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    Cooking Fish?
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:15 AM
    Cooking Fish? 12th Jul 05 at 9:15 AM
    I'm trying to introduce my daughter to a wider variety of fish. It's hard work! She'll have tinned tuna, and fresh salmon if I bride her with biccies (which really defeats the object!).

    So, I need some interesting fish recipes, especially herring as I have a couple in the fridge (but not cod) with a 12 yo in mind. She is a good eater all round, not fussy really, just fish. Perhaps it's because on her plate fish looks like fish...

    (And I do apologize if there already was another thread on cooking fish.)
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    • Nile
    • By Nile 12th Jul 05, 9:24 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:24 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:24 AM
    We were very poor when I was a youngster and regularly had pilchard sandwiches for tea. I must admit that tinned pilchards are tasty, cheap (very good value) and good for you.
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    • squeaky
    • By squeaky 12th Jul 05, 9:30 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:30 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:30 AM
    We have very little on fish at all in our collections. You can certainly hide tuna in one of the pasta bake recipes we have, and you could also do a mornay - have your fish in a white sauce and top with mash and some cheese and breadcrumbs.

    There are also some links to useful on-line websites you can search for inspiration.

    You can find the Old Style Recipe Collection in our "Indexed Collections" sticky at the top of the forum listing, or you can follow the clue in my signature any time you see it or... can use the Indexed Collections link in the Blue Bar at the top of every page which looks something like this:-

    And finally, there are other web links in the cooking section of the MEGA Index sticky at the top of the forum listing.
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  • Faith
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:40 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:40 AM
    We were very poor when I was a youngster and regularly had pilchard sandwiches for tea. I must admit that tinned pilchards are tasty, cheap (very good value) and good for you.
    by Nile
    What a good idea! I had forgotten about tinned pilchards! when I was a student I used to have them on toast! cheap and filling! Thanks!
    • r.mac
    • By r.mac 12th Jul 05, 9:41 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:41 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 9:41 AM
    could you try using quite strong flavours with the fish (frowned on by some people I know!). Here are a couple of suggestions

    *pesto on top of salmon, then grilled
    *cheddar cheese on top of white fish then grilled with some roasted pappers, garlic, pine nuts and a dollop of creme fraich
    *could you make your own breaded fish fingers - much healthier than shop bought
    *cold poached salmon, flaked over a salad

    hope this helps - or gives you some starting ideas.
    r.mac, you are so wise and wonderful, that post was lovely and so insightful!
    Originally posted by aless02
    I can't promise that all my replies will illicit this response
    • foreverskint
    • By foreverskint 12th Jul 05, 11:53 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 11:53 AM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 11:53 AM
    Tesco have some cod fillet on offer at the moment, two boxes of 4 fillets each for £5.00.

    I use these straight from frozen and top with some breadcrumbs mixed with butter, lemon zest garlic and some onion granules, instead of salt. I then pop them in the oven at about 200oC until they are just cooked and serve with new pots and fresh veg or salad. My OH and 2yo love it.
    Or defrost them and make fishcakes, someone on here will have a recipe for that, cos I can't lay my hands on it right now. I tend to just chuck things in and hope for the best.
    Trout is also a popular fish in this house, Mind you any fish is LOL

    Herrings or sardines on the barbie?

    Another good way to cook fish like trout (remove head if squeamish), is to place it on a sheet of greasproof, stuff the body cavity with a slice of onion,lemon and some herbs such as dill, or thyme, and wrap tightly and cook in oven as for the cod recipe. You can do this to most fish, adding some wine if you like to the parcel before wrapping. Serve the whole parcel on a plate for the diner to open at the table. Yummy

    • elona
    • By elona 12th Jul 05, 1:49 PM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 1:49 PM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 1:49 PM
    My daughters love smoked salmon and you can buy trimmings very cheaply.

    Have you tried making fish kebabs with cherry tomatoes - pepppers- onion etc?
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  • ancasta
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    • 12th Jul 05, 1:58 PM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 1:58 PM
    My friend weaned her kids onto fish buy letting them help themselves to prawnies/ocean pinks and crab sticks when they wanted a nibble. They soon learnt that if they were hungry then they had to eat them.

    After about 4 month they both LOVE fish and seafood!

