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    This thread is fab and I'm a complete convert. I'm even making my own air freshner with essential oils and water. Had a bit of a spillage with one batch and smelled like Quentin Crips for a fortnight but otherwise OK.
    Made the Laundry Gloop and found a way to wash in cold water to save even more money! I have an Amercian Top Loader so it may not work with British machines.
    1. Fill the machine with cold water and two cups of gloop.
    2. Chuck in clothes. (I don't now what light soil looks like as I have 3 kids and everything looks like it has been tied to the back of a number 10 and dragged through the streets).
    3. Let the machine agitate for a couple of minutes and turn off.
    4.Leave to 'stew' overnight and turn back on to complete the cycle in the morning.

    I don't have to re-wash much. My wife uses muslin cloths to take off a full face of slap and even they come clean.

    Tried the Gloop in the dishwasher with OK results but getting in a bit of a lather about tea/coffee stains. I think the Gloop needs to be more abrasive. Has anyone and ideas that will remove stains but still leave the pattern on my plates?
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    Judi, I have a cloth pc chair and I had an accident on it with a cup of hot chocolate

    the only way I got it out was with my vax and the small head attatchment came right out with soap powder and water
    if you havnt got one

    wait till nice weather, soak the stain in bio powder and hot water leave it for a couple of hours then scrub it and blot the water out with a clean towel, then into the sunshine for a couple of hours OR

    what I did was put the fan about 6 inches away from it on full blast and it was bone dry in an hour
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    Used to spend ages cleaning the patio with a pressure washer. Now I just buy five litres of bleach from LIDL, dilute with two parts water and spread it over patio with a brush.

    I soon learned that you don't have to brush hard to get rid of green stuff. Just let the bleach do its work and wait for the next rain to wash it away.

    Used to take me an hour with the pressure washer now takes five minutes
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    Great tip for the patio, I'll try Lidl for bleach today.
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    "I invested in a steam cleaner which I love and the use of vinegar with this is great."

    I would love to buy a steam cleaner and wonder if anyone can advise of the best on the market - also how do you use the vinegar with the steamer - can you put it in with the water
    if i had known then what i know now
  • I also love this thread but have been unhappy with my laundry gloop results. There are still marks and patches on the washing. Will probably go back to powder!!
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    before giving up try a spoonful of borax in the wash

    use white vinegar as a softner

    you will see a difference in the stains Im sure

    once in a while i give the whites a blast with ariel or persil and you can see them definately come up cleaner but, I love white white whites but im sure they dont have to be done every time in the expensive stuff
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    if its just the odd brown spot on the bottom of the iron

    toothpaste works fine

    if its a lot

    nail varnish remover and rub with a nylon scourer or the green part of one of those sponges

    or, meths

    then steam the iron for a while and iron a wet tea towel to clean the bottom off completely ;D
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    I've tried Boots and a number of other shops for citric acid and they don't have it.

    Does anyone know where it can be bought?

    If you have a Wilkinsons store near you they sell it. You will find it in the home brewing section in a little white/brown container about four inches tall. Costs about 70p :)
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    COMPUTER CHAIR FOR man-bout-the-house

    When I need to wash my COMPUTER CHAIR, i use diluted shampoo/soap/wash liquid/uhpolstry fluid in a spray bottle, and rub in an old rag, (well I cut up a towel and a pair of jeans, and zigzag stitched the edges) if the stain does not come off, spray more shampoo, and rub with a damp rag, and then put the chair in the shower, rinse off and dry the foam by using a sponge to get the worst water out, and use a rolling pin sideways in the chair (because the chair is shaped) if you have a few layers of towel between chair and rolling pin, then the towel soaks up the water, or you use the next load of dirty washing to start it off early.

    Or in an ironmongers they may sell stuff called MULTI PURPOSE DRY CLEAN STAIN REMOVER you need to wet a 'clean white cloth' with the solution, and rub gently till the stain has gone, finish with circulad motions from the centre outwards till the end circle is larger than the stain to prevent rings.
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