MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Do you ask for new shoes?



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    MSE_Wendy wrote: »
    Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
    Do you ask for new shoes?

    You go to a house warming party kitted out in your best gear but the host, gives you slippers and says please leave your new £150 designer stillettos/Italian leather loafers at the door with everyone else's shoes to stop dirt. When leaving your shoes have gone. After a week the host still can't find them, and you're fed up. Do you ask for new shoes?

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    In a word - yes!

    Would I be daft enough to pay £150 for a pair of shoes - no!:rolleyes:
  • This is my first post so hope I am doing it right!

    Hello, It's unlikely that the shoes would be returned but I would be so angry that the thief is wearing my lovely shoes that I would tell my host that I am very concerned about my shoes as I have verucca's/athlete's foot and I am 'concerned' that the person who 'accidently' took the shoes could catch my highly contagious foot rot!

    I would hope that the host would spread the word and at least whoever has half inched the shoes would not get the pleasure from wearing them!:rotfl:

    If I was the host I would replace the shoes.
  • Muffcat
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    Aspal wrote: »
    Fortunately, I'd never spend £150 on shoes, or have friends that were so houseproud that they'd make me take them off!!!
    I really don't understand all the fuss about the price of these shoes. Surely this is missing the point - theft is theft whatever the value of the item taken. It must have been just as inconvenient for someone to get home in bare feet without their cheapo shoes as without their expensive ones - or did this very inhospitable hostess lend a pair of slippers for the journey? More to the point, surely anyone inviting people into their home has a duty of care towards them and their possessions?
    If the hostess was as houseproud as to make people take their shoes off it doesn't sound like it was much of a party - presumably no drinks which might stain carpet or furniture, and no food which would drop crumbs! Any ideas?
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    Hrmm interesting one!

    If the shoes were nicked by some guest then it's not entirely the host's fault (and if they have one of these really light coloured carpets I can see why they'd ask), although they should've found somewhere safer to put them. But I'd like to think they'd at least pay half. This is fair IMO - businesses would just say "left at owner's risk" and not pay a penny, so it's the nicer thing to do.

    I'd theoretically ask, but in reality it's unlikely to happen as I'm too "nice".

    I think they should offer (in full) without being asked - just like I'd do if I broke something at their house. It's just polite. I'd probably even say no it's ok, or no just pay half, if they were courteous enough to do that - I'd be more hell bent on getting them replaced if they were arsey about it.
  • So because someone asks you not to wear your VERY EXPENSIVE shoes in the house you have to leave them in a public place ready for the taking? Ask yourself this... if this had happened to you what would you do next time... put them in your car?...asked your friend if there was somewhere safer you could put them?... carry them with you?... then this what you should have done the first time!!! Its like anything else in life... unfortunately there are dishonest people around... if something is particularly expensive or dear to you THEN TAKE CARE OF IT!
    The friend was just trying to look after her/his carpets - perhaps you should try the same approach with your shoes?
    For those of you who voted to charge your (now ex-) friend, well good luck with that from a legal standpoint when they tell you where to shove your empty shoe box, and more importantly take responsibility for your own actions/omissions instead of looking to why someone else should pick up the tab for your careless action regarding a very expensive item of footwear.
    Presumably they also asked you to park your car outside but you didn't leave the doors unlocked with the keys in the ignition... no you took adequate care of a valuable possession.
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    I would be most unlikely to own £150 shoes (I am a girl) and I would be very annoyed but I don't think I'd ask the host to pay for them, I'd just take the hit to preserve the friendship. Unfortunate things happen and it's not the hosts fault either unless they knew some of their friends were shifty. In which case they probably wouldn't invite those people into their home anyway.
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    I would'nt ask for them to be replaced.

    I would accept the loss but I would let the host know that I would NEVER step a foot back in his/her house again!!! With or Without a pair a cheap slippers on!!!!!!

    Thieving *******!!!!!
  • :confused:Can prove you actually wore the shoes. Have you got a receipt for the purchase of these posh shoes? If you have the receipt the party holder has no option but to challenge his other guests (are they also your friends? - very nice) he will either risk alienating either you or them but ultimately he has to replace your shoes. How did you get home barefoot?
  • 1: I wouldn't take my shoes off
    2: If by some chance I had been persuaded to remove my shoes and they went missing then yes I would ask for the cost of the shoes back in full.
    This can be done by the host paying in cash, cheque (if they still operate a cheque book system) or claiming on the house hold insurence.
    I work hard for my money and would be well peeved if I lost something I had taken time and energy to save for!!
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    yes but unless it stated on the invite that slippers would need to be worn you would expect to be wearing them all night wouldnt you.

    No, can't honestly say I would as I always take my shoes off when entering someone's home (I don't wear my shoes around my own place, let alone someone else's). And if you're daft enough to spend £150 on a pair of shoes, you've got more money than sense and can hardly expect others to cough up for your own negligence - your property, your responsibility to look after it.
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