    What a novel idea i thought... shame it didnt work with me (OH tried it but i dont like fish that much! altho i love seafood)
    • Downsizing _for_sanity
    • By Downsizing _for_sanity 12th Jul 05, 2:09 PM
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    Downsizing _for_sanity
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    • 12th Jul 05, 2:09 PM
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    • 12th Jul 05, 2:09 PM
    I know! I know! (Been away for a bit, so v keen!)
    This is a lovely recipe, traditional Scottish. Dip the herring into flour, then beaten egg (or milk if you haven't any eggs) and then dip them into a plate of porage oats (just the usual ones you make porridge with). Then fry, preferably in butter, but in olive or sunflower oil if you want. The herring is really nice and crispy, and kids are guaranteed to eat it if you serve with oven chips and tomato sauce!

  • ancasta
    I like my recipe for "Katie Eggs"

    Fish of choice, poached in milk
    Porridge oats
    Seasoned flour
    Eggs (boiled)
    Eggs beaten
    Mashed potato

    I poached off some fish and flaked it into some mashed potato. Seasoned with salt pepper and butter then chill. Boil an egg till its at the hard white but slightly soft yoke stage and cool and peel. Once the fishy potatoe is chilled and quite solid roll out a piece of cling film and put a dollop of the fish mix onto it and cover with another piece of cling film. Squash out the mix till its in a square which is about 5" x 5" or bigger if your using big eggs. Removed the top piece of film and put the egg into the middle. Gather all the cling film up from the bottom of the fish mix and gently form it around teh egg so its evenly covered. While still wrapped in the film chill again (this can all be done the day before)

    Have some seasoned flour, beaten egg and porridge oats to hand. Unwrap your egg shapes and dip through the flour, into the egg and into the porridge. Repeat the egg and porridge stage a 2nd time to make it extra crunchy. Again let this rest for a little while in the fridge then deep fry until the porridge turns deep golden brown.

    MMMMMMM yummy!
  • Dobie
    I'm new to this site & thought for my first contribution I'd share one of my favourite recipies with you all. This was served to us by a hard up student friend of ours & is now one of our favourite meals, easy & really cheap especially if you can get smoked mackerel reduced just before it's sell by date. I got 4 fillets this week for 99p.
    I call it (not very imaginitively) smoked mackerel pasta.
    You need
    chopped onion
    clove or 2 of garlic or some garlic paste
    mushrooms if you've got some don't worry if not
    smoked mackerel
    cream cheese (I usually use the stuff with garlic & herbs but whatever you've got is fine)
    squeeze of lemon

    Fry the onion 'til soft then add the chopped garlic & mushrooms if using. Meanwhile boil the pasta & drain it.
    Flake & skin the mackerel (the dog LOVES the skin) & add this to the onion etc. until heated through.
    Tip in the pasta, stir through the cream cheese until it melts & then sqeeze on the lemon juice.
    You probably won't need salt as the fish is salty but I usually add some black pepper.
    We usually have it with garlic ciabatta.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    That's it!
    • comping cat
    • By comping cat 5th Jan 06, 3:17 PM
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    comping cat
    Ive been trying to get my DS and DD to try a greater variety of food, and had been failing dreadfully, what ive just started doing is whilst out shopping, getting them to choose what we will try, and then involving them in helping cook it all. They are now trying much more, they dont like everything they are trying, but are giving it all a go!!!!
  • Penny-Pincher!!
    Im quite interested in this thread. I am not very adventerous when it comes to fish and tend to stick generally to cod or haddock...normally in breadcrumbs..LOL

    DD is 11 and she likes it when I do a fishpie which is a cheaters fishpie.

    Cook up a boil in bag cod in parsley sauce. Boil some spuds and cook up some brocolli or cabbage. Mash spuds up and break up fish and mix together with the parsley sauce, add in the brocolli and grate some cheese over top. Stick under grill for a few mins till brown....tastes lovely.

    Love the look of salmon but when I tasted it many years ago, I didnt like the crunchy bones in it....eewww. Is this the same as the fillets or do they not have bones in it :confused:

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  • Dobie
    I assume it was tinned salmon you had? Fresh salmon fillets shouldn't have bones in.
    I usually cover them in pesto then cook them in the oven in foil for about 20 mins. they're really good for you & delicious.
    I also sometimes mix salmon with other fish from the freezer - prawns,white fish, whatever you have. fry up some leek or an onion & make a white sauce add the fish & half the white sauce to the leek then layer up in an ovenproof dish with lasagne ending with white sauce. Sprinkle with grated cheese & bake for a really good seafood lasagne.
  • Faith
    Thank you for ressurecting this thread! I'd lost my ways a little regarding fish towards the end of last year, but am back on track. DD has been laughing at me because every time we go to Tesco and the yellow fin tuna has been on bogof I've bought a few packs. As I say to her it will keep until 2010!!

