters, thermos flasks, etc. ;)
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    chemists do large bags of bicarb too. much cheaper than the tubs in supermarket.
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    Denture tabs are great for getting stains out of your teapot too
    add 2 or 3 and leave overnight
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  • Do they get rid of limescale from the teeth rinse cup ???

    I've got that limescale remover but rinse your mouth after that and it still tastes even if you rinse the cup out :-/
  • Here's one my friend taught me:
    If you have grubby baking trays etc that won't come clean even when you use all your elbow grease, try the following:
    Put an old towel in the bathtub, fill tub 1/3 with hot water, pour in a good cup of bio washingpowder (I always use supermarket cheap value one) and submerge your trays. Leave for an hour (or two or three), then rinse with clear water- voila it's clean and no scrubbing required. The same will work for your oven, use the same mixture but make sure you rinse it properly with clear water afterwards!!!!!
    Thanks for this thread I have learnt so much!!
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  • I can't stand the smell of chemical based products and have from some time been using White Vinegar for cleaning and deodarising.

    I use a mix of White Vinegar, Bicarb of soda and water as a general purpose cleaner, bicarb of soda as a grease remover, baking powder and white vinegar to power through plug holes.

    For limescale remover in toilets and kettles a cheaper solution is the shops own brand economy or value coke. I mean you've seen what coke does to old pennies - makes them lovely and shiny (can't imagine what it does to your guts!) Simply pour cheap coke in the kettle and let it soak for a couple of hours (or overnight) and then when finished pour back in the bottle and the next night pour it into the toilet bowl and let it soak overnight. Next morning hey presto - no limescale.

    Its only about 20p a bottle for the cheap stuff - and based on the fact that a smaller qty of white vinegar is about 60p - its more cost effective as just as effective as removing limescale. I'm sure it would work for other limescale build ups.

    Of course you go go even more natural and make your own face packs and exfoliators with natual food stuffs - bet that would save you all a pretty penny as well!

    My next project is to make lots of paper bricks to put on the fire this winter with all that junk mail and paper that we keep accumulating through the week!
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