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  • rossy_2rossy_2 Forumite
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    how do i use vinegar to absorb my doggie's odour?
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    I've been using the cheapest own brand dishwasher tablets and white vinegar instead of rinse-aid in my dishwasher since Christmas - works a treat!!

    I have used the washing powder, and yes it did work, but i found i needed to give my dishes an extra rinse so i dont use it on a regular basis, cause i cant be bothered to re rinse everything but i just wanted to say for heavens sake dont buy dishwasher tablets!!! They are sooooo expensive!! Just buy dishwasher powder from out of Asda or Tesco, for £2 i get far more washes than i would out of the tablets, even if i halved the tablets.

    The white vinegar rinse is an excellent tip!!
  • cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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    how do i use vinegar to absorb my doggie's odour?

    take cork out of vinegar bottle insert into doggies cheeky bit.

    or just use a half half mix with water and vinegar dab on the offending patch if hes made a mistake

    if he just stinks!! wash him and rinse him in vinegar solution with water the way youd do your hair and hell be shiny and new

    or rinse with a borax solution

    im running out of borax cant find any

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    I have been using vinegar (mainly for descaling, your kettle comes clean as a whistle in little time, and then I recycle it!! --) and bicarbonate of soda for many years.
    Vinegar, on a cloth or mixed with water, is great for mirrors and windows too. And so much more environment-friendly!!
    The right vinegar to use is the white one (alcohol vinegar), which is the one with the highest acidity. If you happen to go to France, it is dirt cheap in big supermarkets (vinaigre d'alcool). It comes in one litre plastic bottles.
    I use it for the toilet bowl too. Once clean, drain all the water and fill with vinegar overnight (do not recycle that one though..)
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    Pickling vinegar (white or brown) is ordinary vinegar with pickling spices that have been boiled with it and then filtered. Greta for pickling eggs and onions and things!! - I would avoid it for other jobs though as it might leave a spicy pong/residue!!
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    Hi folks

    Ever need to clean silver?? (or silver plate?)

    This is so quick and easy it is almost magical!!

    Line a plastic washing up bowl with cooking foil (aluminium) dull side up. Put the tarnished silver items directly onto the foil (this is important as they should actually be in contact).

    Sprinkle over a handfull of washing soda (bicarb soda works fine too but is more expensive).

    Pour boiling water over so that all items are covered and PRESTO!!!

    The tarnish is instantly removed!!!!

    This works by releasing 'nascent' (just born) hydrogen gas which reduces the oxide and sulphide tarnish restoring the silver to 'as-new'.

    As hydrogen is very inflammable it is a wise career move to do this outdoors or at least somewhere with good ventilation!!! (and don't smoke while you are doing it!!!!)

    Simply rinse the articles and rub with baby oil to help keep them cleaner longer!!

    Hope this is useful to all you silver owners out there!!
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    Another very cheap cleaning product:
    Carpet Stain Remover
    I just remembered this because there is an unpleasant mess to be cleaned on our stair carpet - courtesy of the cat.... :o
    But White Spirit will usually take most stains out of the carpet.
    (check first on an out-of-sight patch to make sure colours are okay.)
    My husband told me this one. He once spilled a can of wood stain on a customer's cream carpet - copious amounts of white spirit got it out.
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    Here's an excellent book full of ideas for health, beauty, home & pet care. The recipies use widely avaiable ingredients, like borax, vingear and essential oils. Its called "1001 NATURAL REMEDIES" by Laurel Vukovic published by Dorling Kindersley ISBN 0751364479. I got it off Amazon for about £10.
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    Hi Does anyone know how to keep a white bath spotless, doe's vinegar do it ? or do i need something else ? Brown spots starting to appear on base of bath using normal bath cleaner.
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    I've tried Boots and a number of other shops for citric acid and they don't have it.

    Does anyone know where it can be bought?

    I also heard shops are reluctant to sell it because it was linked to some illegal activity. Is this true?
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