    I tried a few fish recipes with DD but she doesn't like anything with bones, so we're back on salmon (which I love). I'm a bit concerned about cod because of the extinction issues.

    DD prefers a tin of mackerels in tomato sauce, warmed up and served on toast... weird kid lol!!!
    • Pink.
    • By Pink. 5th Jan 06, 7:36 PM
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    Dobie: Welcome to mse, what a great first post...thank you. I'm going to give your smoked mackerel pasta a go.

    PP: I think the salmon that you had must have been tinned. The bones aren't to everyones taste but they are an excellent source of calcium. My daughter hates them so I buy her tesco's own brand skinless and boneless tinned salmon, 76p for 180g. If you buy fresh salmon ask for salmon fillets and there shouldn't be any bones.

    One of my childrens favourite meals is home made fish pie:


    Any fish ( I used a combination of white fish/salmon/prawns)
    Grated cheese
    Hard boiled eggs
    Frozen peas
    Mashed potatoes


    Poach the fish in milk
    Remove the fish and arrange it in a deepish serving dish
    Add quartered hard boiled eggs and frozen peas to the dish
    Use the milk (that the fish was poached in) to make a white sauce
    Add grated cheese and black pepper to the sauce and pour over the fish/eggs/peas
    Top with mashed potato

    Pop into a hot oven for 20 mins or until the potato is golden

    I'm sorry that I haven't included quantities, but I made the recipe up myself so I just guess depending on how big a pie I'm making.

  • GreenFingers
    Herring roes...on toast...
    I like Herring Roes on buttery toast – really nice and good for you too. Quick and easy to cook and not very strong tasting if you’re thinking of doing them for a child. Just fry them lightly in a little butter for three or four minutes. You can buy them fresh or in tins at the supermarket.

    The main fresh fish I buy are Mackerels and Herrings. Both of course are excellent for your health with all the good oils and everything. I grill these but both can have quite a strong flavour so not sure if suitable for children.

    Hope this helps...
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    • thriftlady
    • By thriftlady 6th Jan 06, 2:16 PM
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    I love mackerel and herring too,so good for you and full of flavour,but not, it has to be said that popular with children-Faith I envy you!

    There's a lovely recipe in Jocasta Innes' The Pauper's Cookbook for herring roes(fresh ones) with peas and garlic.

    I like salmon fillets marinated in teriyaki sauce,which you can find next to the soy sauce in the supermarket, and then grilled.This goes down well with fish-phobic children as it has a sweet bbq-like taste.
    • leni
    • By leni 20th Jan 06, 6:16 PM
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    Fish Dishes
    I'd like to start eating more fish but can only do the trusty old Haddock and Chips!

    Doing Thai Style Mussels with Sweet Potatoe wedges tonight though!

    Anyone any fish idea's that don't cost too much!?

    thanks in advance!
    • thriftlady
    • By thriftlady 20th Jan 06, 6:29 PM
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    Hi there,
    What about old-fashioned herrings in oatmeal?
    Get the fishmonger(or supermarket fish counter person) to fillet them for you.
    Put some oatmeal(not porridge oats) on a plate and dip the fish in it pressing the oatmeal well on,do both sides,
    Fry in some olive oil or bacon fat if you've got any.This will take a few mins each side.the oatmeal should look golden brown,not too dark.
    Serve with lemon wedges,season with salt and pepper.I like them with baked spuds and a crunchy winter salad like coleslaw.
    Very good for you,and you can eat the fine,hair like bones.

    Grilled mackerel is delicious too and also v.good for you.Mackerel takes well to strong spices like cumin and coriander.It's also good with a sauce made of rhubarb or gooseberries,these acidic fruits cut the richness of the fish.English forced rhubarb should be making an appearence soon.HTH

    Herring and mackerel are about the cheapest fish you can buy,coley is also cheap.Don't be put off by it's slightly grey colour,its turns white when cooked and is fine for fishcakes and pies.
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