Save Zillions On Cleaning Products

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  • Sorry Blanche do you mean inside the oven or on the hob? I've only ever tried it on the metal inside the oven as it is quite aggressive. Would presume that it should work on anything as long as there's no wires etc. submerged, but don't want to guarantee that! ;D
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    (used it on my glass oven door when i realised i couldnt see through it, filthy slovenly mare that i am   )

    Really laughed at that, that's the way I talk to myself, sometimes works, more often doesn't ;D ;D

    i do this too. but wasn't going to admit it. ;);)
  • So .....

    Has anyone experienced the explosive cleaning power of baby wipes?

    The Tesco Value range of baby wipes are cheap and great at removing pretty much everything from dried coffee stains to nicotine off a computer monitor and dirt on computer keyboards. We use them at work and they are marvellous. They have quiet a nice smell as well.

    And to think, you wipe a baby's backside with these things aswell!

    Explosive Cleaning Power!
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    Will have to try baby wipes then my keyboard is filthy and it's probably a miracle I can see the monitor for nicotine, my daughter says they're great too but she'll only buy the top brands I'll have the cheapies ;D
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    they are great for the inside of your car too, i have a tub in there, and clean my dashboard etc when stuck in traffic, or going through the car wash.
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    :D hi everyone quite agree brill site. got 5ltr white vingar from makro today for £3.45 plus vat ;) could anyone tell me how to get bathroom tiles realy clean moved into a house where i dont think they new how to clean anything, did see the tip about using car wax after any ideas please fingers x ::) :D
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  • Where's the best (and cheapest) place to buy baking soda in large quantities?

    My supermarket just sells those poxy little tubs...

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    whats the best thing to cleann it with. a friend is moving house this weekend and the bassister is gloss white paint, but filthy. any ideas appreciated.
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    Sugar soap
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    ;D thanks, knew it'd be something simple.
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